Priya Sarin
Jul 30 2015 | Last week, two courts ruled on separate Charter challenges to legislation affecting the rights of certain groups of Canadians to vote in the October 2015 election. Their decisions were surprising.
Amy Goodman
Jul 30 2015 | A stunning indictment has been handed down in Cincinnati, focusing attention again on police killings of people of colour. The thousand people gathered there said clearly, "Black Lives Matter."
Jim Stanford
Jul 30 2015 | These numbers are going to shock you: there is no other time in Canada's post-war economic history in which Canada's economy has performed worse than it did under the Harper government.
Wayne MacPhail
Jul 29 2015 | Why is an Uber car like a Betamax tape? Answer: both are disruptive innovations. And both are being dealt with by incumbent industries in exactly the same way -- with mindless blunt force.
Ole Hendrickson
Jul 29 2015 | The phrase "plight of the bumblebee" has been used to describe the dramatic population declines in many North American bee species. What's driving bee extinction and what can be done to stop it?
Ralph Surette
Jul 27 2015 | It's that peculiar time again -- roughly midway (already!) in a government's life -- when the exhilaration of a new voyage hits the potholes.
Matthew Behrens
Jul 27 2015 | Just before the annual orgy of Canada Day self-celebration this year, the Pew Research Center released a shocking poll result, revealing that over one-third of Canadians supported the use of torture.
Monia Mazigh
Jul 24 2015 | What factor is common to Canada, Sweden and Denmark? The snow, perhaps? The social programs? How about rendition to torture?
Murray Dobbin
Jul 24 2015 | Kicking off the election campaign, Harper proclaimed that "this October Canadians will choose security over risk." The question is, of course, what kind of security and risk are we talking about?
Rick Salutin
Jul 24 2015 | There's nothing illegal about propagandizing for the status quo, as The Cosby Show did, but it may have done serious damage anyway, like its star's sexual behaviour.
Ole Hendrickson
Jul 23 2015 | Government austerity is an oxymoron. The responsibility of governments is to engage with what is happening in the external world and act as initiators of change.
Amy Goodman
Jul 23 2015 | On July 20, history was made in Washington, D.C., and in Havana, Cuba. As the Cuban national anthem was played, the island nation's flag was raised over its embassy in Washington, D.C.
Wayne MacPhail
Jul 22 2015 | In the past few months we've heard the term "machine learning" bandied about by Google execs, computer scientists and nerdish blowhards at pool parties. But what is it, exactly?
Rick Salutin
Jul 17 2015 | What makes us certain that progress is a thing and that we can keep score of it? As this past week shows, once you start scoring history, others can tote up precisely the opposite results.
Amy Goodman
Jul 16 2015 | This month, the American Psychological Association released a stunning independent report that confirms what whistleblowers and dissident psychologists have maintained for close to a decade.