Amy Goodman
Jan 14 2016 | The empty chair next to first lady Michelle Obama at the State of the Union address Tuesday night created a moment to reflect on who else wasn't seated in that august gallery in the Capitol.
Wayne MacPhail
Jan 13 2016 | The truth is a lot of what gets launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Virtual reality is everywhere this year, but will it make it out of Vegas?
Jim Stanford
Jan 13 2016 | There is evidence that the economy is starting to pivot away from over-reliance on energy extraction. Instead, our high-technology industrial base is starting to flex its muscles once again.
Ralph Surette
Jan 12 2016 | Have we given up on Senate reform? The debate seems to have drifted down into a muddle about how to fill 22 vacant seats.
Pat Kerwin
Jan 11 2016 | The popular image for the changeover in the calendar combines an old man with an hourglass giving way to a bouncing baby. As the calendar changes in 2016, how will the lot of seniors change?
Murray Dobbin
Jan 8 2016 | Prime Minster Justin Trudeau's election pledge that Canada will not have another election under first-past-the-post rules has morphed into a growing controversy.
Monia Mazigh
Jan 8 2016 | The recent promise by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to open an investigation into the case of six-year-old Syed Adam Ahmed, whose name appears on the no-fly list, isn't enough. Here's why.
Rick Salutin
Jan 8 2016 | If we'd been more successful in creating a robust, conventional Canadian nationalism, who knows -- the country mightn't have as handily beaten back the nasty nativism cultivated by Harper.
Amy Goodman
Jan 7 2016 | Ibrahim Parlak is, by all appearances, a classic example of the immigrant success story. There is just one problem: The U.S. government is trying to deport him to Turkey.
June Chua
Jan 6 2016 | The stories we tell are often a reflection of how we survive as humans and that idea is no more evident than in Arabian Nights, the sprawling epic on austerity by Portugal's Miguel Gomes.
Wayne MacPhail
Jan 6 2016 | The untimely transformation of Wayne MacPhail's MacBook Pro into a brain-addled MacBook Pro pushed to the fore a decision he had been toying with for some time: getting rid of his laptop altogether.
David Christopher
Jan 4 2016 | Looking ahead to 2016, one thing is clear: challenges to our digital rights are set to intensify. Here are the five big ones that we will face this year.
Rick Salutin
Jan 1 2016 | As Rick Salutin pondered his choice for Annoying Person of the Year, Bernard-Henri Levy kept popping into his mind.
Amy Goodman
Dec 31 2015 | January 22 will mark the seventh anniversary of the day Obama signed Executive Order 13492, ordering the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison within one year.
Ralph Surette
Dec 30 2015 | Humans continue to pollute faster than improvements in energy efficiency can keep up with, says Ralph Surette