Linda McQuaig
Apr 3 2014 | Discussing the world's failure to tackle climate change, psychologist and death denial theorist Sheldon Solomon suggested it's because we're in death denial and busy distracting ourselves.
Hennessy's Index
Apr 2 2014 | The conclusion based on a review of the "best peer-reviewed research in Canada" is that there "is no evidence of a national labour shortage." So why is the skills shortage such a popular trope?
Wayne MacPhail
Apr 2 2014 | Back in the early '90s I was entranced by the idea of virtual reality and cyberpunk. And now, virtual reality is the bomb all over again.
Duncan Cameron
Apr 1 2014 | In the last week of the Quebec election, the decades-old struggle between Quebec sovereignists and Canadian federalists for political dominance is once again centre stage.
Rick Salutin
Mar 28 2014 | All bookstores, big and small, face the tech challenge. Books as we know them won't be around forever, even if it used to seem they had and would.
Ole Hendrickson
Mar 28 2014 | Fructose is produced in huge amounts and added to a wide range of processed foods and drinks -- and thousands of studies now point to it as the main culprit in multiple diseases.
Laura Bowman
Mar 27 2014 | This case is good news for species at risk. It means that it will be difficult for the federal government to continue to ignore its obligations for the 167 species it has failed to protect.
Amy Goodman
Mar 27 2014 | Six years into the Obama administration, President Barack Obama's promise of "a new era of open Government" seems just another grand promise, cynically broken.
Wayne MacPhail
Mar 26 2014 | With the World Wide Web increasingly constrained by anti-net neutrality, cyberspying and corporate ownership, it's refreshing to see another web rise up as an even more decentralized alternative.
Shelina Ali
Mar 26 2014 | There is something fundamentally unjust in giving an institution, which actively discriminates against an identifiable group, access to a licensing regime that should be open to all, equally.
Jim Stanford
Mar 26 2014 | As Tim Hudak learned, the effort to blame trade unions as the scapegoat for all economic and fiscal ailments is running out of steam.
Duncan Cameron
Mar 25 2014 | In advance of the emergency G7 meeting held in Holland on March 24, an Ottawa embassy situation report on PM Harper and Canadian foreign policy was circulated among European Union foreign ministries.
Murray Dobbin
Mar 24 2014 | If the pathologically destructive nature of finance capitalism is to be addressed, there needs to be a political party that can expand the window of acceptable public policies.
Ralph Surette
Mar 24 2014 | In the end, separatism needs an intolerant English Canada to bounce off from. It had that in Lévesque's day. Since then, its rationale has gotten weaker.
Matthew Behrens
Mar 21 2014 | The cases of Oscar Vigil and Jose Figueroa reveal the ideological abuse of Canada's immigration system, where many who resisted tyranny in their homelands face "security inadmissibility" in Canada.