Wayne MacPhail
May 20 2015 | These days the World Wide Web looks a lot like Antarctica's Larsen B Ice Shelf -- a large, open mass disintegrating at the edges because of human interference.
Linda McQuaig
May 20 2015 | With a federal election looming, two pressing questions involving the role of money in Canadian politics are attracting surprisingly little media attention.
Duncan Cameron
May 19 2015 | The newly elected leader of the Parti Québecois, 53-year-old Pierre Karl Péladeau is on a mission: make Quebec an independent country.
Ralph Surette
May 19 2015 | The Nova Scotia Liberal government was presented with a regulatory process to gain public trust and move the fish-farm industry forward. What happened to promises of consultation and transparency?
Murray Dobbin
May 15 2015 | Far from being an expression of the "new anti-Semitism," the BDS campaign is a non-violent movement which seeks to put a high price on the violation of international law by a rogue state.
Rick Salutin
May 15 2015 | What matters in politics, in the run-up to elections? Not policies. I think people care about policies, just not during elections. What matters is the leader.
Amy Goodman
May 15 2015 | KPFT remains, to this day, the only radio station in U.S. history to have been blown up. Forty-five years later KPFT continues to broadcast, serving the public as a beacon of alternative perspectives.
Wayne MacPhail
May 13 2015 | At its recent BUILD conference, software giant Microsoft showed off Windows 10 and a new browser. Has it finally found its groove, or is it a desperate wannabe consumer brand?
June Chua
May 12 2015 | On May 14, Toronto's Nepali Film Festival is sponsoring a fundraising screening of this year's Audience Award winner, the documentary Sunakali, to raise money for Nepal disaster relief.
Duncan Cameron
May 12 2015 | Knowing that some people are not paying their fair share elicits strong emotions. When a talented leader such as Rachel Notley addresses blatant injustices, people get mad and go out and vote.
Doug Macpherson
May 11 2015 | There's an opportunity in October for older Canadians to tell politicians what they want and expect from future governments. Seniors are voting and they're going to make it count.
Monia Mazigh
May 8 2015 | The Harper government has been using Omar Khadr to please its base and send its usual message of "law and order." What will happen to public opinion if Omar Khadr tells his own version of the story?
Ole Hendrickson
May 8 2015 | A federal environmental assessment panel has just released its report approving a proposal to bury nuclear waste on the shores of Lake Huron, next to the world's largest inland water ecosystem.
Rick Salutin
May 8 2015 | So what should we make of the NDP victory in Alberta? What does it mark politically and does it proclaim anything new about social democracy or democratic socialism?
Amy Goodman
May 7 2015 | Outcry in the U.S. has been consistent and growing, after each high-profile police killing of people of colour. People across the country are rallying to demand accountability and justice for all.