Matthew Behrens
Oct 28 2015 | The kidnapping of two Canadians in the Philippines brings attention to a series of little-reported human rights abuses carried out in the name of "national security" over the past 15 years.
Duncan Cameron
Oct 27 2015 | Tom Mulcair and the NDP caucus did a great job in undermining the credibility of the Harper government; then Justin Trudeau reaped the rewards by sowing doubts about "Tom Mulcair's NDP."
Rick Salutin
Oct 23 2015 | Politics in the modern era has been haunted by a sense that we are travelling on a route: the past is over our shoulder; the future, around the next bend.
June Chua
Oct 22 2015 | The Canadian documentary Defenders of the Dawn examines the fight in the Maritimes for environmental rights, situated within the perspective of the world stage.
Amy Goodman
Oct 22 2015 | Students at the University of Mississippi in Oxford have been organizing to force the removal from campus of the state flag of Mississippi.
Wayne MacPhail
Oct 21 2015 | What can science centres teach us? They convey the principles, wonder and realities of the natural world to a public often overwhelmed by the jargon, pace and detail of science and engineering.
Matthew Behrens
Oct 21 2015 | Does change have to wait another four years for a new political party to come along, or can we get to the business of organizing ourselves into a social force that cannot be ignored?
Duncan Cameron
Oct 20 2015 | On the campaign trail, the personality contrast between Trudeau and the two other main leaders was enough to push the new prime minister ahead.
Jooneed Khan
Oct 19 2015 | Since a 2013 coup d'état, the Central African Republic has registered more than 6,000 dead, and more than one million refugees and displaced persons, in a war fed by corporate interests and weapons.
Ralph Surette
Oct 19 2015 | It's election day and, at last, hope that what has to happen if this country is to recapture its integrity is actually about to happen.
Murray Dobbin
Oct 16 2015 | Post-election, creating change will be the critical task of all progressives -- take what we know is possible and use it to rebuild community, reclaim the commons and build a broad social movement.
Monia Mazigh
Oct 16 2015 | When we were children, we were told that if we played with matches, we risked being burned. Playing with the fire of Islamophobia, Stephen Harper would do well to heed that warning.
Rick Salutin
Oct 16 2015 | Many moments stand out from one of Canada's longest election campaigns. Rick Salutin looks back at a few and ponders the possibility of a worst-case scenario after the election.
Jim Stanford
Oct 15 2015 | Not only has Canada's economy performed worse under Stephen Harper's leadership than under any other government in our post-war history, but things are getting worse, not better.
Alice Klein
Oct 15 2015 | Let's vote for our collective self-interest: smartly and efficiently to elect as many Liberals, NDPers and Greens as possible on October 19.