Duncan Cameron
Jan 14 2014 | Building an ecologically sustainable economy requires overthrowing the marketing-driven economy, individually and through collective action.
Murray Dobbin
Jan 13 2014 | Getting caught, throwing your friend under a bus, being repeatedly and publicly exposed as liars and cheats -- that's just the cost of doing business. But it shouldn't be the cost of doing government.
Ralph Surette
Jan 13 2014 | The Ivany commission on the new economy is due to report in a few weeks here in Nova Scotia, and in case they missed it, here's one last idea for their consideration: the Nova Scotia dollar.
Rick Salutin
Jan 10 2014 | The Department of Fisheries and Oceans is closing seven of its 11 libraries and dismantling their contents, not just books but maps and journals of rare quality.
Monia Mazigh
Jan 10 2014 | Unwarranted surveillance is our new reality. The Canadian Security Establishment is the governmental entity conducting this type of spying, not on one Canadian in particular, but on all Canadians.
Amy Goodman
Jan 9 2014 | This week, more news emerged about the theft of classified government documents, leaked to the press, that revealed a massive, top-secret surveillance program.
Jim Stanford
Jan 8 2014 | Canada's politicians are fond of trumpeting that our economy has performed better than almost any other jurisdiction. But the numbers indicate that Canada's jobs performance has been ho-hum at best.
Wayne MacPhail
Jan 8 2014 | While artisans could do good work with a single tool, they understand that their best comes from the judicious use of ideal implements.
Ole Hendrickson
Jan 7 2014 | What will climate change mean in terms of future wind damage? Scientists debate whether data on the frequency and intensity of extreme wind are already showing significant upward trends.
Hennessy's Index
Jan 7 2014 | It's out with the old -- from "austerity" to "taxpayer," Hennessy's Index rounds up a list of words to toss before turning a new page on 2014.
Wayne MacPhail
Jan 3 2014 | The MessagePad was a bellwether for a new generation of personal digital assistants and then, with the iPhone, the screen-centric smartphone. Using it back then you could see and touch the future.
Priya Sarin
Jan 3 2014 | This case is a victory because it recognizes that the current legal regime of prostitution in Canada has penalized and caused harm to the very individuals it was supposed to protect.
Rick Salutin
Jan 3 2014 | Today newspapers aren't the dominant journalistic force they were in Karl Kraus's Vienna. But they can still play a vile or almost angelic role in the grand drama of public life and debate.
Joyce Arthur
Jan 3 2014 | Why isn't there more widespread awareness and opposition to how Stephen Harper is transforming Canada to conform to his narrow ideological agenda?
Amy Goodman
Jan 2 2014 | Inequality entered mainstream public discourse through the activism of Occupy Wall Street. The cold, economic reality of it is hitting more homes this week, as unemployment benefits expire.