Rick Salutin
Jan 9 2015 | The slaughter at Charlie Hebdo was aimed at satire, birthed along with journalism in the enlightenment era. More precisely, it was aimed at political cartooning.
Monia Mazigh
Jan 9 2015 | After the deadly attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo, many reduced the event to a confrontation between an armed jihadist and a pen. A simple representation, yet it is powerful and misleading.
Amy Goodman
Jan 8 2015 | This week marks the 13th anniversary of the arrival of the first post-9/11 prisoners to Guantanamo Bay. It's a grim reminder that we need to close the prison and return the land to its owners.
Linda McQuaig
Jan 8 2015 | In addition to sabotaging our democracy, Harper has been restructuring our country in a fundamental way -- something that will be hard to reverse and, incidentally, very pleasing to Canada's elite.
Joyce Arthur
Jan 7 2015 | What's on the horizon for reproductive rights in Canada for 2015? Let's take a look back at 2014, especially at some ongoing initiatives that may prove very fruitful for 2015.
Jim Stanford
Jan 7 2015 | A list of five positive economic developments from the year past -- both globally and right here at home -- that warmed this particular economist's left-wing heart in 2014.
Ole Hendrickson
Jan 6 2015 | Permaculture, an agriculture movement based on natural systems, may represent the most enduring legacy of the counter-culture of the 1960s and '70s. Can it help society's transition to sustainability?
Hennessy's Index
Jan 6 2015 | Canadians who identify as right or left on the political spectrum are more likely to be interested in politics, according to a recent survey. Here's how those political divisions stack up.
David Christopher
Jan 5 2015 | When it comes to 2015, there's a lot in store -- it's shaping up to be a pivotal year for digital rights and Internet freedom. Let's look at just some of the key challenges we face.
Rick Salutin
Jan 2 2015 | Iranian philosopher Ramin Jahanbegloo’s new book about torture and Toronto, among other things, is deeply irritating — in the best possible way.
Amy Goodman
Jan 1 2015 | Big Tobacco and climate deniers are linked -- many of the older climate science denialists got their start as hired guns for Big Tobacco, arguing against the threats posed by secondhand smoke.
Rick Salutin
Dec 26 2014 | Protests against police violence, impatience over abuse of women and Palestinian statehood are a few things that were hopeful this year.
Dec 24 2014 | It was a year of progressive insights and analysis from rabble.ca columnists! We review the year in columns and highlight some of our favourites from each month.
Duncan Cameron
Dec 23 2014 | By defeating attempts to drive its currency down, the Russian Central Bank has executed a procedure known as a "bear squeeze" -- the bears being those who believed the ruble would fall in value.
Julie Devaney
Dec 23 2014 | Does medicare cost too much? Will the "obesity epidemic" be the end of us all? No and no. Just in time for the holidays, Julie Devaney debunks myths about public health care.