Rick Salutin
Dec 5 2014 | Rick Salutin pays tribute to Montreal hockey legend Jean Béliveau, who was known for his consummate grace and class. Then he explains why he is missing Rob Ford already.
Joyce Arthur
Dec 5 2014 | In an act of "sick and twisted" irony, Canada's new prostitution law takes effect on December 6, the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre and a day now set aside to mourn violence against women.
Amy Goodman
Dec 4 2014 | Another police killing of an unarmed man of colour. Another grand jury deciding not to indict: Not for murder. Not for manslaughter. Not for assault. Not even for reckless endangerment.
Naomi Klein
Dec 4 2014 | Climate change can be a "People's Shock," a blow from below. In this excerpt from her new book, Naomi Klein exposes climate change as the unfinished business of liberation. What can we do about it?
Linda McQuaig
Dec 4 2014 | In the name of clamping down on "voter fraud," the Conservatives have brought in election reforms that will actually make it easier for voter suppression to go undetected in the future.
Josh Tabish
Steve Anderson
Dec 3 2014 | At stake in a new CRTC consultation is whether Canadians will be able to access affordable, independent, and reliable Internet services that support their everyday well-being.
Naomi Klein
Dec 3 2014 | Will the U.S. government throw a lifeline to a climate-destabilizing industrial project that's under a confluence of pressures that add up to a very real crisis?
Duncan Cameron
Dec 2 2014 | On November 27 the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives gave its first Social Justice Award to Michael McBane. Duncan Cameron shares his remarks in honour of Michael receiving the award.
Hennessy's Index
Dec 2 2014 | The number of billionaires in the world in 2014 reached 2,325 -- a 7 per cent increase since last year and it represents an all-time record high. They control nearly 4 per cent of the world's wealth.
Murray Dobbin
Dec 1 2014 | Canada's economy is increasingly at the mercy of a risk-averse, inept corporate elite addicted to government tax breaks, and an ideologically addled government. It is a deadly combination.
Ralph Surette
Dec 1 2014 | Another big report, another display of our witlessly shallow politics, which this time has outdone itself in its haste to pour sulphur on the head of Laurel Broten and her tax and regulatory review.
Rick Salutin
Nov 28 2014 | Ferguson protesters trashed some buildings and blocked traffic. That's pitiable compared to lawlessness by police, governments and the finance sector.
Amy Goodman
Nov 27 2014 | "We're going to shake the heavens," said one young man, as he faced off with the riot police. It is that fire, not the burning of buildings, that those who profit from injustice have most to fear.
Linda McQuaig
Nov 27 2014 | The difference between the incredible advances made in space exploration and our minuscule advances on tackling climate change boils down to nothing more than political will.
Shelina Ali
Nov 27 2014 | Bill C‑44 is a systematic attempt by the Harper government to circumvent the limits Canadian courts have placed on its investigative and surveillance powers, through legislative amendments.