Amy Goodman
Apr 28 2016 | Even in this high-tech digital age, all we get is static: that veil of distortion, misrepresentations and half-truths that obscure reality. We need a media that covers power, not covers for power.
Wayne MacPhail
Apr 27 2016 | Right now there are a handful of ways to get our ideas out of our heads and into our computers. These are, of course, the limitations of our hands, our imaginations and our devices.
Ole Hendrickson
Apr 27 2016 | Eastern hemlock trees may be next to fall victim to an invasive alien species with the spread of the hemlock woolly adelgid. But we may still have a few years to prepare for its arrival.
Duncan Cameron
Apr 26 2016 | Rachel Notley wants to know why "we're acting like a bunch of villages as opposed to a nation." There is a leadership role for Ottawa and Justin Trudeau needs to recognize it.
Naomi Klein
Apr 26 2016 | While Clinton is great at warring with Republicans, taking on powerful corporations goes against her entire worldview, against everything she's built, and everything she stands for.
June Chua
Apr 22 2016 | Koneline focuses on the "golden triangle" of land in northwest B.C. where copper and gold mining companies are busy drilling into prime territory where local people hunt and fish.
Rick Salutin
Apr 22 2016 | Why would people who are reeling from the near obliteration of their community be better off going somewhere that lacks even the shards of community left them?
Monia Mazigh
Apr 22 2016 | "Privacy concerns" have been used by the Canadian government as a powerful pretext for inaction or silence and this should be challenged and denounced.
Lois Ross
Apr 21 2016 | Today we launch a new column about agriculture and our relationships to food. It will look at food production issues that affect urban and rural dwellers alike.
Amy Goodman
Apr 21 2016 | U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced Wednesday that the revised $20 bill will feature the portrait of the legendary abolitionist Harriet Tubman. What better tribute to her lifetime of struggle?
Wayne MacPhail
Apr 20 2016 | A few columns back I promised to report on my progress using a tablet as my main computer. I'm happy to say that so far it has been a successful experiment.
Duncan Cameron
Apr 19 2016 | The federal environment minister is sitting on a big decision. In the face of opposition from First Nations, she is charged with granting environmental approval for an LNG project on Lelu Island.
Ralph Surette
Apr 19 2016 | The Nova Scotia government is about to release a plan to go forward with replacing the troubled Victoria General hospital in Halifax. Ralph Surette has some words of advice.
Jim Stanford
Apr 19 2016 | If trade deals are the key to trade success, why is it that the more of them we implement, the worse our trade becomes? Perhaps the deals are doing more harm than good.
Monia Mazigh
Apr 15 2016 | Financial opacity isn't just a disease attacking Russia, China or the Gulf monarchies; it is a global reality. As shown by the Panama Papers leak, even Canada isn't immune from this virus.