Monia Mazigh
May 9 2014 | After reading Thomas Piketty's book "Capital in the Twenty-First Century," can we safely say that America, as the icon of capitalism, is no longer a democracy but an oligarchy?
Jim Stanford
May 9 2014 | Today's labour force numbers are ugly, there's no other word for it. The employment rate is hardly any higher than the low point reached in July 2009, when the recession officially ended.
Amy Goodman
May 8 2014 | Solitary confinement is torture, and it is used routinely in jails, prisons and immigration detention facilities across the United States.
Linda McQuaig
May 8 2014 | An immensely rich and powerful class right here in Canada is quietly amassing ever greater wealth and power to hand down to their heirs, who will be still richer and more powerful.
Priya Sarin
May 7 2014 | A recent string of well‑deserved thrashings in court have demonstrated that the Supreme Court is truly an independent, non‑partisan body, able to act as a check on the Harper government's actions.
Jim Stanford
May 7 2014 | Though it seems like "common sense" in austerity ideology, Tim Hudak's claim that the best way to create jobs in Ontario is to balance the budget is devoid of economic content and credibility.
Wayne MacPhail
May 6 2014 | Last week Facebook, once again, tried to get everyone to accept its friend request. At its developer-centric F8 conference, the social network announced App Links and Anonymous Login.
Ralph Surette
May 5 2014 | The word "vision" is thrown around a lot these days as the ingredient that we lack in Nova Scotia. Alas, I'd say we have too much vision -- of the wrong kind.
Jim Stanford
May 5 2014 | How do we explain the dramatic about-face by Employment Minister Jason Kenney on the Temporary Foreign Worker program?
Joyce Arthur
May 2 2014 | The government of New Brunswick has decided to directly endanger the health and lives of New Brunswick women on the basis of its presumed "pro-life" religious beliefs.
Rick Salutin
May 2 2014 | Policies like TFW aren't confined to specific places like Canada or particular moments. They're part of extended historical conflicts over power between forces like capital and labour.
Hennessy's Index
May 1 2014 | Only 47 per cent of Canadians self-identify as middle class today, down from almost 70 per cent in 2002. This month, Hennessy's Index breaks down the numbers behind Canada's middle-class angst.
Amy Goodman
May 1 2014 | As the U.S. commits atrocious experiments on death row prisoners, it is vital to remember that the Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.
Linda McQuaig
May 1 2014 | Instead of opting for an idea which promised to increase competition in the banking sector and produce higher profits for Canada Post, the Harper government settled for a "lose-lose" strategy.
Wayne MacPhail
Apr 30 2014 | Cable and telephone companies have lusted after an Internet they control for years. And last week a toothless and gutless Federal Communications Commission wrote the first act of their dream.