Wayne MacPhail
Dec 23 2015 | Lately it seems like each year in technology offers more promise than delivery. But, this year we did get progress in some areas -- remarkable, almost magical, progress.
Dec 22 2015 | It was a year of commentary in rabble columns, with insights from the leading progressive voices in Canada. We look back at the year in columns and highlight some of our top picks.
Duncan Cameron
Dec 22 2015 | Democratic socialism is a bold rejection of the dominant economic model that is failing America and it has begun to engage citizens. Is hope changing sides?
June Chua
Dec 21 2015 | Chow fun and cha siu bao aren't just names for Chinese dishes, they are also names of moves in a unique streetball game played in Chinese communities across North America.
Matthew Behrens
Dec 18 2015 | Resistance films reveal that the blacklist was not merely a Hollywood phenomenon, but one that affected people from all walks of life. Overlooked in this history are the women who suffered under it.
Rick Salutin
Dec 18 2015 | Trevor Noah may be the essential Keep Calm and Carry On guy, and also the ideal U.S. court jester, post-Obama. You don't always get what you want.
Ralph Surette
Dec 18 2015 | When Nova Scotia teachers turned down the province's contract offer, they said it wasn't about the money but about the worsening conditions in which they have to do their jobs.
Celia Chandler
Dec 17 2015 | Let those 30 women and men in Justin Trudeau's cabinet show us all that sex is irrelevant to merit. And please let that viewpoint trickle down into all parts of society, even law.
Amy Goodman
Dec 17 2015 | On Dec. 12, nearly 200 nations approved the "Paris Agreement." The document spells out humanity's new plan to confront the crisis of climate change, but is it enough?
Wayne MacPhail
Dec 16 2015 | Last week the news broke that CHCH, a TV station in Hamilton, was slashing its local coverage and firing most of its staff. Was it due to the availability of free alternatives? Not a chance.
Duncan Cameron
Dec 15 2015 | Next to the triumphs of Paris climate diplomacy must be set the tragedy of the military-industrial complex model of development that prevails and drives economies in wealthier nations.
Sonja Alton
Dec 14 2015 | A political junkie is defined as "one who is obsessed by all things political and votes in every election." Sonja Alton reflects on a life defined by political engagement.
Rick Salutin
Dec 11 2015 | What's the problem with "radicalization"? The process that leads to radical outcomes -- whatever they are -- is various and malleable. Their experience radicalizes people -- or doesn't.
Ole Hendrickson
Dec 10 2015 | The renewables transition is shaking up existing power structures and meeting fierce resistance. It can happen -- but only if citizens have access to information and choose wisely among the options.
Amy Goodman
Dec 10 2015 | On the outskirts of the northern French town of Calais, a massive, makeshift refugee camp called "The Jungle" grows daily, swelling with asylum-seekers fleeing war.