Stephen Leahy
Apr 1 2015 | Pollution is likely to be the most pressing global health issue in the coming years without effective prevention and clean-up efforts, experts say.
Duncan Cameron
Mar 31 2015 | Citizens are supposed to understand that by fighting ISIL, Canada is protecting itself from terrorist action. In reality, Canada is acting outside the law in a diplomatic and military fiasco.
Julie Devaney
Mar 30 2015 | It may appear that harm reduction and safe-injection sites are peripherally related to the campaign for a national pharmacare plan, but the Harper government's drug policies inextricably link them.
Rick Salutin
Mar 27 2015 | Why does culture handle war so much better than politics? It's not just that art tells the truth and politics lies. Culture is where you let yourself hear the truth but only within limits.
Ole Hendrickson
Mar 27 2015 | Is human impact on Earth sufficient to leave a permanent mark on the geological record? The term "Anthropocene" has already come into widespread use for our new human-dominated geological epoch.
Celia Chandler
Mar 26 2015 | The Canadian Bar Association has set targets for 2030 to equalize access to civil justice, but that's a long wait for large‑scale system change and to address the significant negative consequences.
Amy Goodman
Mar 26 2015 | A new report asserts that up to 1.3 million people have been killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the first 10 years of the so-called war on terror.
Wayne MacPhail
Mar 25 2015 | The transmitted haptic sensations available in the upcoming Apple Watch bring, literally, high touch to high tech. And they open the door to some fascinating futures.
Matthew Behrens
Mar 24 2015 | When it comes to "anti-terrorism," government and state security agency behaviour is dominated by throwbacks to the Cold War, with Harper serving as Canada's self-appointed avenging angel.
Duncan Cameron
Mar 24 2015 | It is a law of politics: to make things happen, people have to be mobilized. The political party that succeeds is the one that builds support, and gets people to vote for it.
Naomi Klein
Mar 24 2015 | In her new memoir "The Right to Be Cold," Sheila Watt-Cloutier summarizes the devastating impacts of oil and gas extraction on Arctic communities.
June Chua
Mar 23 2015 | The documentary "Cartoonists: Foot Soldiers of Democracy" is a well-rounded collection of stories highlighting the difficulties and complexities of being a political satirist in various countries.
Ralph Surette
Mar 23 2015 | It's getting worse. Stephen Harper is now serving notice that he's willing to tear the social fabric of the country apart if that's what it takes to get his party re-elected.
Murray Dobbin
Mar 20 2015 | The extent to which the institutions of democracy can be assaulted and eroded is directly proportional to the level of civic literacy. In Canada, the need to increase it has never been higher.
Amy Goodman
Mar 20 2015 | U.S. grassroots activists are organizing against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Trade Promotion Authority, which increase corporate power and reduce the power of people to govern themselves.