Tony Cote
Apr 14 2014 | Over the years I had been involved in numerous one-day volunteer projects but I knew that there was something beyond that, especially since my retirement left me the time to get involved.
Monia Mazigh
Apr 11 2014 | Pauline Marois's strategists thought that by raising the spectre of a "Muslim invasion" they would succeed as the Front National in France did. But Quebec isn't France and North America isn't Europe.
Rick Salutin
Apr 11 2014 | Mad Men starts its final season on Sunday. It's ironic that it happens at a time of serious decline for advertising itself, which for over a century was the linchpin of the capitalist system.
Amy Goodman
Apr 10 2014 | Neither death nor imprisonment should be the punishment for journalists doing their job. Since 1992, the Committee to Protect Journalists reports, there have been 1,054 journalists killed worldwide.
Linda McQuaig
Apr 10 2014 | For years now, public commentary about taxes has been dominated by a rabid anti-tax movement, but recent rumblings from the progressive side of the tax debate have threatened to shake things up.
Jim Stanford
Apr 9 2014 | The last three decades have witnessed a far-reaching neoliberal transformation of the Canadian economy, politics and culture that has been dramatic, thorough and socially destructive.
Wayne MacPhail
Apr 9 2014 | The future will be more complicated than we've been led to believe. The years ahead will be much less like 2001 or Star Trek and more like the messy, multilayered world of Bladerunner.
Duncan Cameron
Apr 8 2014 | The defeat of the minority PQ government led by Pauline Marois means Quebec will have a majority Liberal government led by Philippe Couillard.
Murray Dobbin
Apr 7 2014 | Perhaps the best possible response of democracy activists to this loathsome piece of legislation would be to treat it as a useful crisis and use it to galvanize the electorate.
Ralph Surette
Apr 7 2014 | Here we are again. Another government, another nurses' crisis. First, let's understand this: labour relations are just the tip of the iceberg. It's another spasm in the stress of our health system.
Joyce Arthur
Apr 4 2014 | The question should be: how best can we ensure the safety and rights of sex workers? But the battle has become about how best to control sex work under the guise of "protecting" sex workers.
Rick Salutin
Apr 4 2014 | There's much to learn from Justin Trudeau's brief moment of obscenity at a charity boxing gala last weekend about politics and the skills that make for an effective politician.
Amy Goodman
Apr 3 2014 | The world's leading group of climate-change experts, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has issued its latest report, and the prognosis is not good.
Linda McQuaig
Apr 3 2014 | Discussing the world's failure to tackle climate change, psychologist and death denial theorist Sheldon Solomon suggested it's because we're in death denial and busy distracting ourselves.
Hennessy's Index
Apr 2 2014 | The conclusion based on a review of the "best peer-reviewed research in Canada" is that there "is no evidence of a national labour shortage." So why is the skills shortage such a popular trope?