Hennessy's Index
Sep 3 2014 | The number of carloads of oil transported by rail in 2013 totalled 160,000. That's set to triple to 510,000 carloads a day by 2016. Where are the regulations for shipping oil by train safely?
June Chua
Sep 3 2014 | Combining stop-motion animation, interviews, drawings and archival material, "The Wanted 18" brings to life the struggle of the First Intifada, the first Palestinian uprising in 1987.
Wayne MacPhail
Sep 3 2014 | In about a week's time, Apple will announce its new iPhone or iPhones. Rumours have been swirling for months and, as usual, Apple has had nothing to say. But, they have been building something.
Duncan Cameron
Sep 2 2014 | Yes, opinion polls have turned against the Conservatives and it's true many Canadians cannot abide Harper. But Stephen Harper and his party can still win the next election, scheduled for October 2015.
Rick Salutin
Aug 29 2014 | It's delightful how change -- of an encouraging sort -- happens. Just when you thought TV was an eternal cesspool, along comes this year's Emmys with its fine array.
Shelina Ali
Aug 28 2014 | Legal proceedings are costly and can be untenable for those actively involved in public debate. Anti‑SLAPP legislation provides a mechanism to protect this kind of debate from being silenced.
Amy Goodman
Aug 28 2014 | In her epic book "The Guns of August," historian Barbara Tuchman detailed how the First World War began in 1914. We can look at that war in retrospect, 100 years later, as if through a distant mirror.
Wayne MacPhail
Aug 27 2014 | In the midst of a Big Data sea, tools that allow the visual display of quantitative information will be an asset to anyone who wants to crowdsource the discovery of the narratives in the numbers.
June Chua
Aug 27 2014 | This August, a group of yoga practitioners gathered in a downtown Toronto room, marking an auspicious event: an all-access yoga class in which everyone -- literally -- was welcome.
Duncan Cameron
Aug 26 2014 | While Angela Merkel is ranked the most powerful woman in the world, Janet Yellen has come forward as the most important voice, suggesting that wage deflation dampens economic recovery.
Ralph Surette
Aug 25 2014 | Here's something else that would advance our cause in Nova Scotia if we could only talk about it without the pious platitudes: taxation.
Murray Dobbin
Aug 25 2014 | To regain our political agency and address our crisis in democracy, perhaps we need to start at the political equivalent of the molecular level, with the most basic human principles of kindness.
Left in Love
Aug 22 2014 | They may vote for different mayors, but can municipal gossip unite Cass and Selina? Find out in this month's radical love match, as Left in Love delves into civic politics!
Matthew Behrens
Aug 22 2014 | A little-noticed European Court of Human Rights decision regarding Polish complicity in torture may well have ripple effects on this side of the Atlantic and, hopefully, produce some accountability.
Rick Salutin
Aug 22 2014 | What's the real problem with being yourself or "human" as a public figure? Nothing fails like trying to look human or show your human side: it's inhuman to attempt to prove you're human.