Murray Dobbin
May 27 2016 | Since the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement in 1988, promoters of investment protection agreements have held sway. But 30 years after the first experiment, signs of resistence are growing.
Rick Salutin
May 27 2016 | Commentators say that secularism is over and religion has been restored to a prestigious place in our society. And yet, Rick Salutin gives us as counter-evidence, the rise of Donald Trump.
Monia Mazigh
May 27 2016 | It has now been five months since we started hearing about Canadian kids affected by the Canadian version of the no-fly list and unfortunately, the situation hasn't improved much since.
Shelina Ali
May 26 2016 | Protection of transgender rights is long overdue. But does Bill C-16 go far enough in undoing the Harper government's damage to equality rights in Canada?
Amy Goodman
May 26 2016 | While there is scant evidence that mass arrests and deportations have slowed the flow of Central American refugees to the U.S., they have certainly scared students and families living there.
Wayne MacPhail
May 25 2016 | Google announced a lot of fascinating stuff at its annual I/O developers' conference but two things really jumped out: it's serious about VR and it's leveraging its natural language and search data.
Ole Hendrickson
May 25 2016 | Canada is only one of many countries dealing with climate refugees. South Pacific island nations are steadily being inundated by rising seas and India is seeing record-breaking heat waves.
Duncan Cameron
May 24 2016 | Most Canadians watching the U.S. presidential race were astonished to see Donald Trump emerge as serious contender for high office, let alone become the presumptive Republican nominee.
Matthew Behrens
May 24 2016 | In a major setback to a Liberal government still refusing to repeal the repressive Bill C-51, the Federal Court has found unreasonable the secret trial security certificate against Mahmoud Jaballah.
Pat Kerwin
May 23 2016 | There should be better access to palliative care for people in their final days, but some will want to end the inevitable progress of a disease or condition. We should respect that decision.
Monia Mazigh
May 20 2016 | This week, a French judge ordered the release of Hassan Diab from jail while an investigation into his case continues. Canada should follow suit and give Diab due process.
Rick Salutin
May 20 2016 | Many journalists seem preemptively nostalgic for a foul, undemocratic system that has only longevity in its favour. What's behind the negative media reactions to the prospect of electoral reform?
Amy Goodman
May 19 2016 | People are putting their bodies on the line, with blockades, sit-ins, banner-hangs and a whole constellation of confrontational actions, driven by the urgency of the climate crisis.
Wayne MacPhail
May 18 2016 | A boxy little word processor called the Freewrite promises to allow writers a laser focus on the craft of writing. Is it $750 well spent?
Lois Ross
May 17 2016 | Today's farmers can no longer assume they will continue to have the right to store and save seed from one year to the next. Storing of "copyrighted" seed is now regulated as "privilege."