Naomi Klein
Jul 3 2015 | Naomi Klein delivered these remarks during a press conference introducing "People and Planet First: The Imperative to Change Course."
Rick Salutin
Jul 3 2015 | There's no way anyone normal can make human sense of the European Union's callous approach to Greece, says Rick Salutin.
Amy Goodman
Jul 2 2015 | Frederick Douglass' words on a distant July 4 holiday have been given new life by Bree Newsome. Americans should remember this, this Independence Day.
David Christopher
Jul 2 2015 | If you're a Canadian and you own a cell phone, you probably don't need an official report to tell you that you're paying way over the odds.
Ole Hendrickson
Jul 1 2015 | Yes, we have to eat. But how food is produced and consumed really matters to the species with which we share this planet, and to our own future.
Wayne MacPhail
Jul 1 2015 | Here's a quick, amateur medical diagnosis: the health-care system is ailing when it comes to technology.
Duncan Cameron
Jun 30 2015 | Syriza represented a challenge to the prevailing European economic model, so it had to be stopped. The German grand coalition government has decided to teach Greece a lesson.
Naomi Klein
Jun 30 2015 | Pope Francis rocked the world last week by connecting the need for a fair economy with the need to to take bold action on climate. Action must continue to stop the destruction of the environment.
Jim Stanford
Jun 30 2015 | Progressive activists need our own "storyline" about economics, and enough critical knowledge to reject the claim "there is no alternative" -- to globalization, austerity, or capitalism itself.
Ralph Surette
Jun 29 2015 | Monuments are only a small part of the whole that, perhaps, will at last get fully exposed to a distracted public before the upcoming election.
Rick Salutin
Jun 29 2015 | The precedents for declaring what's culturally barbaric are pretty scary, as the exhaustive and heart-rending work of the TRC on residential schools sadly shows.
Murray Dobbin
Jun 26 2015 | Has the Liberal party grown more trustworthy in the 10 years since we had a Liberal government? A trip down memory lane to Paul Martin's government might offer a helpful reminder.
Rick Salutin
Jun 26 2015 | The urge to identify symbolically with some larger group runs wide: countries, faiths, "races," Ford nation, Leafs nation. What makes identity so compelling?
Safia J. Lakhani
Jun 25 2015 | With a federal election on the horizon, it is worth considering the role the federal government can and should play in addressing the housing crisis.
Amy Goodman
Jun 25 2015 | The symbol of the Southern states' rebellion and secession, of waging war to protect slavery, may be less visible. But the fight for equality continues.