June Chua
Apr 20 2015 | Over the years, North America's biggest documentary showcase has become a glossy panorama. This year at Hot Docs, June Chua finds a trove of personal films about individuals and their challenges.
Ole Hendrickson
Apr 20 2015 | At the World Uranium Symposium, speakers delved deeply into the links between nuclear power, nuclear weapons, climate change and renewable energy. What does it mean for sustainable energy development?
Ralph Surette
Apr 20 2015 | Last week's budget, for better or worse, marked a milestone on the icy road to wherever it is we're going in the rickety wagon of Nova Scotia politics.
Murray Dobbin
Apr 17 2015 | A small Toronto think-tank has been winning court battles that would oblige the government to borrow money from its own bank rather than impoverishing itself in the interests of finance capital.
Rick Salutin
Apr 17 2015 | Pro sport is one token of a utopian future, where people don't just get to play but play as if it's life's main activity: where play and work elide.
Amy Goodman
Apr 17 2015 | For the first time in more than half a century, the presidents of the U.S. and Cuba have had a formal meeting. Barack Obama met with Cuban President Raúl Castro at the 7th Summit of the Americas.
Monia Mazigh
Apr 16 2015 | This is the question author Lila Abu-Lughod poses in her book exploring the lives of Muslim women. The answer isn't as obvious as some would like us to believe.
Wayne MacPhail
Apr 15 2015 | Why do so many pieces of software leave us lost, frustrated and railing at their arcane and ugly buttons, choices and placements? Wayne MacPhail presents four reasons.
Duncan Cameron
Apr 14 2015 | Stephen Harper met Cuban President Raúl Castro at the Summit of the Americas in Panama City last weekend and used his time with the Cuban leader to lecture him on democracy.
Stephen Leahy
Apr 14 2015 | Cities are responsible for 70 per cent of global CO2 emissions but they can save the planet by greening one community at a time, said Vancouver's David Cadman at the ICLEI World Congress 2015.
Everett Baker
Apr 13 2015 | Behind the bucolic images of the East Coast reside working women and men. Everett Baker reflects back on some of his experiences with labour organizations in Eastern Canada.
Rick Salutin
Apr 10 2015 | This must be Mike Duffy's finest hour. He finally is what he always falsely claimed to be: a little guy standing up to the gasbags of power.
Amy Goodman
Apr 9 2015 | The deliberations on the Tsarnaev case bring new, heightened attention to the death-penalty debate in the United States. The time for a moratorium on executions is now.
Wayne MacPhail
Apr 8 2015 | Easy, mobile, live and social video streaming is a remarkable tool for journalists or anyone who can say, "I was there, you weren't. This is what I saw."
Duncan Cameron
Apr 7 2015 | California is running out of water. As water shortages loom, the state is looking at a collapse of its social structure. What can be done to stop it?