Kirsten Iler
Oct 30 2014 | Controversy erupted amongst Canadian lawyers when the Canadian Bar Association decided to intervene in a long-running case brought against Chevron by Indigenous peoples in Ecuador. Here's why.
Amy Goodman
Oct 30 2014 | Purging of voter rolls is just one way that Republicans are working to limit the vote. Key court decisions have all but guaranteed that many U.S. voters will be denied access to their right to vote.
Duncan Cameron
Oct 28 2014 | The never-ending war on terror launched by an American president has inspired the Conservatives and their supporters. That way lies fear as the source of public policy decisions.
Ole Hendrickson
Oct 27 2014 | A new report, "Can Scientists Speak," finds that federal media policies in Canada remain highly restrictive and gives low to failing grades to nearly all 16 departments that employ scientists.
Alice Klein
Oct 27 2014 | This election is a truly special one. It really comes down to a question of who we the people are. It's time for the people of Toronto to reveal ourselves to ourselves and to the world.
Rick Salutin
Oct 24 2014 | After Wednesday's events in Ottawa, Rick Salutin comments on the "unprecedented chaos, lost our virginity/innocence, never gonna be the same, demise of Canada as a Peaceable Kingdom" narrative.
Matthew Behrens
Oct 23 2014 | The tragic events in Ottawa give us an opportunity to examine our addiction to violence as the solution to conflict. Will we use the chance to disengage from our increasingly militarized culture?
Linda McQuaig
Oct 23 2014 | For years, the pro-war right has suppressed any meaningful discussion of the "root causes" of terrorism, limiting our focus to the horrific nature of terrorist acts in order to rouse us to go to war.
Amy Goodman
Oct 23 2014 | The United States now has an Ebola czar. But what about a surgeon general? The gun lobby has successfully shot down his nomination -- at least so far.
Matthew Behrens
Oct 22 2014 | Like moral panics that have framed particular groups as the new internal enemy, youth both idealist and alienated now fit the focus of terror suspect, especially if they are Muslim and plan to travel.
Duncan Cameron
Oct 21 2014 | For Stephen Harper to lose power in the next election, either the Conservative voter base must decline, or more people need to turn up and vote.
Murray Dobbin
Oct 20 2014 | Harper's political calculations about Canada's role in Iraq have little to do with foreign policy: Harper's goal is to stay in power long enough to dismantle the post-war activist state.
Ralph Surette
Oct 20 2014 | Politics and political attitudes are changing in Nova Scotia -- albeit, in a manner too slow and complex for the public's short attention span to notice.
Rick Salutin
Oct 17 2014 | Rogers stomped into CBC HQ in Toronto and never looked backed. Its takeover of hockey has been breathtaking, in that they are trying to turn hockey into Rogers.
Amy Goodman
Oct 16 2014 | The question "Should we put boots on the ground?" is often asked. The answer is yes, in terms of dealing with Ebola. We need health professionals dealing with this preventable global health disaster.