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Eric Mang served as a political aide in the Harris government in Ontario and the Campbell government in British Columbia. His politics have since shifted left. You can read more at www.ericmang.com.

Ezra Levant wondering why Assange not dead

| December 1, 2010

Today, I was going to write about Rob Ford's new Executive Committee. I was going to make note that not one progressive holds an appointment and that Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, the new public works boss who will likely privatize garbage collection, has already set the tone of the Ford cabal. He said: "Sometimes, when you sit around and sing ‘Kum-ba-yah' you don't get anything done."

I was going to assert that words like this smell of bullying. That discourse with which one does not agree should be demeaned and derided. That legitimate council discussion that doesn't meet a certain agenda should be ignored. And worse, that supposed "soft" attitudes (characterized by Minnan-Wong's reference to "Kum-ba-yah") lead to inertia. Only tough-ass, elbows out approaches lead to action. Sorry, but that hyper-partisan bullshit doesn't fly at City Hall. If Councillors can't cooperate, no matter how many drones Ford collects, little will be done. Dialogue and compromise are critical.

So I was going to talk about all these things and I suppose I have.

But then I read a column yesterday that caused the vein in the side of my head to engorge and then nearly explode. Imagine Michael Bolton's temples when he's reaching for the high notes.

The Ottawa Sun published a bilious, vile piece by Ezra Levant. Levant is known for saying provocative, lacking-in-fact statements. Contrarians challenge the status quo, knock down prevailing opinions and the brilliant ones do so with erudition and an examination of evidence. Levant is no contrarian.

The opening line of his op-ed screed asks, rather airily: "Why isn't Julian Assange dead yet?" He goes on to paint Assange, founder of Wikileaks, as being on the "other side" and declares that Assange is "anti-American". Levant, like many others of his ilk, seek to silence dissent by careful application of "anti".

Levant spends the remainder of his venomous column issuing pointless "facts" about Assange's childhood.

He picks up on his opening line towards the end of the column. He gets giddy about war and assassination in a way only someone who has never seen the horrors of war or witnessed an execution; much like Chickenhawks - those war-mongering Republicans who all managed to skip out of Vietnam yet have an insatiable lust for guns, bombs, uniforms and warfare.

The Sun has published a foul piece of tripe where the author advocates murder. It doesn't matter whether you agree or disagree with Assange and Wikileaks. The moment we follow the lead of the Levants of the world, we abandon the rule of law, we defeat justice, we become evil.



Cheney even escapes prosecution when he shoots another member of the elite in the face while hunting and drinking booze. The problem is that only comedians talk about it so it becomes nothing, in the ether.

Cheney is a war criminal but instead a whistle blower confirming the true face of the United States and their lackeys is somehow public enemy #1.

And if you can't charge him for unmasking the beast,trump up some rape charges.

If there's going to be talk about assassinations......

Ezra Levant and Tom Flanagan are in a dead heat to push all Canadian discourse right over the cliff into the Faux News pit.

The fact that officials feel free to urge his outright murder is testament to the boldness of this criminal class and a fascist declaration of intent towards anyone else who dares expose them. Obviously they feel they are untouchable. Of course Tom Flanagan was only joking.

This is not the first time Levant has pulled this. Check out this interveiw on CBC and what he says from the 5 minute mark. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJixO4ZKkhA

Uh they are trying to assasinate his a character with these renewed charges of rape (they were dropped before and now  they have been picked up again - odd timing that).

The Swedish Pirate Party has been helping him out.

As for Levant, it shows that he is not accountable for anything so long as his slavish devotion to neo-cons and Big Oil continues.

Hi Spector, 

I've seen some of these comments, but not all - thanks for sharing. Since Levant is a home-grown rage-monkey and his vitriol appears in a Canadian paper where he dedicated a whole column to murdering a fellow human, I gave him the spotlight. 

To add to your list, here's Bill O'Reilly wishing Assange would be killed by a drone (a la Tom Flanagan - we see where Flanagan got his speaking points) or just plain ole executed. 

As an aside, I don't recall Levant (or O'Reilly) getting his outrage on over Cheney/Libby/Armitage's outing of Valerie Plame...


Ezra Levant is only one voice in a huge chorus of murderous vitriol directed at Assange.

Tom Flanagan, a former adviser to Stepher Harper, called for the assassination of Assange on CBC Newsnet.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee called for Assange's execution.

Former Pentagon official KT McFarland of Fox News says WikiLeaks should be declared a terrorist organisation and Assange should be hunted down and charged with espionage.

Rabid right-wing blogs in the US are calling for Assange to get "a small caliber round in the back of his head".

Sarah Palin has called for Assange to be pursued "with the same urgency we pursue al-Qaida and Taliban leaders."


What a coincidence...I was wondering the exact same about Levant.

Notwithstanding the reasonable conclusion that Ezra Levant is a lunatic, and not a very nice one at that, I have wondered the same thing about the fate of Julian Assange. On a similar theme, I have wondered why the U.S. and other Western authorities have not shut down the Wikileaks site, which should be a relatively simple matter. The only reasonable conclusion that someone better connected than Ezra Levant, someone high in the Empire's power structure, WANTS WIKILEAKS TO KEEP PUBLISHING BECAUSE IT IS SERVING SOME PURPOSE. This could be because there is a rift in the American power structure, because disinformation is being spread via Wikileaks within a stream of factual but low-grade information, or because another power is sponsoring the operation. Whatever the case may be, Wikileaks could not continue operations without some degree of state sponsorship, somewhere. So, of course, the most likely reason Julian Assange has not been vaught or shot is because, like certain other notable fugitives, the Americans, or elements of same at least, don't want him to be captured or killed. The most entertaining possibility, of course, is that the Serbian intellegence services are following up on their success in New York almost a decade ago. Now, where'd I put my tinfoil hat?

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