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We'll miss you, Jack

| August 22, 2011

To lose Jack Layton at the height of his capacity as a person and as a political leader, is especially sad.

When Jack walked into my graduate course at York University in the early 1970s, it didn't take me long to see that this was someone very special. The energy and the luminous intelligence were on full display, as well as his respect for others, and the joy he took in meeting people.

Through the decades, he joined every political battle with unique optimism. In municipal politics, in the fight for environmental reform, in his support for the homeless and the poor, he threw himself into what he did with the conviction that he could be on the winning side. Jack had no use for fashionable pessimism.

When he became NDP leader, he took a party that had seen better days and led it to become a force that can win the next election. His breakthrough in Quebec is historic, a transformative event in Canada's political history.

We'll miss Jack's energy and his capacity to rise from setbacks and carry on. We'll need to take those qualities to heart in the days ahead. We'll miss you, Jack.

To Olivia and the members of his family, I offer my condolences.

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this is surely a huge loss not just for political fraternity but also for the whole nation.Jack was the person who can motivate anyone pretty easily,he will remain a source of inspiration of lot of people even after many years.definitely every one is going to miss you Jack

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We've lost a great leader, but the NDP has always had great leaders and will continue to do so, becuase they have such a base of great people to draw from.  A party that is based on principle attracts people who base their own lives on principle.  Jack was certainly one of those and his example will strengthen the rest of us.  We will have a new leader early in the coming year and we have an excellent interim leader now.  People will like and admire them as well as we get to know them.  There is no break in the chain

Thank-you,  Jack.  We'll continue in the manner which you have suggested and demonstrated in your life.  When we win the next election it will be your victory too.

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