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NDP Leadership # 113

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KenS wrote:

Or do not think it is a deal breaker.

But you'd like to think that it is because we 'missed it' or 'don't understand' or whatever.


Ahhh Ken, you are just like Fidel. A loyal foot soldier to the party, always obedient and following directions of the party headquarters.

I salute you on your efforts to discredit, and to misdirect any messaging or reporting that makes the NDP look bad.

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doofy wrote:

Well the Conservatives must be scared of Mulcair...

It begs the question: how stupid to they think we are?

Seems like Mulcair refused to commute to Ottawa and make less than $150000. Yet, he agreed to work as NDP QC lieutenant (did the NDP pay him more than $150 000 from party coffers?!), travel the province, commute to Ottawa, e.t.c... All the while, he had no guarantee of being elected. Only Conservatives could make this up.

Another thing to point out...I think some people can legitimately question Mulcair's beliefs on the basis that a "true" New Democrat would never even consider accepting an appointment from a Conservative government (where does that leave Stephen Lewis and Ed Broadbent who both accepted highly paid sinecures from Mulroney?), but the idea that Mulcair was only after money si a bit ridiculous...He is a lawyer with a very long impressive resume. If his main motive was money, he wouldn't bother with being a politician of getting a government appointment at all - he would just go back to practicing law and easily command a salary of well over $200k/year.

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Bad, good, it's in the eye of the beholder on this one. As a matter of fact, they supported some wars, and were against some others. At least they got the most important ones of the past decade right. That's all I expect.

Transitioning from American Empire to something else, there isn't a political party in the world that can do that. Not even in America, let alone here. I try not to waste time or energy on things that are impossible to change, and I don't put that moral burden on anyone else.

If you've found an effective way to achieve that, good for you, and I wish you well. It probably doesn't involve the NDP.

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The smart money is on Mulcair iPolitics Insight

Posted on Fri, Mar 2, 2012, 5:04 am by Lawrence Martin

Lawrence Martin is the author of 10 books, including six national bestsellers. His most recent, Harperland, was nominated for the Shaughnessy Cohen award. His other works include two volumes on Jean Chrétien, two on Canada-U.S. relations and three books on hockey.

Can anyone stop Tom Mulcair?

In the NDP leadership race it’s been another good week for the party’s Quebec lieutenant. He had a strong debate performance in Manitoba and he picked up a big endorsement from Robert Chisholm, the Nova Scotia candidate who departed the race.

As the campaign progresses, there appear to be fewer and fewer doubting Thomases. The consensus is not only that he is leading the race but that the lead is widening

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I realize that this is negative and superficial but I just don't like Thomas Mulcair.  I didn't when I lived in Montreal and I don't now.  I don't like the way he carries himself.  I don't like the way he presents on camera.  He appears stuffy, standoffish and unfriendly to me.  I worry that if I can't identify with him as a New Democrat that others are going to have a hard time too, and that doesn't bode well for the future.

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Well I like him and so does my dog Angus who is the best judge of character I know. So there.

On a more substantial note, is Alice suggesting a rival candidate is behndthe Know Mulcair smear site?


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Actually, she is re-tweeting now that i look at it closely.

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and spinnertruth follows nobody and has 3 followers - an autonomous tweet setup - oh robotweeter!

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Not following.

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Concerning predictions for the race, I'm becoming more and more convinced that Mulcair is just not going to win.  The amount of members who don't want Mulcair to be the new leader is likely larger than his small plurality and they will coalesce around an anti-Mulcair and defeat him around the 4th ballot.  At first I was thinking it might be Topp, but now it looks like it will be Nash.

I think the Mulcair team should be wary of declaring "Mission Accomplished!" a little too early here.  Marcella Munro and Mike Harcourt both backed Farnworth too, and he had most of the endorsements in that race.  There was not a single poll in the five-month BCNDP leadership race that didn't show Farnworth as the clear frontrunner, sometimes by double-digits.  Mulcair supporters should be worried about the following: how their membership drive in Quebec was a failure based on their own original metrics (Quebec is only like a tenth of the overall membership now, and not all for Mulcair either), about how it doesn't appear that Mulcair is first, or even second, in Ontario and BC where a majority of the members are, that his negatives are being driven up and the base is becoming increasingly skeptical of him and the direction he wants to take the party, and I think overall he's just run a pretty disingenuous and bizarre campaign.  If he wins he'll be breaking a lot of rules, as normally you're supposed to try to play to your base in a leadership race and then shift a little to the center in the general election.  You're not supposed to spend the leadership race berating your own rank-and-file members and activists, and some of his incontrovertible attacks on unions (i.e. implying they are special interests and that the NDP can't win while we have a close relationship with them) are disgusting, and on the record.  Incidentally, that Star article must be where the Topp campaign is claiming that Mulcair explicitly conceded he's moving the party to the centre.  Mulcair says: "A woman was giving me a hard time about moving us to the centre...".  Although I thought it was a very candid moment, as he explained how he is moving the party to centre and that "moving the centre to us" line is merely the "stock" euphemism he's been using to frame it.  For the most part though he's been more disciplined and is trying to have it both ways.  They've run a largely vacuous campaign (although not just Mulcair's campaign is guilty of this) where they just hide behind existing party policy, sometimes barely tweaked, and so they can downplay and deny the rightward drift, but then at the same time embrace all the mainstream and right-wing praise for moving the party to the right when they drop little hints of it and code to the press, for instance talk like "modernizing" and "renewing" the party, or say by having an annoymous "source from the Mulcair campaign" get quoted in some news article admitting that, yes, of course they're moving the right.  Take this article on his website, why on earth would they put this up if it didn't feel it accurately reflected his campaign?

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Re quotes:  We need to keep the content under control in threads.  If you have something you want people to read, please post a link with a brief quote, not the source material letter/article, etc. in its entirety.


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