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NDP foreign policy lining up with U.S.

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She should be dumped from her critic's position, but I bet that won't happen.

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M. Spector wrote:

Independent Jewish Voices wrote:
[T]he positions of leadership candidate Thomas Mulcair stand out as more closely aligned with those of Stephen Harper than with the NDP on the issue of the ongoing crisis in Israel/Palestine.

Yeah, I saw that story. My problem is trying to figure out on what point the positions of Mulcair on the "ongoing crisis in Israel / Palestine" differ from those of the NDP. Anyone shed any light on that?

For example, Israel has been bombing Gaza for two days now and has murdered at least 16 Palestinians. Here is the NDP statement:

Statement by NDP Foreign Affairs critic on the brutal bombardment of Gaza and civilian casualties

And Mulcair's:

Thomas Mulcair speaks out on the issue of the ongoing crisis in Israel / Palestine

Help me find the difference.


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