Israeli Wine Protest at Summerhill LCBO

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lagatta wrote:
Does Ontario produce any kosher wine?

Munro Honey & Meadery in Alviston has Kosher meads for sale. Rush Creek Wines is a supplier of fruit and berry wines that is working toward COR certification.

While not from Ontario, Rodrigues Winery and Distillery is a Newfoundland supplier of Kosher fruit and berry wines with distribution in several provinces.

Star Spangled C...

That Rodrigues stuff from Newfoundland is fantastic! It's this strange blueberry-based wine and is really quite a treat. One of the few kosher wines you'll find here that is actually drinkable...

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Amazing to me that any form of coca cola can be considered kosher, given the fact that shipments of the base for coke, have to have hazardous warning labels on the truck carrying it, due to the high phosperous content.