My battle w/ Canwest Global TV: a new strategy

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My battle w/ Canwest Global TV: a new strategy

Enough is enough it's time to get down to the nitty gritty.

In my other thread I explained how Canwest Global Tv's broadcasting of Jack Van Impe Presents breaks CAB Code of Ethics clause 2 and clause 8 as well as the Television Broadcast Act (5b) which is the LAW. The program is nothing but right wing anti Islamic and lately anti Obama propaganda. I have been monitoring this show with much anguish I might add for over a year.

My 1st complaint to the CBSC was a year ago and still no decision. The CBSC also refused to take my latest complaint saying i had made others and this was the same, they cannot refuse a legitimate complaint says the CRTC.  This was not a frivilous complaint, Van Impe said there is something wrong with Islam, they should lynch Kaleik Sheik Mohammed and drug addicts and alcoholics are sinners.  The  CRTC have opened a file for me and they know the CBSC has been slow to act and assure me that no Global empolyees will be on the 6 member panel. The thing is they are in the loop.

I am not waiting any longer.

I am going to start a private prosecution here in Manitoba and do an end run around the CBSC. I've been doing some research and I don't think it's that difficult. What I need to do is convince a prosecutor that that Global Is Responisble for what they broadcast. Never has Global TV said that Van Impe's message was NOT a hate message. Their defence has always been he can say what he wants and we can broadcast what we want because we use a disclaimer.  Karen Clout who is in charge of regulatory affairs  one stated in an email which i will put on my web site  that she will contact Van Impe and ask him to tone it down. At the time I simply dismissed it as a smart ass remark then I came across the email a couple of weeks ago while preparing for my meeting with the director of the CRTC here in Winnipeg and that quip really ticked me off.  She thinks I'm an idiot, see you in court.

I have a star witness, the CRTC. and perhaps the Muslim Society. I'll call as a witness Tim Jones the station manager in Winnipeg and Charolotte Bell who is vice president of Regulatory Affairs at Global and is a lobbyist for Harper! You see I relaize now I am up up against a cadre of evangelical neocons and their supporters. Van Impe's attacks lately have been focused on president Obama. He sounds more like Glen Beck, Sean Hannity or Sarah Palin than Billy Graham. 

Van Impe doesn't get messages from his god he gets messages from Karl Rove.

Anyway this is how we force Global to capitulate, the program is not religious and I can prove it.

Any ideas welcome.

G. Gowler


1. Everybody who feels as you do should stop watching anything on Global.

2. Ratings drop.

3. Advertisers threaten to leave.

4. JVI dropped.

5. Go back to watching Simpsons re-runs.

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Van Impe's attacks lately have been focused on president Obama.


What's Van Impe's handle here at babble?

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Stue, there is nothing religious about the fundamentalist evangelicals in the first place, there never has been.  It is simply a mechanism to control people and brainwash them into machines who will be what  their masters want them to be, as that is how social control is gained. Just as  has been all the other "big churches" throughout history.


But I am not saying this to dissuade you or anything, merely stating, that churchianity has long been the actual tool of the sociopathic





I wish I had something to offer you, stuegriffin, in the way of practicle help.    The only thing I might have suggested is a private prosecution, but even then I don't have any hands on practicle experience or advice on that, only that it is possible, and I see you have gone that route.


Please, let us know the ins and outs of the private prosecution process, and how it goes for you.    And, best of luck.

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Snert wrote:
Van Impe's attacks lately have been focused on president Obama.


What's Van Impe's handle here at babble?


I would say it is "snert"

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Because I'm criticizing Obama all the time?

I say again:  ???

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I agree tommy, I wish stue the best of luck too, but given the reactionary  and stupid forces in Manitoba, like those for example who have sanctioned the 2 teachers for their skit, I have no high hopes that anything will be done to stop the hate messaging of the Zionist  evangelical cabal.

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stuegriffin wrote:
Van Impe's attacks lately have been focused on president Obama.

Who most people on this board hate anyways, from what I've seen; you might not get much support trying to defend him.

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disappointment = hate ?

I don't think you really 'get it' yet, this whole 'babble' thing.

I'm assuming you've landed here from somewhere where they call us haters, Sky Captain. I guess we'll soon see whether you're really capable of thinking for yourself.

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I think there was a certain eagerness to that disappointment.  People "disappointed" with his first year in office weren't even waiting for his first year in office before saying so.

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Many of us weren't disappointed, though we continue to be disillusioned with the politics of the Empire.

Obama was simply the only alternative; the best possible under suspect circumstances was all we could expect, and all anyone got.

George Victor

Exactly so, LTJ.   And sg is properly concerned about the bigotry and bias of today's shavian imports. Good luck to sg and us all.