George Smitherman urban legend?

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George Smitherman urban legend?

A few months ago, in a discussion about George Smitherman, somebody told me a story about how they were involved in something political where Smitherman was present and they asked him to give them a hand. At this, he started to applaud. An amusing little anecdote which goes along with Georgie's reputation for being a jerk. Since then, I have heard a variation of the same story from four or five different people, each with the same punchline. By the third time I heard the story, always from activists, it was obvious that this was an urban legend and that they couldn't have all been there when this happened. It was just as obvious that each believed they had witnessed the supposed incident. The only other urban legend I've ever heard repeated so often and with such sincerity is the one about Elvis Stojko beating up Eric Lindros at a bar in Muskoka for calling him gay. I'm curious whether anybody else has heard the Smitherman tale. 

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Hi Downtowner.

I don't have to edit any of the unfounded and unproved heresay that you wrote in the OP, since you framed it as an urban legend. 


In case anyone accuses me of being a Liberal tool, I (*sob*) live in Smitherman's riding and it's simply agony to be living in this bastion of Liberal crapology. Voting here in Toronto Centre is an exercise in pain and sadness.

I'm closing this, since despite the "urban legend" framing you've done, there are few fans of Smitherman's here, I can't see this thread going anywhere except in the direction of potential libel and slander accusations. That's not good for rabble or babble.

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