Perverted RCMP watch jailed women have sex on CCTV

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Perverted RCMP watch jailed women have sex on CCTV


VANCOUVER - Four RCMP officers and three civilian municipal staff at a Kamloops jail are the subjects of criminal and internal code of conduct investigations following an Aug. 18 cellblock incident involving two prisoners.

Global News, citing a well-placed source, reported Friday that one of the two female prisoners is HIV positive. The women were placed in the same cell and allegedly became involved in an intimate encounter that lasted between 30 and 60 minutes. RCMP and prison staff, who watched the encounter via video cameras for about seven minutes, did nothing to stop it, the source told Global.

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Bet you all a Kokanee that none of them will lose their jobs.


I don't think the issue here is what you think it is. It appears to me that the issue is not that staff of the facility were watching the encounter, but that they didn't prevent it because one of the women is allegedly HIV-positive.

Are you suggesting that correctional officers should have intervened and prevented them from having sex?

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There is something incredibly unethical and unprofessional about watching it.

And yes,if they knew one of the prisoners had HIV,maybe they should have intervened...UNLESS the other prisoner knew full well and in that case,the sex was consentual.

I'm no prude but corrections officers engaging in voyeurism in prison cells rubs me the wrong way.


The problem is the monitoring is not the subject of the investigation. It's their failure to stop the encounter, and I'm just not convinced that RCMP officers intervening in this situation would have been a more positive outcome.

As for the HIV disclosure issue, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that disclosure is only mandatory if there is a significant risk of transmission.

To date, there are no confirmed cases of female-to-female sexual transmission of HIV in the United States database (K. McDavid, CDC, oral communication, March 2005).

Buddy Kat


Two consenting adults having sex is one thing….Giving police the power to abuse surveillance powers turning them into perverted peeping toms is quite another. I think that is the issue.


What do the perverted piggy’s do now? Distribute and watch voyeuristic porn tapes at their parties? Sit around in circles like a pile of jerks? Oh they just invite their other perverted buddies to come over to the local precinct for a porn night, I’ll bet, sure as hell voyeurism is being promotted and they will not lose their jobs as it’s common practice since the conservatives have come to power  and that’s why they are trying to get rid of census and stats agency’s.


Between John Bairds pervert machine (airport nude machine) and sex  in the public service work place becoming more rampant. Reporters should be jumping on the band wagon with this story…Jaffer and the hookers etc. rcmp disfiguring little girls between the legs with tasers….in custody sex abuse…the list goes on and on. You want conservative values..well their you have them.