Toronto Council races part 3

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Ward 18 City Councillor candidates promised, on-air, September 29 on Rogers TV debate "The Local Campaign" to release their campaign donor lists one week priotr to the election.  Time's up:

See the few who kept the promise (so far) at:

A political

Stockholm wrote:

A political wrote:

I know many of the endorsers asgood, reasonable and progressive people-all and all lousy site though.

I think its a matter of opinion whethetr being endorsed by John Tory and Warren Kinsella is supposed to be proof of progressive credentials. Then again Heather mallick likes her too.

Itds a mystery. is she another Karen Stintz or is she another Adam Vaughan - does she or doesn't she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure. 

Why doesn't she come out and clear the air and state categorically "I am a left of centre progressive". "I have never voted Conservative in my life and  despise everything Harper, Hudak and Ford represent", "I am sympathetic to the labour movement". A few details about her philosophy might might win over people who want someone who votes the same way as Bussin without being her. but we don't want another Karen Stintz disaster.


edmundoconnor wrote:

Stockholm wrote:

All things being equal, the Star will always back whoever the Liberal party brass tells them to endorse. I'm sure Smitherman's people fax a list of who they want the Star to endorce and presto.

So we can expect Ken Chan to be endorsed in Ward 27, then.

And here we are. They also endorse 3M.


Its interesting that in Ward 29 where it is a bitter two way race between Jane Pitfield the quintessential patrician blue rinse crowd candidate and NDP-backed Mary Fragedakis - the Star endorses third place Diana Wood who was in the news this week because people from Pitfield's campaign threatened that if she didn't quit the race and stop "splitting" the rightwing vote - her career would be destroyed.

Lord Palmerston

Stockholm wrote:
The people at the Star aren't stupid. They know its a close race in ward 19 between Layton and McCormick - so they think that if they can throw a few votes to Karen Sun, it might help McCormick come up the middle.

Karen has very strong endorsements from prominent community activists.  But I guess you don't travel in such circles.