He Didn't Come Back For You

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He Didn't Come Back For You


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The current story is that Doug Ford, who returned from more than a decade of living in Chicago to run in his brother's vacant city ward, is considering a run for the provincial Tories.


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This shouldn't be a surprise. But wherever he goes he'll be the right-wing fuckwad that he is. it's just whether he spreads the shit at the municipal or the provincial level.

Some of those quotes from Tory insiders were downright creepy. What universe do they live in? Never mind, don't answer, I know.



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Ha ha, nice thread title 1weasel.

Sorry about your luck Toronto!


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I would actually be delighted if Ford went ahead and ran provincially. First of all, as a backbencher in the PC caucus he would have vastly less power than he does now as the eminence gris to his brother. Second of all, i think that if he actually did this it would spark in a furious backlash at the Ford brothers and their own private "gravy train". Imagine, running and getting elected to city council and then musing about resigning to run provincially just two months after being elected municipally. Having a municipal byelection in Ford's ward would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars - i wonder if Ford plans to personally pay for that or if the cost will be absorbed by the "gravy train" (ie: taxpayers)?

I think he would be defeated provincially and with no one named Ford on the ballot - there is no telling who would fill Ford's council seat.

Bring it on baby!!!