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Support must-have media; or, give some money

So: you love, rabble, right? has an operating budget of $200 000 per year. $200 000 per year. That includes the salaries of almost twenty employees, tech support, domain and website hosting, events and administration. For comparison, The Tyee, a strictly regional publication, has a budget of $600 000 per year and mainstream papers have budgets which figure in the billions.

The point here is that makes every dollar count.

Now think about how much money you give to mainstream media every month: newspaper and magazine subscriptions, internet and cable costs, phone and data plans, etc. Why not consider redirecting a fraction of that money rabble's way? We promise we'll make the best of it.

It's almost a ritual to say that is a non-profit, progressive, independent news website, but take a moment to think about what that actually means:

It means we have to work harder for each dollar, because most advertisers won't touch us, or we won't touch them. It means that we have to designate a large portion of our work hours (already at a premium! See above!) to chasing major donor partners year after year to renew their subscription because we can't rely on a third-party equity partner, for-profit motives or other traditional sources of funding.

It means that we're dedicated to providing left-wing, progressive perspectives: something not even The Tyee will do. We don't give right-wing, anti-democratic positions a platform to offer some false notion of "fairness." We want to expand leftist political thought in this country--and that's quite limiting when you're looking for money.

It means that we rely heavily on our readers' good will to support us, because we don't want to rely on a larger corporation or organization whose intentions with the news might not suit ours.

All this on a measly $200 000 a year! So we're asking babblers, some of our most dedicated readers, to consider supporting rabble through a monthly donation. We promise we'll make it worth your while. Here's something that is perhaps not as well-known as it should be: Rebecca and I sit in on two staff and editorial meetings each month and we regularly report on thoughts and recommendations of babblers there--which are thoughtfully considered by the rest of the staff, and especially by our publisher Kim Elliott. So you have a direct voice to how rabble is governed and run.

So please consider donating--think about how much you give mainstream media, who hates you, each month and then consider how much loves you.

Here is a link to our latest fundraising drive, with information about some prizes you can win.

And here is a direct link to our donation page. 

Keep us going. Match your media!


It is after all the time of year to think of the less fortunate in society.


I find giving monthly to be a painless means by which to support Rabble. And Slumberjack, we'll just have to hope nobody asks whether we still have prisons or workhouses. And don't get me started on the Poor Law. Wink


I watch the Alistair Sim "A Christmas Carol" each year just before Christmas...that's the production that has somehow brought about the universalization of appeals at this time of year - the avalanche of demand. The "prisons and workhouses" of Dickens' memory do remind one of the historical setting, liberalism replacing the Elizabethan poor laws. Now its neo-liberalism's food banks whose need must first be met.

On the 23rd of each month my credit card is freed up for another monthly go, and it's possible to fill the January donation requests that overflowed from December. It is done in order of need. And with a little medical procedure coming up three days after Christmas, this year, who knows, it may be put off to January 23. Ah, the vagaries of life.

I'll do better this year, Catchfire, both because I NEED to babble, and because you have given the full explanation of rabble's situation that has been missing.

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If you can believe it, is offering a prize exclusive to babblers who sign up to support us. If you tick the box in the donation form that says your a babbler, you will be entered to win the first three books in babble's new book club!  The first of which is Haruki Murakama's famous The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. You have to donate at least $25 to be considered for the draw.

I bet you can barely contain yourself now. This is the push you needed. Do it.

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If you read this, you should click this link and become a supporter: