Jagmeet Singh named Deputy Leader of Ontario NDP

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Jagmeet Singh named Deputy Leader of Ontario NDP

Jagmeet Singh rewarded for staying with NDP at Queen's Park

Mon Apr 20 2015

Sometimes it pays to dance with the one that brung ya.

Spurning New Democratic Leader Tom Mulcair’s overtures to run federally this year, NDP MPP Jagmeet Singh is sticking around Queen’s Park.

For his gesture, provincial NDP Leader Andrea Horwath rewarded the four-year Bramalea-Gore-Malton MPP with the largely symbolic title of deputy leader of her 20-member caucus.





Debater, Debater, Debater, your as transparent as a broken light bulb.


Are you not interested in Andrea Horwath's announcement?

This actually is an interesting development for the Ontario NDP.  It may foreshadow a leadership run for Jagmeet Singh down the road when Horwath steps down.