Saskatoon-University MP Brad Trost loses Conservative nomination

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Saskatoon-University MP Brad Trost loses Conservative nomination

CBC News

Mar 10, 2018

The Conservative Party of Canada has elected Corey Tochor as nominee for the contested Saskatoon-University riding. 

Tochor, former Saskatchewan Speaker of the House and current MLA for Saskatoon-Eastview, was up against current MP Brad Trost and Saskatoon businessman Brad Redekkopp.

Nomination hard to predict

Daniel Beland, professor at the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, says it was a tough nomination to predict, especially between the two veteran politicians.

"Corey Tochor is a really well known in Saskatoon because of his credentials as a provincial MLA in Saskatoon-Eastview," said Beland.

At the same time, Beland says Trost is a controversial MP who has gained and lost support since he ran for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada in 2017.

"He's someone who is perceived on the right of the spectrum within the conservative party," said Beland.

"He's someone who is very vocal in terms of his opposition to abortion, and also his opposition to same sex marriage, so this has created some, I would say pushback from some conservatives who maybe are closer to the centre." 

However, Beland says Trost still has a lot of supporters.

"Brad Trost, of course, has also a strong base and people really really like him and will certainly vote for him and have campaigned for him in the past," said Beland.

Trost will stay on as Saskatoon-University MP until the federal election in 2019, but Tochor will be the Conservative Party candidate for the riding when the election begins.

Ken Burch Ken Burch's picture

Wonder if Trost will resign his seat and force a byelection, where he'd run as an independent, just to get payback on the Cons for dumping him?  At this point he'd have nothing to lose, really.

Misfit Misfit's picture

The article says that he will stay on his full term.

Misfit Misfit's picture

I hope that in the next election that he will run again as an independent.

Ken Burch Ken Burch's picture

Misfit wrote:

I hope that in the next election that he will run again as an independent.

If he does, it becomes a very winnable seat for the NDP.

Misfit Misfit's picture

Yes it does