NS Tory leader expels MLA Alana Paon fron caucus

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NS Tory leader expels MLA Alana Paon fron caucus

Globe and Mail


Nova Scotia’s Progressive Conservative leader has expelled a Cape Breton caucus member who was ordered last week to make the driveway at her constituency office more accessible to people with limited mobility.

Tim Houston said Monday that Alana Paon has been removed “effective immediately.”

In a conference call, the Tory leader said Paon’s actions and comments critical of the legislature committee making the order were the “last straw” in a series of issues that arose with her.

“There’s been a pattern of behaviour that’s shown poor judgment,” he told reporters.

Houston said the problem areas included Paon’s management of her constituency office in St. Peter’s, her attendance at the office and her expenses for a Halifax apartment.

He declined to provide specifics, other than to indicate he’d been meeting with her on different occasions about these matters for over two months.

He said comments Paon made to CBC on Friday about a year-old order to pave a portion of her office’s gravel driveway to allow accessibility were “mean spirited” and led to his decision to expel her from caucus.

The office has a ramp leading to the side door, but the driveway surrounding the ramp is dirt and gravel.

Ken Burch Ken Burch's picture

So, in two weeks, the NS Tories gained one and lost one.  

Agreed that they had to kick her out, but a weird sequence of events, no?