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US investigating possible Assad chemical attack in Syria

State department says it will respond ‘quickly and appropriately’ if claims proven



Syrian Government Documents Show Widespread Abuses, Rights Center Says

Syrian antigovernment protesters demonstrating after Friday prayers in Damascus in 2011. Syrians have reported widespread government abuses in the years of civil war since.CreditMuzaffar Salman/Associated Press


Syrian antigovernment protesters demonstrating after Friday prayers in Damascus in 2011. Syrians have reported widespread government abuses in the years of civil war since.CreditCreditMuzaffar Salman/Associated Press




More reactionary and discredited ICM nonsense from Mr Mainstream, The Guardian and NYT above...

"US State Department retails unconfirmed Al Qaeda militants' claims of chlorine gas use by Assad state. [Neo] Liberal newspapers and BBC immediately report it."



"The US State Department is inviting Al Qaeda to Idlib to use chemical weapons again, so they can have an excuse to attack the Syrian army and save Al Qaeda. Remember, Syria doesn't have chemical weapons anymore."



"Douma 'Chemical Attack' was not only staged but also the victims who were used in the theatre might have been killed in an inhuman way by The White Helmets. [Like the Waffen SS Galizien Ukrainians before them, the W/H were 'resettled' in Canada]. Watch our discussion with Prof David Miller, University of Bristol."



Idlib-Based Uighur Terrorists Threatened Russian Forces in Syria


"The so-called 'Turkistan Islamic Party, the Syrian branch of the Uighur-led terrorist group previously known as the 'East Turkistan Islamic Movement', threatened to deal Russia a defeat akin to the one its predecessor experienced in Afghanistan, demonstrating the transnational danger this group has become and consquently explaining why Turkey needs to take decisive action against these terrorists operating in its Syrian 'sphere of influence.'"


'Wheat Is A Weapon': US gov-funded, Democrat-linked think tank proposes starving Syrian civilians to weaken Assad."



RE: Post 252 -- good media lens article posted recently about the previous chemical attacks:


"A defining feature of the propaganda system is that facts supporting the agenda of Western power are pushed to the forefront of the 'mainstream' media, while inconvenient facts are buried. A prime example is the shameful media silence in response to a devastating document leaked from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), discussed in a recent media alert. The document, an engineering assessment of two chlorine cylinders found at two separate locations after an attack on the Damascus suburb of Douma on April 7, 2018, casts serious doubt on the official narrative that Syrian government forces had dropped them from helicopters. The claim that Assad had used chemical weapons 'against his own civilians' was used by the US, UK and France to 'justify' missile strikes on 'chemical weapons facilities' on April 14, 2018."


Vanessa Beeley: Back in Syria Reporting From Idlib Borders


"...I visited Qalaat Al Madiq citadel, recently liberated from Nusra Front occupation by the Syrian Arab Army and I saw with my own eyes the usual shared complex with the White Helmets and Al Qaeda side by side committing the crimes against Humanity paid for by their handlers in the West, in particular the UK..."


WATCH: 'Moderate Rebels' Rape & Stone Armenian Women to Death


60 yr old Armenian teacher who stayed behind in her village in Idlib. But don't worry, they're on our side...


US Private Military Companies Plunder Syrian Oil Facilities


"US private military companies numbering over 3,500 personnel are plundering Syrian oil facilities under the cover of the international anti-terror coalition. A considerable  part of resources from the hydrocarbon smuggling is spent on maintaining illegal armed formations, bribing sheikhs of tribal unions and instigating anti-government sentiments, according to the Russian general staff..."


US Confirms Training Large Numbers of Rebels in Southern Syria



Does the US Army Really Intend to Leave Syria?


"Thus, it becomes obvious that the words of Donald Trump about his readiness to let Syria alone are just empty promises that do not reflect the true intentions of the White House. As a result, there is no doubt that the US will continue its illegal presence in Syria. The Pentagon does not intend to abandon its plans..."


The Daily Brief: 2019-08-03


Breaking: Jihadists Refuse to Withdraw From Demilitarized Zone; Turkish Army Attacks Kurdish Forces in Northeastern Syria..."


Get the UN involved.



WATCH: Everything You Need To Know About The Battle of Idlib


"The battle for Idlib is still raging between the Syrian Army and the (NATO) Turkey-backed terrorists, particularly Al Qaeda..."


Erdogan Wants 'Neo-Ottoman' Empire - Former Pentagon Official


"Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof discusses the fraught politics of Idlib, Syria, where Syrian airstrikes targeted a Turkish convoy believed to be carrying guns and armaments to rebels on Monday..."


On Contact: Max Blumenthal on International Jihadism (and vid)


"Chris Hedges talks to author and journalist Max Blumenthal about the misguided support the US gives to international Jihadism..."


'They Can No Longer Win': US, Turkey Uninterested in Ending Syrian 'Three-Way Mexican Standoff' (and podcast)


As Syrian forces mount a major offensive against Turkish-backed al Qaeda militias near Idlib, Ankara finds itself in its stickiest political situation in years. Neither Turkey nor the US can win the war any longer, but neither seems willing to surrender control of their occupied territories to Damascus. As a result [NATO] Turkey finds itself effectively at war with Russia, a country with which it otherwise has good relations. 'Russia is the only one trying to come to some type of realistic political agreement in Syria, basically because the US and Turkey aren't interested in peace,' Sleboda said. ' They and their respective proxies in Syria can no longer win the war. They can't take over Damascus; they can't shape Syria's future.'

'However, they can play spoilers and leave Syria perhaps permanently divided, with different parts of the country essentially permanently occupied in frozen conflicts and destabilized,' he said, noting that's 'a plan B or a plan C, but that is where they're at now.' Sleboda continued that US protection for Syrian Kurds from Turkey won't last forever, and that their only hope for long-term security was a negotiation for autonomy with Damascus, helped along by Moscow, that would protect them from both Turkey and US-backed terrorist groups in Syria...


"Latest in NW Syrian Campaign: The black flag is that of Al Qaeda affiliate Uyghur jihadist org Turkish Islamic Party..."



"Western war propaganda channels cannot bear to show Syrian celebrations, as they defeat each stage of this Washington driven dirty war."


Canada supports. Canadians ignore.


Israeli Missiles Flying Over Damascus Dealt With 'Efficiently': Syria's SANA


"An Israeli military spokesman confirmed the regime was behind the attacks, saying they had been meant to reach 'Iranian' targets in Syria. Israeli military spokesman Jonathan Conricus claimed that the Israeli attacks had managed to inflict significant damage in Damascus. Israel has launched recurrent attacks on Syria in defiance of all international laws and regulations . The Israeli attacks come as Syrian military forces are taking back control of more territories..."

Just imagine the reaction if it was Jerusalem under attack by Syria, or Iran...?


Al - Jaafari: Attempts of Supporters of Terrorism To 'Recycle Organizations' Will Not Affect Syria's Determination to Fight Terrorism


"Syria's permanent representative to the UN, Dr Bashar al Jaafari said on Thursday that the attempts of some countries that support terrorist organizations to 'recycle them' and present them as 'moderate armed opposition' will not affect Syria's stance in defending its citizens and fighting terrorism...'The Israeli participation in the terrorist engineering was represented by the latest aggressions  on Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Those attacks were supported by Washington as an expression of the US-Israeli partnership with the aim of destabilizing the situation in the region,' al Jaafari affirmed.

'To have the efforts of the United Nations envoy succeed, it is required to end the foreign illegitimate presence in Syria and committing to Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity and supporting efforts to combatting terrorism.' He called for lifting the economic, coercive measures imposed on Syria that represent a terrorist economy and an act of low extortion."

Canada supports the terrorists and the sanctions.


US Missile Strike on 'Al Qaeda Leaders' in Syria


"When Syria or Russia attack the extremists who control Idlib, US-UK govts and media like to suggest they are targeting 'moderates' or civilians. But when US now attacks the same extremists in Idlib, US-UK media report it as an attack on al Qaeda militants."

Actually the rare US strike was designed to destroy the evidence of western collaboration with their jihadi proxy headchoppers, facing the fait accompli of an impending Syrian re-occupation of their national territory.


Are US Buying Weapons For ISIS?



"Millions of weapons made in Serbia have reportedly 'fallen' into the hands of Islamic State fighters in Yemen and Syria - after they were bought by the US and its allies."


Leaked Documents: US 'Task Force Smoking Gun' Smuggles Weapons To Syria


"US government contractor: 'Remove our name from the labels'...


Max Blumenthal Reporting From Damascus (and vid)


"Some words from the old city of Damascus on September 11 on my visit to a nearby area formerly controlled by the [Western-backed] Saudi backed Wahhabi militia, Jaish al Islam and to Maaloula, a historic Christian town invaded by Al Qaeda's local affiliate in 2013."



Russia Prevents Israeli Airstrikes in Syria


"Reports that Netanyahu's visit to Moscow was a failure and that Russia has moved to block Israeli attacks on Syrian air defences..."