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Breaking: Russian Navy Heading Toward Persian Gulf

"RT America's Yulia Shapovalova reports on the new cooperation agreement between the Iranian government and Russia. According to the document, both nations will hold joint naval drills in the Persian Gulf later this year..."


All But Iran? David Morrison, Co-Author: A Dangerous Delusion (and vid)

"The latest showdown between Washington and Tehran is a lot like the US clash with North Korea two years ago, except for one critical difference: There is no regional ally capable of restraining the US worst tendencies. With barbs traded and sanctions imposed, what can stop the US from sliding into yet another Middle East war? Oksana is joined by David Morrison, co-author of 'A Dangerous Delusion: Why the West is Wrong About Nuclear Iran.'


Israel May 'Spark A War' If It Joins US-Led Flotilla in Persian Gulf, Iran's Navy Chief Warns

"Tehran has advised Israel to stay clear of the Persian Gulf, where the US has been struggling to amass an anti-Iranian armada, noting that any vessel illegally present in the region increases the risk of an all-out conflict. 'Any illegitimate presence by the Zionists in the waters of the Persian Gulf could spark a war,' commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's Navy, Alireza Tangsiri warned on Sunday..."


We Asked Canadian Politicians Why They Engaged With A 'Cult'- Like Group From Iran

"For almost a decade Liberal and Conservative MPs have attended or spoken at events held by a 'cult'-like group from Iran. The MEK now works closely with powerful hardliners in the White House, including US National Security Adviser John Bolton. 'It is a brutal, thuggishly corrupt group that is led in a completely dictatorial way by its leader. It has zero support inside Iran..."


Maybe it's time to offer Iranians automatic Canadian citizenship including free flights to Canada and setting them up with lodgings and an income.

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Very snarky, Paladin1. Perhaps before we have to offer anyone in the world the humanitarian offer of safety in a new country, we should avoid stoking war and devastation in the lands where the live and love.

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Juan Cole has an article up about a new deal between China and Iran which is clearly intended to defy the U.S. sanctions, and kick Trump in the nuts. Good to see.

Juan Cole wrote:
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was in Beijing recently for what turns out to have been the biggest triumph of his career. China has decided it has nothing further to fear from the Trump administration, and has decided to incorporate Iran into its One Belt, One Road plan with investments totaling some $400 billion. So says Simon Watkins, writing at Petroleum Economist.


Good news indeed. Hence the desperate tactics the US resorts to...

US Proudly Admits to Bribery and Extortion of Iranian Tanker Captains

"The US State Department is openly using organized crime tactics, including bribery and extortion in an effort to bend Iran to its will after its usual allies refused to get sucked into a coalition to 'police' the Persian Gulf..."


Michael Moriarity wrote:

Juan Cole has an article up about a new deal between China and Iran which is clearly intended to defy the U.S. sanctions, and kick Trump in the nuts. Good to see.

Juan Cole wrote:
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was in Beijing recently for what turns out to have been the biggest triumph of his career. China has decided it has nothing further to fear from the Trump administration, and has decided to incorporate Iran into its One Belt, One Road plan with investments totaling some $400 billion. So says Simon Watkins, writing at Petroleum Economist.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Only Communist China will effectively stand up to the US!

Don't expect the US imperialists to bend to democracy now, Canada, some rogue US politicians, Justin Trudeau, Europe, Macron, rabble etc etc.

The military and intelligence network weaved by the US imperialists is so deep and extensive, half if not all the above mentioned may very well be all working for the benefit of protecting/defending imperialism!


Iran Condemns Canada Move To Distribute Iran Assets Among Terror Victims

"Iran has condemned Canada's move to distribute more than $28 million from the sale of confiscated properties and cash to compensate a group of terror victims. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi on Friday, September 13 condemned the move as 'a clear breach of international law' and urged the Canadian government to immediately return the properties and revoke the decision.

Mousavi said Tehran will take action to restore its rights based on international regulations if Canada failed to revoke the 'unlawful decision', adding that 'the government of Canada will be held responsible for all the consequences'. According to Global news, Canada has distributed $28 million to the victims of terrorist attacks in which Iran says it has not been involved..."

Presumably this outrageous thievery is intended to impress our USraeli overlords and the rest of the 'rules-based-international-order' gang.


A British-Australian woman detained in Iran has been identified as Kylie Moore-Gilbert, a Middle East politics specialist at Melbourne University.

She has been held for a "number of months" already, on charges that remain unclear, the Australian government says.

Dr Moore-Gilbert is the third foreign national revealed this week to have been arrested in the country.


Unjust and arbitrary imprisonment is an international scourge whether in Iran, Canada, United States or elsewhere. Ex-UK ambassador Craig Murray treats the Iranian case and the position of a UN body in a recent column which I posted to the Assange thread and will also include here:

"...The mainstream media has entirely failed to note that the UNWGAD called for the release of Nazanin Zaghori-Ratcliffe - a source of potentially valuable international pressure on Iran which the UK has made worthless by its own refusal to comply with the UN over the Assange case. Iran simply replies 'if you do not respect the UNWGAD then why should we?'

It is in fact a key indication of media/government collusion that the British media, which reports regularly at every pretext on the Zaghori-Ratcliffe case to further its anti-Iranian government agenda, failed to report at all the UNWGAD call for her release - because of the desire to deny the UN body credibility in the case of Julian Assange..."

The World's Most Important Political Prisoner


'Maximum Lies': Iran Rejects US' Claim It Attacked Saudi Oil Facilities, Warns It's Ready For War

"Iran has rebuffed US accusations of launching a drone attack that cut Saudi Arabia's oil output in half. A senior Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps commander, meanwhile, has warned Washington that Tehran is ready for war. The Houthi rebels in Yemen have claimed responsiblity for sending 10 armed drones to hit two Saudi oil refineries on Saturday. The attacks caused massive fires and other damage to the sites, which halved the kingdom's oil output..."


Damage At Saudi Oil Plant Points To Well Targeted Swarm Attack

"Soon after the attack the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo went into full 'blame Iran' mode. Abqaiq lies at the heart of the Saudi oil infrastructure. It processes more than half of the Saudi output. The hits were extremely precise. The Yemeni armed forces claimed it attacked the facility with 10 drones (or cruise missiles). But the hits on these targets look like neither. A total of 17 hits with such precise targeting lets me assume that these were some kind of drones or missiles with man-in-the-loop control. They may have been launched from within Saudi Arabia. The US and Israel are also able to commit such attacks. Iran probably too. The repairs at Abqaiq will likely take weeks not days. Brent crude futures rose by 19.5 percent to $71.95 per barrel, the biggest jump since January, 1991. The attacks on Abqaiq were not the last and all Saudi installations are extremely vulnerable..."


"This is a memo that describes how we're going to to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq ,and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran..."

General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries in Five Years


According to Hajizadeh, the Iranian military are ready to target two US bases and one carrier in the event of an armed conflict.

"Al-Udeid base in Qatar, az-Zafra base in the UAE and a US vessel in the Gulf of Oman would be targeted if Washington took military action," the commander said.

...excuse the double posting (Te Fires, the Catalyst?) focusing on the Houthis new gained powers to destroy SA´s oil infrastructure.....


It almost seems that Iran is taunting the US to attack. 

This latest attack on Saudia Arabia was a very powerful blow. In my opinion it was one of two things.

A US/Saudi self inflicted attack to escalate oil prices and anti Iran hostility. Or the military technology being used by Iran and its allies is very very advanced and powerful.

I'm leaning on the side that Iran and it's allies are so advanced militarily that the US Israel and Saudia Arabia are backing away from escalating war.

I'm going to also speculate that Russia China India and even possibly South Korea and Japan have some kind of hand in all of this providing some kind of aid/support to Iran to pursue a military resolution with the US trade embargos.


Saudi Oil Attacks Similar to the Gulf of Tonkin Incident: Scholar (and vid)

"...If the Houthi claims of responsibility  are to be denied, then there is the possiblity that the attacks on the Saudi oil facilities are a clandestine 'false flag' operation similar to the Gulf of Tonkin incident that sparked the escalation of the Vietnam War...The attack on the Saudi oil fields also illustrate the severe deficiencies in the US/Saudi defense posture. Given the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on 'defense' by the Saudi regime, how can the ease of the recent attacks be explained...?"


International Community Must Slam US 'Destructive Behavior, Economic Terrorism: Iran

"Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) says the international community must unanimously condemn the United States' destructive behavior and economic terrorism against other countries. 'To bring back order to the current chaotic situation which multilateralism is facing...the destructive behavior of the US administration and the economic terrorism pursued by it against other countries should be condemned and rejected by the entire international community,' Ali Akbar Salehi said..."


Cunningham: US Defense Failure - Why Washington Has To Blame Iran Over Saudi Attacks

"The devastating blitz on Saudi Arabia's oil industry has led to a flurry of accusations from US officials blaming Iran. The reason for the finger-pointing is simple: Washington's spectacular failure to protect its Saudi ally. The Trump administration needs to scapegoat Iran for the latest military assault on Saudi Arabia because to acknowledge that Houthi rebels mounted such an audacious assault on the oil kingdom's heartland would be an admission of American inadequacy.

The Yemenis claim they are taking the war to Saudi Arabia and the UAE after years of relentless air-strikes on their homeland which have resulted in nearly 90,000 dead. A recent UN report censured the US, Britain and France for possible complicity in war crimes through their military support for the Saudi coalition..."

How's stopping that $15 billion arms contract to supply Saudi with Canadian killing machines going Canada?


Recently read via globalresearch a credible report that the projectiles hitting the oil plant and field was directed from the northwest, Iraq or Iran, both countries vehemently denying so!

Also recall a recent attack in Syria coming from Northern Iraq, denied by their Government, which in truth was an Israeli missile (s). From their baser of operations in Kurdistan.

Quo doubt Israel (Netanyahu) is desperate for mid east global conflict...

The message from Duff, via NEO suggests it may in fact have been an Israeli missile.

No doubt the Houthiis claimed responsibility and in fact may have launched their 10 drones, to be piggybacked by Israeli Intelligence and subsequent attack, reminder of their coordinated? attack on 9/11 on the backs of the Saudi conspirators?

Speculations as all are on this...but something needed to be put on the table for further investigations.....


Here's a clip from what I believe so far to be Iran. Notice the US assets in the crosshairs from Iranian drones

For those here that want to imply Israel/US and Saudia Arabia are trying to build support for a war against Iran, please provide something a little more substantle because these implications have been going on for years.

As far as I can tell, it's the other way around.


Pentagon to Present Trump With Several Military Options On Iran

"Military options could range from no actions at all to airstrikes or cyberattacks."

'America is a paper-tiger' - Mao-


The Crisis Over the Attack on Saudi Oil Infrastructure is Over - We Now Wait For the Next One

"The Saudis and US accuse Iran of being behind the 'act of war' as Secretary of State Pompeo called it. The Saudis have bombed Yemen with US-made bombs since 2015. One wonders how Pompeo is calling that. The Yemeni forces aligned with the Houthi Ansarallah do not deny that their drones and cruise missiles are copies of Iranian designs. But they insist that they are built in Yemen and fired from there.

President Trump will not launch a military attack against Iran. Neither will the Saudis or anyone else. Iran has defeated them by explaining that any attack on Iran will be responded to by waging an all out war against the US and its 'allies' around the world..."


Target Iran

"Unprecedented escalation of US sanctions on Iran and how they impact everyday Iranians. Then we report on allegations that the US is arming Islamic extremists abroad..."


The Jimmy Dore Show

"Pompeo admits 'no evidence' Iran attacked Saudi Arabia."


On Contact - War With Iran? (and vid)

"Host Chris Hedges talks to journalists and author Stephen Kinzer on efforts by Saudi Arabia and Washington to cripple Iran's economy, inevitably putting Saudi Arabia, its Gulf allies and Washington on a collision course with the Islamic Republic that could end with war..."


Israel Needs 'Many Billions Immediately' To Fight Iranian Threat: Netanyahu

"Speaking to lawmakers on Thursday, Netanyahu said that defense spending must increase by 'many billions immediately and then many billions every year.' On the same day, in an unprecedented move, Iran announced it had foiled a joint plot by Israeli and Arab security agencies to assassinate Qasem Soleimani, the Revolutionary Guards' intelligence chief and one of Iran's most prominent military commanders. This announcement came as yet another sign of a looming military conflict in the Middle East, where tensions are on the rise..."

Sean in Ottawa

The drone strikes on Saudi Arabia appear to have been successful in demonstrating that the US shield does nto work and the price for war with Iran would be high. Saudi Arabia appears to be backing away quicklyfrom a conflict.

Proof that the attacks came from Iran are either not relevant (see my first point) or uncertain. The idea that coming from the North proves anything is false - they could have gone around and down over water (yes the distance claim is also false) or they could have come from Iraq. Certainly Iranian allies in Yemen and Iraq would have good reason to prove that the price paid for an attack on Iran would be high. Also pressure on Iran is high and the regime there is a multiheaded one without a single entity in charge (there are two government structures - onethe RG and the Mullahs and the other through the elected government and that is in addition to the external allies not controlled as centrally as some may think).

The false flag claim on this one is not credible since proving the US shield to be ineffective is not soemthing anyone else would want to do. The attacks proved an important point about the vulnerability of Saudi Arabia that might have avoided a serious war.

Hopefully the Saudis will back down more and the US will as well. The people being hurt the most are not the government and the people being hurt the least in government are probably the hardliners. Sanctions are biting the people but the regime itself has ways through them so is not as desperate as the people. This aggression on Iran is really counter-productive in every way possible, strengthening the worst and weakening the best. Also the US has no plan for what would follow any regime change and if by some US dream it came true the result may be worse than what is there. Typical for US involvement in the Middle East and Central Asia.


Iran Oil Tanker Hit By Two Blasts in Red Sea

"Two separate explosions, possibly caused by missile attacks, have hit an Iranian oil tanker operated by the National Iranian Tanker Company near the Saudi prt city of Jeddah, in what Tehran calls a 'dangerous adventure'..."


Canada's Seizure, Sale and Disbursement of Iranian Assets Are Acts of a Hooligan...

"Documents recently filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice reveal that some $30 million realized from the seizure and sale of Iranian government assets in Canada have been transferred to American families. Like the US theft of Venezuelan assets or the UK theft of Libyan assets, Canada is establishing a reputation as a hooligan and wrecker of international law..."

AKA : 'the rules-based-international-order'


Gallup: 'Which Country is the Greatest Threat to World Peace?'

"Americans feel threatened by Iran because they can't find it on a map. What's Canada's excuse.?"

Canada follows America. Their enemies are our enemies. Most know nothing and could care less.

Sean in Ottawa

NDPP wrote:

Gallup: 'Which Country is the Greatest Threat to World Peace?'

"Americans feel threatened by Iran because they can't find it on a map. What's Canada's excuse.?"

Canada follows America. Their enemies are our enemies. Most know nothing and could care less.

Interesting -- any country that would choose as the greatest threat a country without nuclear weapons. Mind-blowing really.

Interesting also is the opinion of Iceland often considered to be one of the least propaganda countries without a military. They consider the US the greatest threat.

Still, let's remember this is first past the post and the opinion of Iceland and Canada may not even be that different. I think many Canadians would have given the nod to the US - and even more now that you can see how their system works more clearly with a deranged leader. The US is by far the most aggressive powerful country in the world


NDPP wrote:

Gallup: 'Which Country is the Greatest Threat to World Peace?'

"Americans feel threatened by Iran because they can't find it on a map. What's Canada's excuse.?"

Canada follows America. Their enemies are our enemies. Most know nothing and could care less.

From 2013:


So what's going on there right now?


Exactly what is intended to happen with a  full court press western economic blockade. People are undergoing all the agonies associated with this increasingly harsh and cruel starvation siege warfare imposed on the Iranian economy...

Rioting, Insecurity Will Be Dealt With Decisively: Iran IRGC (and vid)

"...IRGC has issued a statement on the recent riots in some cities, which followed peaceful protests on the government's decision to raise fuel prices, warning that it will deal firmly with any measure aimed at sowing insecurity in the country. On Friday, Iran began rationing gasoline and substantially increased the price of fuel saying the revenue would be used to assist the needy.

Noting that the acts of rioting in some Iranian cities were stoked by counterrevolutionary elements, the anti-Iranian MKO and the remnants of the post monarchial regime of Iran, the IRGC said in its statement that the vigilance of the Iranian people, who distanced themselves from saboteurs, turned the tables against these elements and thwarted their plans to spread insecurity across the country.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that his adminstration recognizes people's right to hold protests against a recent government decision to ration gasoline, emphasising however that nobody will be allowed to spread insecurity in the society..."

Sean in Ottawa

The IRG is hated and very corrupt. Most people there believe that the IRG is the chief smuggler of Iranian gas out of the country (it is subsidized and chealer than surrounding countries).

The people there are very angry that the regime as it runs out of money still puts priority on everything elese befor ethe people.

The sanctions are not popular in part becuase there is little hope that they will break the regime.

Iranians close to me are telling me that they are frustrated that people are dying and it is still a minor story here. Some are wanting to demonstrate to get attention to the people who have been killed but there is fear of being seen. There will be some demonstrations in Canada Sunday but I do not know if anyone I know is going.

I am hearing some wonder just how much of this is is organic and how much even planned by the regime itself to flush out and vacinate the regime... Imposible to tell. People are furious with the corruption and this has been building for a long time. The handling of the floods earlier this regime was also considered very corrupt and the changes the government made to water flow management a cause for much of the devastation.

There is a lot of anger and not really all that much hope. Nobody thinks either the government or Trump are interested in helping them. Some appeal to Trump to help them with internet (US says they have the means) but expectations are low.

One person I was speaking to yesterday said that she was talking to someone on the outskirts of Tehran and there were people shooting protesters out of helicopters.

It does appear that some internet is being restored.

Things are bad and getting worse.

That is what is happening.