Mar 20 2003 | by babblers | From the &#147;target of opportunity&#148; to Bush&#146;s address last night to the bombs that have started falling in Baghdad: read, share and discuss war news as it happens on <i>babble</i>.
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Mar 20 2003 | by Byron Christopher | A U.S. civil-rights suit launched against Talisman Energy of Calgary and the Government of Sudan will be able to proceed. New York Justice Allen Schwartz ruled today that the lawsuit, filed initially
Mar 19 2003 | by Chris McGreal | Ariel Sharon has told his cabinet that he plans to extend the &#147;security fence&#148; Israel is building along the length of the West Bank so that it entirely encircles any Palestinian state. The
Mar 19 2003 | by Robert Jensen | So We Can Confront the Empire. &#147;I am finally ready to admit what for months I have kept hidden: I am terrified,&#148; writes NoWar activist and journalism professor Robert Jensen. &#147;For week
Mar 19 2003 | by Tom Hayden | Repeat after me: This is what democracy looks like!<br>Repeat after me: This is what history feels like!<br>A movement the think tanks thought unthinkable, that corporations cannot brand, that the en
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Mar 19 2003 | by Lisa Ndejuru | Dispatch from Iraq: There are beautiful children here. There is one, Hassan, who has his portable business just in front of the hotel. He shines shoes. He&#146;s very good at it. I can&#146;t stand t
Mar 18 2003 | by Michael Moore | We&#146;ve finally arrived at what George W. Bush has called &#147;the moment of truth.&#148; Michael Moore is glad this day has finally arrived, cuz he&#146;s got a few truths he would like to share
Mar 18 2003 | by Robert Fisk | All across the Middle East, they are deploying by the thousand. In the deserts of Kuwait, in Amman, in northern Iraq, in Turkey, in Israel and in Baghdad itself. There must be 7,000 journalists and
Mar 18 2003 | by Tim Harper | The Prime Minister needed only four words to inform the House of Commons of the defining &#151; and most wrenching &#151; foreign policy decision of a tenure that has spanned nearly a decade. &#147;C
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Mar 18 2003 | by rabble staff | Dalton Camp, who died a year ago today, left a rich legacy &#151; one that includes a strong critique of the Bush Administration and prescient words against Bush&#146;s predilection for war.
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Mar 18 2003 | by Angela Rawlings | As savvy readers grow more and more suspicious of corporate-controlled news, a new medium is helping journalists and the journalistically-minded communicate a different message. Blogs &#151; short fo
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Mar 17 2003 | by J.B. MacKinnon | Today, the war against Iraq feels imminent. Anti-war efforts to date have not been able to stop a determined America. So, is there a way to expand the Canadian anti-war campaign? Absolutely. It&#146;
Mar 17 2003 | by Nigel Parry and Arjan El Fassed | Twenty-three-year-old American peace activist Rachel Corrie was killed yesterday in Rafah, occupied Gaza, by an Israeli bulldozer driver. Corrie was opposing the bulldozing of a Palestinian home as a
Mar 17 2003 | by Geov Parrish | As in all military actions, government and media advocacy for the planned U.S. invasion of Iraq has introduced a number of confusing new words and phrases, or new usages of existing ones, to the Engl
Mar 17 2003 | by Reuters | Cuba has filed a protest with the United States over treatment meted out to five of its agents convicted of spying, stating they are being held incommunicado to obstruct an upcoming appeal, an offici
Mar 14 2003 | by John Ross | A week ago today, the day the fatal Blix report would be broadcast to an expectant universe, my Turkish comrade, ex-Greenpeace Mediterranean campaigner and Elvis Presley lookalike Tolga Temuge and I
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Mar 14 2003 | by Magie Dominic | You can talk about democracy. You can talk about the threat of elusive weapons of mass destruction. But if any solider can hear: what will you say to Iraq's 13-million children as they stare down the
Mar 14 2003 | by Desmond Tutu and Ian Urbina | The current moment confronts the world with a terrible decision: will we stand by reason and law or act in force and aggression? There has never been a more important test of the values of average pe
Mar 13 2003 | by Molly Ivins | After every military engagement, the Pentagon conducts a review to discover what it did right, what it did wrong, what worked and what didn&#146;t. It is an admirable tradition and one that needs to
Mar 13 2003 | by Greg Beatty | There&#146;s no shortage of comically inclined filmmakers for whom ethnicity plays a major role in their creativity. Take Nia Vardalos of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" fame (and interestingly, another C
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Mar 13 2003 | by Lisa Ndejuru | &#147;When I left Montreal all I knew was that I could never again watch another war on TV.&#148; On 26 January, 2002, Lisa Ndejuru left Montreal for Iraq. She was going to join the Iraq Peace Team,
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Mar 12 2003 | by Mina Sahib | Mina Sahib is a Canadian university student of Iraqi decent who is busy with her school work and &#147;trying to keep up with all the war rhetoric on the news.&#148; She delivered this speech on Marc
Mar 11 2003 | by Bhupinder S. Liddar | The Canadian proposal currently circulating at the UN, titled &#147;Ideas on bridging the divide,&#148; says the focus should be put back on disarming Iraq, but it leaves no doubt that if the propose
Mar 11 2003 | by Richard Goldstein | Say what you will about oil and hegemony, but the pending invasion of Iraq is more than just a geopolitical act. It&#146;s also the manifestation of a cultural attitude. To understand how this war is
Mar 11 2003 | by Jimmy Carter | As a Christian and as a president who was severely provoked by international crises, I became thoroughly familiar with the principles of a just war, and it is clear that a substantially unilateral at
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Mar 11 2003 | by Scott Redding | Balide Prison, where thousands of East Timorese were tortured during the country&#146;s nearly twenty-five-year Indonesian occupation, was reopened last month &#151; as the national office for The Co
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Mar 10 2003 | by J.B. MacKinnon | Iraqi soldiers, many if not most of them unwilling warriors, are the people who are caught in this potential war&#146;s Catch-22. The pro-war crowd says they want to set these Iraqis free. In the &#1
Mar 10 2003 | by Jeremy Brecher | If the U.S. attacks Iraq without support of the UN Security Council, will the world be powerless to stop it? No. Under a procedure called &#147;Uniting for Peace,&#148; the UN General Assembly can de
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Mar 7 2003 | by Hank Wrightstorm | A homage to procrastinators everywhere. Consider some of history&#146;s most despicable villains &#151; you won&#146;t find a single procrastinator among them. They were doers and go-getters, plotter
Mar 7 2003 | by Patrick Cockburn | In the mountain city of Dohuk, some forty highly trained U.S. special forces are secretly preparing the way for the American armies expected to invade Iraq in the next few weeks. The purpose of the s