Jun 2 2003 | by Stuart Millar | Chaos last night threatened to overshadow what had been a carnival atmosphere among anti-globalisation protesters as police in Geneva and Lausanne fought with groups of anarchists and anti-capitalist
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May 30 2003 | by Yves Engler | The World Trade Organization is coming to Canada and Montréal activists are preparing an appropriate welcome. Yves Engler reports on some of the developments that are not yet making the n
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May 30 2003 | by Andrew Potter | In a series published in the <i>National Post</i> last fall, historian Michael Bliss made a tremendous amount of hay out of his observation that Canadians had become culturally almost indistinguishab
May 29 2003 | by Kari Lydersen | There is a saying in the area that, if you want to find Ju&#195;&#161;rez, located just across the border from El Paso, Texas, just follow the crosses. And there are a lot of them. More than 350 wome
May 29 2003 | by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman | In April, the U.S. government launched its Arabic language satellite TV news station for Muslim Iraq. It is being produced at Grace Digital Media, a studio controlled by fundamentalist Christians who
May 29 2003 | by Andrew Orlowski | The Internet is dying, says Lawrence Lessig, a law professor with a cult following amongst technophiles. Lessig is mobilizing against the FCC&#146;s relaxation of media outlets, which could lead to
May 29 2003 | by Pepe Escobar | Preventive war has arrived with a vengeance at the shores of Lake Geneva, where the Group of Eight summit starts this Sunday in the city of Evian, France. If George W. Bush is able to sip his Evian a
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May 28 2003 | by Paul Weinberg | Dr. Shiv Chopra took issue &#0151 twice &#0151 with Health Canada over systemic discrimination against visible minorities. He won. Once again, he is involved in a dispute, this time over his depar
May 27 2003 | by Pranjal Tiwari | The day before East Timor celebrated the anniversary of its independence from Indonesia, the Jakarta government launched an attack on Aceh, a northern Sumatran province rich in oil and natural gas. T
May 27 2003 | by Audrey Young | Senior Cabinet minister Jim Anderton says the U.S. is taking an unfair, punitive attitude to New Zealand on free trade - an attitude which smacks of bullying. His comments are the latest in what is t
May 27 2003 | by Dean Schabner | Alaska has joined a growing national rebellion against the U.S. Patriot Act, voting to oppose the massive federal anti-terrorism law passed by Congress soon after Sept. 11, 2001. &#147;We have a conc
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May 27 2003 | by Chris Arsenault | Is the idea of &#147;well-organized anarchists&#148; a contradiction in terms? Not according to Chris Arsenault, who went to Montreal's anarchist book-fair and was impressed and inspired by good orga
May 26 2003 | by Jane Lee | There will be no plastic bowls or plates at Victoria School when it moves to its new premises next month. Instead, students will eat off biodegradable crockery made from rice husks and bamboo. The sc
May 26 2003 | by Troy Skeels | A majority of Mexicans believe the U.S. invaded Iraq simply to acquire its valuable oil reserves. They are also beginning to suspect that the powers that run America have designs on Mexico&#146;s oil
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May 26 2003 | by Brewster Kneen | As representatives of the meat-producing industries scramble to provide reassuring news about mad cow disease, its probable causes and its possible effects on humans, food systems analyst Brewster Kn
May 23 2003 | by Alex Kirby | A small sample of Afghan civilians have shown &#147;astonishing&#148; levels of uranium in their urine, an independent scientist says. Other researchers suggest new types of radioactive weapons may h
May 23 2003 | by Imad Khadduri | &#147;Bush, Blair and their senior officials have, in essence, lied to their people and waged a war-criminal invasion in lieu of this unintelligent 'intelligence.' Is this the democracy model for a '
May 23 2003 | by William D. Hartung | You had probably never heard of the Vinnell Corp. before the brutal bombing that killed at least nine of its employees in Saudi Arabia last week, but you should have. This is the second time Vinnell&
May 23 2003 | by Naomi Klein | Jessica Lynch and Rachel Corrie could have passed for sisters. Two all-American blondes, two destinies forever changed in a Middle East war zone. There is something else Pte. Lynch and Ms. Corrie hav
May 22 2003 | by Rory McCarthy | Baghdad&#146;s most powerful Shia cleric warned yesterday that he would use a &#147;hand of iron&#148; to impose an extreme vision of Islam that could seriously challenge America&#146;s secular ambit
May 22 2003 | by Tai Moses | With his newest book, Jonathan Schell may spark another national conversation; this time, about the growing dangers of military power and the need for nonviolent solutions to geopolitical conflicts.
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May 22 2003 | by Judy Rebick | Judy Darcy, the longtime president of CUPE, is moving on, leaving an impressive list of accomplishments behind. Her feminist views have permeated her position and have helped improve the lives of Can
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May 22 2003 | by rabble staff | As <i>rabble</i> moves into its third year, it welcomes a new editor while reluctantly saying &#147;so long&#148; to its former editor. The new editor edits from the East and looks at the world from
May 21 2003 | by Miranda Kennedy | Across Asia and the Arab world boycotts are bringing a new dose of anti-Americanism to countries fearing the implications of a superpower invading a much weaker country. Several weeks ago, activists
May 21 2003 | by Fran Quigley | At least 3.3 million people have died in Congo over the past four and a half years of a brutal civil war. &#147;The real tragedy of the whole war is that it has attracted so little international atte
May 21 2003 | by Rory Carroll | A stone&#146;s throw from a Kenyan laboratory, AIDS is wiping out communities &#151; yet drugs that would help millions cannot leave the lab. A web of influence spun by the world&#146;s pharmaceutica
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May 21 2003 | by Jack MacAndrew | When the fish start to disappear and science doesn&#146;t have the answers, the department of fisheries and oceans turns its sights on the people who fish &#151; and that&#146;s when politics enters
May 20 2003 | by Shauna Curphey | A women&#146;s rights activist struggles to publicize the persecution of women in post-Taliban Afghanistan, where fundamentalist pressures are returning and the burqa is back.
May 20 2003 | by Russell Mokhiber | Press Secretary Ari Fleischer announced his resignation yesterday, after a twenty-one year career in government. In a series of White House briefings entitled &#147;Ari & I,&#148; White House reporte
May 20 2003 | by David Staples | Once an anonymous mother and homemaker in suburban Edmonton, Barb Tarbox devoted the last months of her life to talking to teens about the dangers of smoking. A smoker for thirty years, Barb died on