Jul 30 2003 | by David Rennie | The Pentagon was forced yesterday to abandon a plan in which gamblers could bet on terrorist strikes, coups, assassinations and other crises. The multi-million dollar project was designed to flush ou
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Jul 30 2003 | by Dorothy Woodend | Shock jocks are not citizens expressing their views, they are employees doing their jobs, says one media analyst. Somehow, people have come to believe that these are individuals exercising their rig
Jul 30 2003 | by Robert Fisk | Arabs have never been squeamish about death. They see too much of it. It is we Westerners — with our all-conquering armies and our easy identification of evil — who fall over our moral sens
Jul 29 2003 | by Mun Yol Ti | Last Sunday was the 50th anniversary of the cease-fire that ended the Korean War. The regimes imposed by the Soviet and American “liberation” armies on North and South Korea at the end of t
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Jul 29 2003 | by Yves Engler | Yesterday's demonstrations in Montreal were called with hopes of disrupting World Trade Organization meetings. However, it quickly became obvious that protesters weren't going to impede anything. Hun
Jul 29 2003 | by Sreeram Chaulia | Americans celebrate Martin Luther King Day to commemorate the message of the greatest prophet of non-violence the world has seen since Mahatma Gandhi. Yet the most under-researched and clouded subjec
Jul 29 2003 | by Judith Kohler | A federal judge, calling three nuns '“dangerously irresponsible,” sentenced them to at least two years in prison yesterday for vandalizing a nuclear missile silo during an anti-war protest
Jul 29 2003 | by John Houghton | If political leaders have one duty above all others, it is to protect the security of their people. Thus it was, according to Tony Blair, to protect Britain's security against Saddam Hussein's weapon
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Jul 28 2003 | by Krystalline Kraus | John Clarke, Stefan Philipa and Gaetan Heroux are leaders of OCAP, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty. OCAP marched on Queens Park to protest the Ontario government cutting welfare rates by 21
Jul 28 2003 | by Jill McGivering | The people of Cambodia go to the polls on Sunday to elect all 123 members of the lower house of parliament, but there is little sign of Prime Minister Hun Sen, head of the ruling Cambodia People's Pa
Jul 28 2003 | by John O'Callaghan | A failed mutiny by 300 Philippine soldiers took on political overtones on Monday as police arrested an aide to ousted President Joseph Estrada. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said the siege in cen
Jul 28 2003 | by David Corn | The attacks of September 11 might have been prevented had U.S. intelligence been more competent. And the Bush Administration is refusing to tell the public what intelligence the President saw before
Jul 25 2003 | by Charlie Smith | A top official of an international anticorruption organization has criticized the B.C. government's reluctance to make the 2010 Winter Olympics more transparent. “I would have thought a signific
Jul 25 2003 | by Adam Shapiro | The International Solidarity Movement's second Freedom Summer has begun, and much has changed since our last: the war on Iraq, which focused all eyes on the region; the much-hyped road map; full-blow
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Jul 25 2003 | by Yves Engler | Only six weeks after Canadian Trade Minister Pierre Pettigrew pronounced, “I draw great satisfaction out of the fact that the phenomenon of anti-globalization has completely disappeared,” M
Jul 24 2003 | by Marco Aurélio Garcia | The election of Lula as president of Brazil, says his special adviser, is the signal for a national project that will have a profound impact beyond the country's borders. The aim is a confident place
Jul 24 2003 | by Matthew Riemer | Undoubtedly, all the die hard political partisans were shocked this week when Bill Clinton came out and essentially exonerated the Bush administration for its manipulation of critical intelligence an
Jul 23 2003 | by John Vidal | Garstang, a small town in Lancashire, England, carries the distinction of being the first officially designated fair trade town in the world. In fact, it came up with the idea and declared itself as
Jul 23 2003 | by Matthew Riemer | Media outlets have been spinning information on U.S. casualties in a most curious way. Instead of updating viewers on the number of killed and injured U.S. servicemen and women, an insidious and disi
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Jul 23 2003 | by Stan Hister | After a brutal child murder, it is understandable that people are angry and afraid. But while police,politicians and the media shamelessly exploit this issue for their ownadvantage, the truth is that
Jul 23 2003 | by Michael Scherer | Thanks to all the government business, Halliburton maintains offices in 70 countries and enjoys annual revenues of $12.6 billion. Here's a look at where U.S. taxpayers foot the bill for the firm's fa
Jul 22 2003 | by Morton Abramowitz | The small flickering of possible change for the long-suffering people of Burma is being snuffed out. Unless the world acts quickly, pro-democracy leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi
Jul 22 2003 | by Craig Segal | In April 2002, when Canada resumed deporting some Algerian refugee applicants after a five-year moratorium, Massaouda Kellou plunged into activism for the first time in her life, as did her husband a
Jul 21 2003 | by Edward Said | The U.S. propaganda and policy apparatus has imposed its imperial perspective on Americans, whose sources of information about Arabs and Islam are woefully inadequate. Several generations of American
Jul 21 2003 | by Devinder Sharma | Now that he's taken control over one third of the world's crude oil supplies after a futile search for 'weapons of mass destruction', American President George Bush appears ready to take over the wor
Jul 21 2003 | by Mike Ceaser | Urban farming's success in Caracas is rooted in an unlikely source: visiting agronomists from Cuba. But in a Venezuela extremely polarized over the rule of leftist President Hugo Chávez, t
Jul 18 2003 | by Rory Carroll | Rival factions in the Democratic Republic of Congo inaugurated a power-sharing government yesterday, but reports of a fresh massacre in Ituri province underlined the difficulty of ending a war in whi
Jul 18 2003 | by Ramtanu Maitra | In recent weeks, two major incidents along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border have laid bare the new complexities in the area. And a large part of the blame for these two incidents lies with the United
Jul 18 2003 | by Matt Ross | The public has a chance to see a little piece of history, thanks to an exhibition of a letter to the editor of the <i>Ottawa Citizen</i>, written by Louis Riel days before his execution. The letter e
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Jul 18 2003 | by Luke Eric Peterson | Under the Bush Administration, the warning is clear:a free trade agreement is not something one has aright to. It's a privilege. When it comes to prospective trade partners, the U.S. expects coopera