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Feb 10 2003 | by Leisha Grebinski | No, not Jack Layton. It’s Libby Davies. It may be hard to believe but Davies made history last week when she entered the House of Commons as the first female NDP House Leader, and the second wom
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Feb 7 2003 | by Mike Levin | Can we be weaned off our fossil fuel dependence? Let’s hope so. Keeping the oil-producing world destabilized is an increasingly expensive service industry, as is cleaning up the after-effects of
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Feb 7 2003 | by Charlie McDougall | College universitaire de Saint-Boniface students rallied with hundreds of University of Winnipeg students this Wednesday in Winnipeg. The students were taking part in a day of action to keep a tuitio
Feb 6 2003 | by Jonathan Watts | So can North Korea. “The United States says that after Iraq, we are next,” said deputy director Ri Pyong-gap, “but we have our own countermeasures.” North Korea is entitled to lau
Feb 6 2003 | by Jimi Izrael | In one of the Magic Johnson-owned Starbucks I frequent, I glanced at the specials chalkboard and noticed someone had rendered a smiling effigy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Beneath him read the tagli
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Feb 6 2003 | by Mike Levin | If you think the Kyoto Protocol has the knickers of Canada’s energy brokers in a twist, wait until they lose their chance at leadership in the trillion-dollar hydrogen industry. Twenty years ago
Feb 6 2003 | by Robert Fisk | Sources, foreign intelligence sources, “our sources,” defectors, sources, sources, sources. Colin Powell’s terror talk to the United Nations Security Council yesterday was a bit like h
Feb 5 2003 | by Fergal Keane | Barbara Lee? The key resolution enabling President Bush to launch his war on terror was opposed in Congress by only one person — a quietly spoken, grandmotherly figure from Oakland. Meet the wom
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Feb 5 2003 | by David Bernans | As the U.S. points fingers (and, soon, its military might) at the bad guys, critics are saying: It takes one to know one. As U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell reveals his “evidence” to t
Feb 5 2003 | by Barry C. Lynn | With his country teetering on the brink of disaster, Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez clings to power — thanks primarily to the passionate support of the nation’s poor. The populist
Feb 4 2003 | by Sudhanva Deshpande | Eighteen years after that horrific night of 3 December, 1984, the victims and survivors of the largest ever industrial disaster in the world, at the Union Carbide chemical plant at Bhopal, await just
Feb 4 2003 | by Tom Allard | The United States has chosen a successor to Saddam Hussein from Iraq’s notoriously fractious opposition groups, according to a former Iraqi diplomat who lives in Sydney. Mohamed al-Jabiri, who h
Feb 4 2003 | by Matthew Coon Come | Across Canada from coast to coast to coast, First Nations peoples are trapped in a cycle of ill health, inferior health care, lower life expectancy, poverty, lack of resources and despair. Today, the
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Feb 4 2003 | by Dan Smoke-Asayenes | The Honourable James Bartleman’s life path has taken him from a childhood home in a tent all the way to Toronto’s Queen’s Park and the private suite reserved for Ontario’s Lieuten
Feb 3 2003 | by Chris McGreal | An Israeli military intelligence officer has been court-martialled for refusing to obey an order he said targeted innocent Palestinians in retaliation for a suicide bombing, and was therefore illegal
Feb 3 2003 | by Sean Gonsalves | Just when it seems there are no more options left on the board, a new move opens up — a nonviolent way of checkmating Saddam, or at least leaving him in stalemate. Who’s up for some “p
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Feb 3 2003 | by Judy Rebick | “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way,” Indian writer Arundhati Roy told a massive crowd of 30,000 at the concluding event of the World Social Forum last week in Porto Aleg
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Jan 31 2003 | by Rici Lake | There was some straight talkin’ from Canadian biotechnology expert Pat Mooney at the World Social Forum panel “Life after Johannesburg” in Porto Alegre this past week. “The short
Jan 31 2003 | by Ian Urbina | This Saturday, more than a thousand of America’s top military and government leaders and their guests are scheduled to gather at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C., for a secretive trib
Jan 31 2003 | by John Rees | British anti-war protesters are facing an attempted shut-down of part of a planned February 15 demonstration. A government so completely at odds with the views of the majority of the population, unwi
Jan 31 2003 | by Humberto Márquez | The nearly two-month general strike against Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez began to wane Wednesday with banks returning to their usual schedules and other sectors beginning to normalise
Jan 30 2003 | by Andre Vltchek | In the face of an inevitable war on Iraq, the mainstream media is becoming a well-groomed poodle, touchingly attached to its two masters, the big business that owns it and governments that serve the
Jan 30 2003 | by Odile Nelson | The Arctic climate is changing and many unforeseen aspects of Inuit life are changing with it. Climate change is eroding the role Inuit elders play in their communities because it makes their traditi
Jan 29 2003 | by Onion staff | A family of Mexican migrant workers was thrilled to find its picture on the cover of the January 25 issue of <i>The Economist,</i> factory labourer and fruit picker Luis Moreno reported Monday. &#147
Jan 29 2003 | by rabble staff | The Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, today called for a national unity government against what he described as the &#147;murderous hatred&#148; of Palestinian militants. The call came after his
Jan 29 2003 | by N. Janardhan | For many in the Middle East, the last few days have brought bad news on two fronts: from Israel and from the United States. First, the possibility of a Palestinian state appeared uncertain and distan
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Jan 29 2003 | by Corvin Russell | The convincing margin of Jack Layton&#146;s victory at the NDP leadership convention last weekend gives him solid top-dog status, preventing the federal caucus from undermining him for the foreseeabl
Jan 28 2003 | by Charles A. Radin | So says Suleyman Demirel. Perhaps no other Turk personifies the problems, triumphs, and perspectives of this country better than he. Prime minister seven times, president twice, twice deposed by the
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Jan 28 2003 | by Rici Lake | History is scattered with the rubble of failed movements for social change. If these mistakes are to be avoided in the future, we must learn from past failures. With this introduction, Brazilian poli
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Jan 27 2003 | by Charlie McDougall | During the seven-month NDP leadership race, our writer interviewed all but one of the candidates. Jack Layton didn&#146;t make the cut. Many within the New Politics Initiative were solidly behind Lay