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Jun 20 2003 | by David Bernans | Pierre Bourgaultâe(TM)s entourage of students, artists and film-makers who often joined him for lively breakfast conversations on the terrace of his Montreal loft apartment speak of his enthusia
Jun 19 2003 | by Chris Fagen | When the mainstream press pays any attention to the Congo, they invariably characterize the conflicts as “ethnic” or “tribal” wars, rooted in age-old hatreds. It provides cover fo
Jun 19 2003 | by Greg Palast | Have you heard about Cynthia McKinney, former U.S. Congresswoman? According to those quoted on National Public Radio, McKinney’s “a loose cannon” who “the people of Atlanta are em
Jun 19 2003 | by Stefan Christoff | An interview with Luke Anderson, author of <i>Genetic Engineering, Food and Our Environment</i>, about the upcoming mobilization opposing a &#147;corporate agriculture ministerial&#148; in Sacramento
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Jun 19 2003 | by Declan Hill | If you wanted to form a secular politicalparty with a genuine chance of winning an election inIraq, you would form a party that was staunchlyanti-Israel, had a fiercely nationalistic oil policyand di
Jun 18 2003 | by Peter Starck | World military spending rose by six per cent last year, growing twice as fast as in 2001 to reach $794 billion, largely as a result of the U.S.-led war on terrorism, a respected think-tank said on Tu
Jun 18 2003 | by Patrick Wintour | Senior figures in the intelligence community and across Whitehall briefed the former international development secretary Clare Short that Tony Blair had made a secret agreement last summer with Georg
Jun 18 2003 | by Roger Burbach | After nearly six months in office President Luis Inacio &#147;Lula&#148; da Silva is encountering opposition from within his own party while he stakes out foreign policy positions that challenge the
Jun 18 2003 | by Deborah Kong | Abercrombie & Fitch, the clothing chain that promotes a &#147;casual classic American&#148; look, has been hit with a discrimination lawsuit accusing it of cultivating an overwhelmingly white sales f
Jun 17 2003 | by Ben Tripp | There will be no consequences to the Bush Administration for the naked, baseless savagery it perpetrated upon Iraq&#146;s people. Why not? The answer hit me like a full-scale papier-mache model of th
Jun 17 2003 | by Lisa Friedman | The skies haven&#146;t been friendly lately for David Nelson. Any David Nelson. Throughout the U.S. men named David Nelson report they have been harassed, questioned by FBI agents, pulled off airplan
Jun 17 2003 | by Megan Rowling | &#147;He who doesn&#146;t listen to the streets is deaf to democracy,&#148; warns a huge banner draped across the city council building in a village in southern France. It&#146;s a message to French
Jun 17 2003 | by Charlotte Denny | Washington&#146;s determination to find an alternative energy source to the Middle East is leading to a new oil rush in sub-Saharan Africa. The new rush threatens to launch a fresh cycle of conflict,
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Jun 17 2003 | by Justin Podur | Ontario voters&#226;e(TM) next trip to the polls will offer a choice among three parties: two of them are indistinguishable from each other, the third has no chance of winning, says Justin Podur, whi
Jun 16 2003 | by Philip Knightley | The Pentagon made it clear from the beginning of the Iraq war that there would be no censorship. But the figures in Iraq tell a terrible story. Fifteen media people dead, with two missing, presumed d
Jun 16 2003 | by Dan Girard | At age 81, baseball has been more than a game to Kaye Kaminishi and other Japanese Canadians of his generation. At first, it was a way to fit in with a society that viewed them with suspicion even th
Jun 16 2003 | by Anthony Lapp&#195;&#169; | In April, the AP broke the story that six U.S. congressmen were living together in a swanky D.C. townhouse owned by a secretive fundamentalist Christian group known as the Fellowship &#151; one of th
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Jun 16 2003 | by Yves Engler | Recent statements made by Paul Martin show a feverish level of support for the Bush Missile Defense Plan &#0151 a clear indication that he has reached an advanced stage of the Star Wars strain of the
Jun 13 2003 | by Ali Macalady | In 2001, Eric Schlosser published <i>Fast Food Nation</i> &#151; an expose of America&#146;s increasingly consolidated and industrialized food system that is contributing to a whole range of societal
Jun 13 2003 | by Alex Roslin | To the average person, the list of technical reforms in the First Nations Governance Act (Bill C-7), lurching its way this week through the House of Commons, might sound mundane. But to aboriginal le
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Jun 13 2003 | by Leisha Grebinski | In Saskatchewan&#226;e(TM)s freezing cold winter, Darrell Night was left on theoutskirts of town by the Saskatoon City Police. It turns out, he was one of many Aboriginal men left to &#0147sober up&#
Jun 13 2003 | by Chris McGreal | Israel declared total war on Hamas yesterday, with the Islamic resistance movement responding by ordering all its fighters to mobilize and &#147;blow up the Zionist entity.&#148; The threat of escala
Jun 12 2003 | by Benedetto Cataldi | Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi&#146;s centre-right ruling coalition has suffered a heavy defeat in the latest round of local elections, which were held on Sunday and Monday. The centre-left
Jun 12 2003 | by Robert Fisk | Paul Bremer has ordered his legal department in Baghdad to draw up rules for press censorship. A joke, I concluded, when one of the newly styled Coalition Provisional Authority officials tipped me of
Jun 12 2003 | by Stefan Christoff | There are currently over 100 Palestinian refugees facing deportation in Montreal as refugee claims are being rejected by Immigration Canada post 9/11. Palestinian refugees are currently building supp
Jun 11 2003 | by Imad Khadduri | As the swelter of anger bubbles from the machination of misinformation that led to the faltering WMD <i>casus belli</i> for invading Iraq, the half-baked excuses of Bush, Blair, Cheney, Wolfowitz and
Jun 11 2003 | by Cassandra Szklarski | Two Ontario men became Canada&#146;s first same-sex couple to legally wed under a controversial court ruling yesterday that called for Ottawa to immediately redefine its notion of marriage.
Jun 11 2003 | by Helena Smith | Hans Blix, the UN chief weapons inspector, lashed out last night at the &#147;bastards&#148; who have tried to undermine him throughout the three years he has held his high-profile post. In an extrao
Jun 10 2003 | by Derk Kinnane Roelofsma | India&#146;s Deputy Prime Minister, Lal Krishna Advani, begins three days of talks in Washington with the Bush administration that will touch on a project, which if realized, would shift the geostrat
Jun 10 2003 | by Ruth Rosen | The Bush administration faces a growing credibility gap that may turn into one of the most serious political scandals in U.S. history. Congress must now hold the kind of public hearings that could on