May 15 2003 | by Joy Press | Marjane Satrapi came of age in 1980s Iran, as her country was mutating into a totalitarian theocracy. Before she fled to the U.S. in 1997, Professor Azar Nafisi conducted a weekly literature class in
May 15 2003 | by David Adelaide | The prosecution of three anti-poverty activists has ended in a mistrial when jurors failed to reach a verdict after almost five days of deliberations. On their fourth day, the jurors wrote the judge,
May 15 2003 | by Amanda Castleman | Europeans have never liked genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. The products — nicknamed “Frankenfoods” — have been banned in Europe for the past five years. Now, America plan
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May 15 2003 | by Anna-Louise Crago | Bush’s other wars, the ones against women and workers, combine in America’s foreign aid policy to attack women working in the sex trade. But Bush isn’t working alone — both femini
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May 14 2003 | by Allison Gifford | The past several weeks have seen the Israeli military taking an increasingly hard-line tack towards international anti-occupation activists in Gaza. The crackdown threatens to affect anyone working t
May 13 2003 | by Kari Lydersen | Somali immigrant Omar Jamal is facing charges that he gave false information on his immigration documents when he arrived in the U.S. If convicted, he might find himself facing an indefinite stint in
May 13 2003 | by Justin Podur | Whitewash and disappearance have been the pattern in the mainstream media against the International Solidarity Movement’s desperate attempts to defend itself politically. But rather than apologi
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May 12 2003 | by Sami Khan | Living single? You’re not alone. Rising incomes, higher divorce rates, lower fertility rates and fewer multi-generational families living together are all contributing to a shrinking household.
May 12 2003 | by Richard Brennan | Critics say the Conservative government, under former premier Mike Harris and now Premier Ernie Eves, has racked up bills of more than $400 million for advertising they believe is blatant self-promot
May 9 2003 | by Libby Brooks | Five million people signed a petition to save this Nigerian woman from being stoned to death next month. But, say experts, the protest is mistaken and may even harm her case.
May 8 2003 | by Indra Sinha | Two women are fasting “unto death” to “highlight the truth behind Dow Chemical and Union Carbide’s liabilities in Bhopal.” On December 3, 1984, poison gas leaked from a Union
May 8 2003 | by Richard Mackie | Cortellucci-Montemarano Group, a major contributor to Ontario’s Conservative Party, has quietly bought the Adams Mine property in Northern Ontario. The sale was to be made for $22 an acre, which
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May 8 2003 | by David Bernans | Tomorrow, activists and journalists will be treated to a frightening but enlightening Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction bus tour of Montreal’s military-industrial complex. It took little effort for Bl
May 7 2003 | by Jalal Ghazi | Arab media are reporting widespread contamination near Baghdad after U.S. Marines broke seals on containers holding radioactive materials in a nuclear research facility. While American experts say th
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May 7 2003 | by Raywat Deonandan | Sure, oil was a reason behind the U.S. invasion of Iraq. So was building the U.S. military presence in the Middle East. But there was a third, equally important motivation that’s getting little
May 6 2003 | by Mungo Soggott | A diminutive man from humble origins, Mr. Sisulu was instrumental in encouraging active struggle against apartheid. “Together we shared ideas, forged common commitments,” Nelson Mandela sai
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May 6 2003 | by R.M. Vaughan | With the good comes the bad, and with new rights for gay marriage come, well, gay marriage breakdown. In fifteen years, both will be as common as, um, straight marriage breakdown. Not to fear. It&#14
May 6 2003 | by Richard Behar | In 1994, the U.S. struck a deal with North Korea, providing two light-water nuclear reactors in exchange for Pyongyang ending its nuclear weapons program. Strangely, there is no clear public record o
May 6 2003 | by Médecins Sans Frontières | The U.S. has failed to fulfill its obligation under international humanitarian law to support Iraq’s health system, reports Médecins Sans Frontières. “Despite three we
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May 5 2003 | by Judy Rebick | What women won in a very public battle in the courts, in the streets and in Parliament, we risk losing through intimidation and infiltration of the medical system by a small but determined number of
May 5 2003 | by Ezequiel Adamovsky | On April 27, one-and-a-half years after the rebellion of December 2001, the first round of the presidential elections was held in Argentina. The election was exciting, but the outcome was dismal, lea
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May 2 2003 | by Dan Smoke-Asayenes | Chief Stewart Phillip, president of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs, travelled across the country to help lead the protest against the proposed First Nations Governance Act on Parliament
May 1 2003 | by Phil Reeves | President George Bush will declare tonight the war in Iraq is all but over. But his speech, far out at sea — aboard the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln — will not convince many Iraqis. Hat
May 1 2003 | by Paul Brown | A Greenpeace report on the prospects for genetic engineering giant Monsanto, which has ninety-one per cent of the world’s market in GM seeds, says the company “could be another financial di
May 1 2003 | by Stefan Christoff | On April 28, 2003, Israeli troops entered the refugee camp in Jenin. During the incursion they shot and killed a seventeen year old, shot a twelve year old in the leg and another in the shoulder. The
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May 1 2003 | by Corvin Russell | deepest red. Left and right, the labour movement must reckon with its past and with its present. We need to build the social and political power of labour. This will mean, in part, rebuilding a
May 1 2003 | by AFP | Iraq&#146;s long-banned communist party published one of post-Saddam Baghdad&#146;s first newspapers, duly fitted with the regulation hammer and sickle masthead. <i>The People&#146;s Path,</i> or <i>
May 1 2003 | by Mario Osava | The hard times that have befallen Latin American trade unions, dating to the early 1990s, have been aggravated in recent years by political factors in the region, but Brazil has proved a notable exce
Apr 30 2003 | by BBC Staff | About 700,000 public sector workers in Israel have begun an open-ended strike in protest at government plans to cut jobs and wages. The action has shut down almost all public services, with the closu
Apr 30 2003 | by Odile Nelson | No Inuttitut syllabics creates low voter turnout in Nunavik. A Salluit man is accusing Quebec&#146;s electoral system of discriminating against Nunavimmiut because provincial election ballots are not