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Oct 31 2003 | by Judy Rebick | In an extraordinary show of support and solidarity, 2,000 delegates at the Canadian Union of Public Employees conference in Quebec City unanimously passed a resolution putting the IWA (Industrial, W
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Oct 30 2003 | by Ahmad Naeem Khan | Alarmed by the rise in domestic brutality, last week the provincial assembly in Pakistan's eastern Punjab province introduced a stringent law against wife-beating, despite stiff opposition from the s
Oct 30 2003 | by Ann-Marie Michel and Theo Tamis | A long-awaited UN report on plundering in the Democratic Republic of Congo could end up permanently under wraps. The UN Security Council is expected to censor parts dealing with governments and multi
Oct 29 2003 | by Dante Toza | “The problem with Clear Channel having so much market power is that they start to be able to control the outcomes of the competition that they are in,” says Pete Tridish, founder of the Pro
Oct 29 2003 | by Adele Oliveri | October 14, 1994. Three million people take the streets in a strike called by Italy's three major unions, protesting the pension reform plan and proposed budget law of the then Berlusconi government.
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Oct 29 2003 | by Krystalline Kraus | John Clarke, the final defendant in the June 15, 2003, “riot” trial, had his charges stayed yesterday by Superior Court Justice Harvey Spiegel who cited the length of time that had passed s
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Oct 29 2003 | by Ariel Troster | I'll never forget my sixth grade initiation into the world of sex education. Our guidance counsellor, Mrs. Hughes, played us a video that must have been produced in the 1960s. It featured cartoon ani
Oct 29 2003 | by Stephen Zunes | The passage in the U.S. House of Representatives — with an overwhelming bipartisan majority — of a bill imposing strict sanctions against Syria has little to do with real concern about that
Oct 28 2003 | by Scott Baldauf | As the nation prepares to rewrite and enact a new constitution in December, chiefs and tribal elders are learning the basics of the democratic process. Turning such a feudal society into a democracy
Oct 28 2003 | by Ziba Kashef | Choosing a name for my future son has turned out to be much more complicated than I thought. I started to wonder about the consequences of giving him an obviously “ethnic” name. It would re
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Oct 28 2003 | by Shella Gardezi | Indigenous people of Costa Rica are watchingbulldozers move into their land, knowing that theirhomes, their culture and their way of life are soon tobe washed away by a hydroelectric project somassi
Oct 28 2003 | by Jean-Pierre O'Brien | A bitter feud has placed the Montreal Gay Games in jeopardy. The Montreal Organizing Committee and the Federation of Gay Games are at loggerheads over financing and control of the 2006 event. Mark Te
Oct 27 2003 | by Chittaroopa Palit | The Narmada Valley Development Project — a series of barrages planned by state governments and international financial institutions in the Narmada Valley — has been called the Indian versio
Oct 27 2003 | by John Conway | The Saskatchewan Party is the latest incarnation of the Saskatchewan right, a gaggle of Reformers, Tories and right-wing Liberals led by former Reform MP Elwin Hermanson. Each period a right-wing coa
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Oct 27 2003 | by Andrea Markey | Beloved CBC personality and award-winning science correspondent, Bob McDonald, is at the centre of a growing controversy in New Brunswick that is leaving many fans “wonderstruck.” The host
Oct 27 2003 | by Robert Fisk | The worst problem facing U.S. forces in Iraq may not be armed resistance but a crisis of morale. Robert Fisk reports on a near-epidemic of indiscipline, a suicide rate up to three times the usual rat
Oct 24 2003 | by Rebecca Vesely | A new report released last week in California examines the relationship between toxic contaminants and women's health. According to the report, women's biology and role in society makes them more sus
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Oct 24 2003 | by Stan Hister | A small news item about Winnipeg filmmaker Guy Maddin caught my eyerecently. It seems that Leni Riefenstahl, the master propagandist of theThird Reich, had liked one of his films so much she'd sent h
Oct 24 2003 | by Maxine Frith | More than one billion young people in the developing world are now living in conditions of severe deprivation, according to a report for the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef). The report warned
Oct 24 2003 | by Tim Shorrock | The financial and trade policies the Bush Administration is pursuing in Iraq are not only benefiting well-connected U.S. corporations but are also slowly integrating Iraq into the global economy and
Oct 23 2003 | by George Monbiot | Almost every large western company which relies upon remote transactions is starting to dump its workers and hire a cheaper labour force overseas. All those concerned about economic justice and the d
Oct 23 2003 | by Massoud A. Derhally | This year's UN Arab Human Development Report attributes newly enacted legislation like the “Arab Charter against Terrorism,” created in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, for the de
Oct 23 2003 | by Seymour M. Hersh | Since midsummer, the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee has been attempting to solve the biggest mystery of the Iraq war: the disparity between the Bush Administration's prewar assessment of Iraq's w
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Oct 23 2003 | by Naomi Klein and Justin Podur | Joao Pedro Stedile is one of the leaders of the Landless Peasants' Movement, the <i>Movimento Sem Terra</i> (MST), Brazil's most important social movement. More than three million people are direct
Oct 22 2003 | by Simon Kasyate & Lominda Afedraru | Pandemonium broke out yesterday morning inside the Tri-Star Apparel company premises in Bugolobi, Uganda after some 600 female employees laid down their tools. The workers, who barricaded themselves
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Oct 22 2003 | by Stephen Kimber | Paul Martin bragged last week that the names of all his donors have been made public. He said the process is very open and very, very, very transparent. It is indeed transparent &#151; transparently
Oct 22 2003 | by Mary Milliken | Amidst the icy fjords of Patagonia, the Canadian mining company Noranda found the ideal site to invest nearly $3 billion in an aluminum smelter and three hydroelectric plants. More than a decade late
Oct 21 2003 | by Larry Rohter | Down in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, a new president was settling into office and assembling a cabinet. But up in El Alto, the birthplace of the monthlong uprising that overthrew his predecessor,
Oct 21 2003 | by Tom Hayden | There is a new movement rising in the world. It is bigger than the movement of the 1960s. Yet it is barely seen by the experts and analysts. They look only at the behaviour of institutions and politi
Oct 21 2003 | by Craig Whitlock | A recent analysis of lottery records and census data by the Maryland Department of Planning shows a correlation between Zip codes with high lottery sales and poor neighbourhoods. According to the stu