Jul 18 2003 | by Ramtanu Maitra | In recent weeks, two major incidents along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border have laid bare the new complexities in the area. And a large part of the blame for these two incidents lies with the United
Jul 18 2003 | by Matt Ross | The public has a chance to see a little piece of history, thanks to an exhibition of a letter to the editor of the <i>Ottawa Citizen</i>, written by Louis Riel days before his execution. The letter e
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Jul 18 2003 | by Luke Eric Peterson | Under the Bush Administration, the warning is clear:a free trade agreement is not something one has aright to. It's a privilege. When it comes to prospective trade partners, the U.S. expects coopera
Jul 17 2003 | by Russell Mokhiber | Ari Fleischer is leaving the White House to start a consulting firm that will advise corporate executives on how to handle the news media. Yesterday, Fleischer capped his White House career with this
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Jul 17 2003 | by Stephen Kimber | The point is not that the jingoist, &#147;our-boys&#148; CNN should be banned from Canadian airwaves &#151; though that might not be such a bad idea &#151; but that Canadians should have access to as
Jul 17 2003 | by Valerie Lawton | A Toronto doctor living with AIDS has quit a federal advisory group on medical marijuana in frustration, saying it's now clear to him Health Minister Anne McLellan doesn't want to provide pot to thos
Jul 17 2003 | by John Aglionby | On a recent tour of Japan, the Indonesian president, Megawati Sukarnoputri, waxed lyrically about the extensive freedoms her nation's media enjoy. Indonesia's media have expanded exponentially since
Jul 16 2003 | by Matthew Riemer | The war of words between Italy and Germany is an indication of one of the many divisions in the E.U. previously highlighted by the U.S.' insistence on immediate intervention in Iraq. The war split Eu
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Jul 16 2003 | by Justin Podur | Palestinians are a stateless people with no home and no land. There are Palestinians in Canada who are set to be deported and are accused of &#226;eoeshopping for citizenship.&#226;e Members of The
Jul 15 2003 | by Earl Ofari Hutchinson | On his five-day African visit, President Bush had an opportunity to propose real ways to help the continent solve some of its colossal problems. But on issues from foreign aid to debt relief to an Af
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Jul 15 2003 | by Susanne Shaw | When the Gordon Campbell Liberal government came to power in B.C., the rich pocketed their tax breaks. Wages plummeted, businesses foundered, thousands lost their jobs and the province suffered a rev
Jul 15 2003 | by Lisa Moore | In Newfoundland, it will be interesting to see if the emerging film industry, like Toronto's, starts cashing in on the really bad blockbusters to the detriment of more artistic endeavors. The Nickel
Jul 15 2003 | by Kim Phillips-Fein | Even though American unions gave more than ninety percent of their contributions to the Democrats in 2002, it only amounted to fifteen percent of the party's funds. More than two-thirds came from bus
Jul 15 2003 | by Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber | From the start, the invasion of Iraq was seen in the U.S. as a marketing project. Selling 'Brand America' abroad was an abject failure; but at home, it worked. Manufacturers of 4x4s, oil prospectors,
Jul 15 2003 | by Kathryn McGrath | Thirty years ago, the only place to find books like <i>Sisterhood Is Powerful, Rubyfruit Jungle,</i> and <i>Class and Feminism</i> was in women's bookstores. But as once-radical feminist ideas have b
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Jul 14 2003 | by Yves Engler | Make the connection: attacks against the poor and unemployed should be opposed by thosewho care about their fellow human beings. But, in addition to compassion, working people have another important
Jul 14 2003 | by Richard Black | As 5,000 scientists and doctors met in Paris for the biggest AIDS convention this year, the developed world was criticized for failing to provide enough funds to fight the epidemic.
Jul 11 2003 | by Medea Benjamin | The Iraqis waiting in line looked tired, hungry and exasperated at having their country's border controlled by 18-year-old foreigners strutting around with guns. The whole scene was unnerving, a flas
Jul 11 2003 | by Tom Quinn | Medecins Sans Frontieres is one of the few aid agencies still working in Liberia, a country desperately in need of an end to a decade of conflict. Tom Quinn, who works for MSF, is writing a diary for
Jul 11 2003 | by Alex Roslin | The end may be near for golden boy Matthew Coon Come as the AFN gathers in Edmonton to elect a new national chief. When Coon Come swept into office in 2000, expectations were high that here, finally,
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Jul 11 2003 | by Paul Weinberg | In Ontario, EI recipients are obliged to go through what the staff at the Labour Education Centre describe as a humiliating means test. One worker, for example, had to submit 14 pieces of documentat
Jul 10 2003 | by Eduardo Galeano | The recent wave of executions and arrests in Cuba is very good news for the universal superpower, which remains obsessed with removing this persistent thorn from its paw. But it is very bad news for
Jul 10 2003 | by Karen Pojmann | As Nigerians welcome president Bush on July 11, the author's Nigerian husband faces deportation from the United States due to red tape, legal Catch 22s and probable racial prejudice. Many other Afric
Jul 10 2003 | by Valentinas Mite | The dual suicide blasts in Moscow this weekend reveal a new and disturbing phenomenon &#0151 female suicide bombers. The Kremlin was quick to blame the attacks on Chechen extremists, saying Islamic r
Jul 10 2003 | by Justin Thompson | On July 16, 2003, Canada's First Nations chiefs-in-assembly will elect their national chief at the 24th annual meeting of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) in Edmonton. The central issue surroundin
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Jul 10 2003 | by Finn Harvor | As in many countries, the Korean economy is in recession, which, of course, means it is especially difficult for a recent university graduate to get a job. But the problem is compounded by the curren
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Jul 9 2003 | by Elizabeth LeReverend | The myth that policing is the most dangerous occupation is a pervasive one. We hear often how the men and women of law enforcement put themselves in mortal danger every time they put on a uniform. B
Jul 9 2003 | by Michael Wolff | The British are coming &#0151 again. The launch of a U.S. edition of the unabashedly liberal <i>Guardian</i> may be just what the Bush-whacked U.S. press needs.
Jul 9 2003 | by C.D. Sludge | Imagine it were possible to somehow subvert the voting process in such a way that you could steal elections without anybody knowing. According to a recent investigation led by Bev Harris, author of t
Jul 9 2003 | by Jan Prout | Planes, trains and automobiles; they're all heading north bearing excited same-sex couples intent on tying the knot. Since June 10, when an Ontario court threw out the ban on same-sex marriages, city