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Sep 16 2003 | by Guy Caron | Obscene. This was the word on everybody's lips as we rode along the hotel strip on Kukulcan Boulevard in Cancun. The display of wealth is hard to put into words as pseudo Mayan pyramids and resort ca
Sep 16 2003 | by Andrew Simms | You can buy a one-acre plot of land on the moon for £19.95. Slightly cheaper is Venus, which can be had for £14.25, plus registration fee. You can do this because, on 22 Novembe
Sep 16 2003 | by Yusuf Agh | When the Man in Black ruled the airwaves, America meant more to the world than the image of The Terminator it has become. That America had exported the sights and sounds of freedom. It was a time whe
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Sep 15 2003 | by Guy Caron | The much-awaited revised draft of the ministerial declaration was finally released Saturday afternoon, to the dismay of developing countries and trade activists. In essence, the agricultural revised
Sep 15 2003 | by Michael Moore | Could General Wesley Clark be the person who can defeat George W. Bush in next year's election? Michael Moore seems to think so. Ever since Clark stuck up for Moore on CNN, Moore has been checking ou
Sep 15 2003 | by Bob Egelko | A San Francisco activist's lawsuit against Nike Inc., which resulted in a controversial state Supreme Court ruling about corporate speech, was settled Friday for a $1.5 million payment by the company
Sep 15 2003 | by Larry Elliott, Charlotte Denny and David Munk | The fragile global economy received a damaging blow last night when trade talks in Cancun collapsed after a walkout by African countries protesting at the west's failure to open its markets to the po
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Sep 13 2003 | by Guy Caron | You can always count on civil society to inject a dose of life in the Convention Centre. At 2:15, a small crowd slowly moved towards the media centre. They seem to follow two important people.It's Pa
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Sep 12 2003 | by Guy Caron | The death of Lee Kyung Hai, the president of the South Korea Federation of Farmers and Fishers who took his life by stabbing himself at the Farmers March on Wednesday, has profoundly affected the pro
Sep 12 2003 | by Rod Mickleburgh | On the eve of opening North America's first safe-injection site for drug users, Vancouver City Council has now sanctioned the right of sex-trade businesses to operate from local residences. Mayor Lar
Sep 12 2003 | by Gal Beckerman | Experiments in democratic media have been taking place all over the world in increasing numbers. New York City's Independent Media Center is just one piece of the rapidly expanding Indymedia movement
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Sep 12 2003 | by David Bernans | Last year, Yves Engler was Concordia's Student Union Vice President of Communications. He was arrestedfor handing out anti-FTAA literature. This year he is on the StudentCouncil. Now he has been arr
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Sep 11 2003 | by Guy Caron | Where are the Canadian media? Talking with media relations officers from some of the NGOs, we deduced that the whole Canadian media delegation consisted of six reporters. Six. France 2, the French pu
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Sep 11 2003 | by Carlos Torres | On September 11, 1973, the Presidential Palace of La Moneda in Santiago, Chile, was attacked by warplanes, and the democratically elected president, Salvador Allende, was killed. This military coup
Sep 11 2003 | by Pepe Escobar | American conservatives' pocket futurology is dead and buried. There has been no “end of history.” There has been no “death of ideology.” Instead, it's Medievalism all over again &
Sep 11 2003 | by Danny Schechter | The Bush Administration's latest preemptive strike is a movie packaged to remake the historical record on the 9/11 attacks and reelect Bush at the same time. And guess what? Your Canadian tax dollars
Sep 11 2003 | by Erik Baard | As American warfare has shifted from draftees to drones, science and the military in the U.S. have become inseparable. But some scientists are refusing to let their robots grow up to be killers. &#14
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Sep 10 2003 | by Yves Engler | In continuing coverage of the World Trade Organization as it opens its meetings in Cancun, we look at free trade. Globalization means free trade, right? That's what we're told. Would it surprise you
Sep 10 2003 | by Vince Morkri | A Nobel Peace Prize-winning group devoted to the worldwide abolition of antipersonnel land mines chided the United States for remaining a holdout to the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty. At the same time, the gr
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Sep 9 2003 | by Jim Lobe | With trade ministers from around the world gathering in Cancun, Mexico this week for a key round of negotiations under the World Trade Organization (WTO), labour unions are complaining loudly that w
Sep 9 2003 | by Charles Cobb Jr. | African trade ministers and officials are approaching the fifth World Trade Organization (WTO) ministerial talks that begin in Cancun, Mexico on Wednesday, with low expectations. An end to the agricu
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Sep 8 2003 | by Stephen Kimber | Our God is a free market kind of God. How else to explain the reality that our Benevolent God of Gods chooses to smite, maim and otherwise do grave, sometimes even life-ending, bodily harm to those w
Sep 8 2003 | by Jon Jeter | Brazil's militant Landless Peasants Movement says there are now 166,000 families in squatter camps across the country. Meanwhile, the government has only granted title to 6,000 of the 60,000 families
Sep 8 2003 | by Ewen MacAskill | Michael Meacher, who served as a minister for six years until three months ago, has gone further than any other mainstream British politician in blaming the Iraq war on a U.S. desire for domination o
Sep 8 2003 | by John Feffer | For a brief moment the day after the delegates went home, North Korea told the truth about the talks — that they were a failed effort and probably a waste of time. Without any sign of compromise
Sep 5 2003 | by Nicole Itano | Rights groups say sexual assault is being used as a political weapon by the Zimbabwean government, engaged in a nearly three-year campaign of terror against political opponents. Evidence suggests the
Sep 5 2003 | by Amy Goodman | The 20-year-old webmaster of a California-based site called <a href="http://raisethefist.com" target="_blank"> raisethefist.com</a> is to begin a year-long prison term today. He was charged with &#14
Sep 4 2003 | by Matt Higgins | At age 65, Hunter S. Thompson is still fighting, still smoking and still churning out humorous and propulsive prose with his latest book, <i>Kingdom of Fear: Loathsome Secrets of a Star-Crossed Child
Sep 4 2003 | by John Bulloch | According to a recent Health Canada survey, one in four Canadians still think they can contract HIV/AIDS through kissing and mosquito bites. Nearly 20 per cent believe AIDS can be cured if treated ea
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Sep 4 2003 | by Yves Engler | Rising tuition costs combined with stagnating wages and inadequate loans and bursaries are becoming a serious obstacle to post-secondary education, especially for those from poor and working class fa