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Aug 21 2003 | by Daron Letts | Vaughn Barnett was one of 150 protesters rounded up ina mass arrest on July 28 during protests against theWorld Trade Organization mini-ministerial in Montreal.On August 15, he was interviewedon St.
Aug 21 2003 | by Robert Salladay | Looks like Arnold is as much of an &#147;obsolete model&#148; off-screen as he is in <i>T3</i>. Of all the seeming contradictions about Schwarzenegger, now a candidate for California governor, none s
Aug 21 2003 | by Al Giordano | Carlos S&#195;&#161;nchez L&#195;&#179;pez, a tireless social fighter, was assassinated last Sunday morning in the city he worked hard to make free, Juchit&#195;&#161;n. Al Giordano remembers his fri
Aug 21 2003 | by Hillary Rosner | Earlier this week, Native Americans and environmentalists won a surprising victory when a power company abandoned plans to build a highly controversial coal mine in New Mexico. Pablo Padilla, a membe
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Aug 20 2003 | by Yves Engler | Which would you say causes more deaths: diabetes, Alzheimer's or hospitals?According to a survey published in the current issue of the American Journal of Infection Control, the answer is hospitals.
Aug 20 2003 | by Suvendrini Kakuchi | &#147;Gang rapists are somewhat better (than other men) because they have vigour,&#148; remarked Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker Seichi Ota in late June, responding to the arrest of five male stude
Aug 20 2003 | by Jonathan Beale | In a Delhi luxury hotel, a group of young Indian Sikhs strut down a makeshift catwalk to the pounding beat of the music. It's not the conventional look of Indian glamour. With their turbans and beard
Aug 20 2003 | by James J. Cramer | Somehow, despite the silver platter of gloom, the Democrats have had limited luck in denting Dubya's remarkable popularity. But the Dems are going after Bush the wrong way on the economy, argues Jame
Aug 20 2003 | by Karen Palmer | Almost half of Canadian doctors say they're burned out, emotionally exhausted and blame medicine for putting a drain on their family life. More desperate, however, is the finding that the rate of sui
Aug 19 2003 | by Robert Kuttner, Daniel Yergin and Larry Makovich | Two opinion pieces in the <i>New York Times</i> relate last week's power outage to deregulation of the energy industry. One argument, in support of deregulation, blames the failure on obstructionist
Aug 19 2003 | by Anthony Shadid | Who'd have thought invading Iraq would bring people together? In a rare example of cooperation across Iraq's sectarian divide, a popular Sunni Muslim cleric has provided grassroots and financial supp
Aug 19 2003 | by High Grader Staff | If you're looking for cheap, trashy drama, forget <i>Melrose Place</i>. Nothing is more twisted and insidious that the tireless backroom campaign to resurrect the Adams Mine deal. Located one town aw
Aug 19 2003 | by Claudia De Simone | August 15th, the Acadian National Festival, calls for a huge celebration of music, friends, family and culture. A whole lot of red, white, blue and gold decorated the streets of downtown Moncton last
Aug 19 2003 | by Mark Kurlansky | On August 12, 1968, a <i>New York Times</i> reporter wrote: &#147;For those under 30, Prague seems the right place to be this summer.&#148; But on August 20, 4,600 tanks and 165,000 Warsaw Pact soldi
Aug 18 2003 | by Charles Glass | Survival is a preoccupation in Syria, as much among the conservationists who lobby to defend ancient monuments as within the governing elite who seek to protect themselves. Everyone in Syria senses t
Aug 18 2003 | by Gary Fineout | Florida's crime rate, as proudly hailed by Gov. Jeb Bush, is at a 30-year low. Yet seemingly inexplicably, the number of state prisoners has been rising sharply. The state has locked up over 33,000 i
Aug 18 2003 | by Megan Rowling | Health problems are rampant at the Finca San Carlos banana plantation in Chinandega, Nicaragua. Specifically, workers are worried about dibromochloropropane (DBCP), a pesticide agent the U.S. banned
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Aug 18 2003 | by Susanne Shaw | Since 1865, the Salvation Army has championed the downtrodden and saved countless lives. Sally Ann is the largest social service network in Canada, after the Canadian government. No wonder it has bee
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Aug 15 2003 | by Jane Kansas | On Wednesday of this week, <i>rabble</i> published a column under the headline &#147;Dear Holy Father.&#148; Some of our readers quickly recognized that much of the column was not original and that t
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Aug 15 2003 | by Claudia De Simone | On August 15, Acadians across the country, namely the Maritimes, will take to the streets for a noisy celebration of their progression as a people.
Aug 15 2003 | by Ignacio Ramonet | The CAPPS system will check the identity of every traveller to the U.S. and colour-code them. If the visitor is Muslim or from the Middle East, a yellow &#147;doubtful&#148; code will be assigned aut
Aug 15 2003 | by Fausto Bertinotti | The forces of the European left cannot depend on social democracy. The only possibility in the face of rightwing extremism is to provide an alternative: of peace against war and of a new model of soc
Aug 14 2003 | by Suzanne Goldenberg | Faith Fippinger retired as a teacher for the blind and lived during the Iraq war in the grounds of an ageing Baghdad oil refinery. &#147;When I came back from Iraq I had a letter from the U.S. Treasu
Aug 14 2003 | by Max Rodenbeck | America's first 100 days in Iraq has been marked by multiple failures: a failure to articulate coherent goals, to invest in and build on initial Iraqi goodwill, to understand the nature of Iraqi suff
Aug 14 2003 | by Brian Laghi, Kim Lunman and Campbell Clark | If a free vote were held today in the House of Commons, at least 126 MPs would vote against legalizing same-sex marriages. That leaves opponents only 25 votes short of the 151 needed to defeat the bi
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Aug 14 2003 | by Kurt Peacock | Frank Stronach of Magna wants you to be Prime Minister, and &#147;think out of the box&#148; while you're at it. Just don't expect to be a Prime Minister whose out-of-the-box thinking includes being
Aug 14 2003 | by babblers | People in dozens of cities &#151; including Toronto, Ottawa, New York and Detroit &#151; are stuck in subways, elevators, airports and traffic jams as the lights go out across the continent. Breaking
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Aug 13 2003 | by Svend Robinson | The language of vilification and condemnation in the recent statement issued by the Vatican on the subject of same-sex marriage has angered and saddened one Member of Parliament. He urges leaders of
Aug 13 2003 | by Amelia Gentleman | Ecosystems in France's rivers are at grave risk after the relaxation of environmental regulations. Nuclear plants were granted permission on Monday to pump their cooling water into nearby rivers at a
Aug 13 2003 | by Hassina Suliman | Bigum may be a grandmother of six, but that has not stopped her throwing off her burqa to join a road construction gang in Kabul. She is proud of being given the opportunity to contribute to the reco