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Jan 24 2003 | by Corvin Russell | As the NDP gears up to pick its new leader this weekend, it struggles against apathy and accusations of atrophy. To listen to the best and brightest of the mainstream media, the answer to the NDP&#1
Jan 23 2003 | by Walden Bello | The third annual World Social Forum, starting today in Porto Alegre, Brazil, has become the prime organizational expression of a surging movement against corporate-driven globalization. Since the eve
Jan 23 2003 | by Julian Borger | U.S. public support for the Bush presidency and war in Iraq is waning rapidly, according to a poll published yesterday. The poll, commissioned by the <i>Washington Post</i> and ABC News, found that n
everyone's a critic
Jan 23 2003 | by Angela Bischoff | Against Globalization. After five days at the Asia Social Forum in Hyderabad in south central India earlier this month (a lead-up to the World Social Forum which began today), I was emotionally exha
Jan 22 2003 | by Dwane Wilkin | Most Canadians who live north of 60 depend on imported diesel power. Generating stations are as much a part of life today as seal-oil lamps and dog sleds were a half-century ago. They burn undying in
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Jan 22 2003 | by Sabitri Ghosh | Even though millions of workers of colour want the protection unions provide, they&#226;e(TM)re still under-represented in labour&#226;e(TM)s rank and file. But, failing to organize the growing &#151
Jan 22 2003 | by Robert Fisk | It looks like a rerun of the 1991 Gulf War. Already American journalists are fighting like tigers to join &#147;the pool,&#148; to be &#147;embedded&#148; in the U.S. military so that they can see th
Jan 21 2003 | by Annabel Crabb | Only six per cent of Australians are prepared to send Australian troops to war against Iraq without United Nations backing, an exclusive national <i>Age</i> poll has found. A blow to the federal gove
everyone's a critic
Jan 21 2003 | by Jim Stanford | Explicitly or implicitly, most Canadian progressives understand that the NDP leadership race taking place this weekend is a sideshow to the real issues facing the left. That&#146;s why we&#146;ve ha
Jan 21 2003 | by Bruce Jackson | U.S. President George W. Bush is hard to understand, especially on issues of inclusion. His thinking is sort of like that of a white restaurant owner in Mississippi in 1960 who affirms that everyone
Jan 21 2003 | by Abigail Levene | Mexico will urge the World Court today to order stays of execution and retrials for more than fifty Mexicans on death row in the United States. Mexico, which does not have the death penalty, says the
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Jan 21 2003 | by David Bernans | Just a few weeks ago Montreal-based activist Jaggi Singh was arrested anddeported from Israel. Yesterday, Singh was arrested and banned from campus during an interview at Concordia University followi
Jan 20 2003 | by Suzanne Herel and Zachary Coile | From San Francisco to Washington, D.C., from Paris to Tokyo, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators took to the world&#146;s streets Saturday to protest potential military action against Iraq by the
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Jan 20 2003 | by Corvin Russell | Normally, protests are like the old guy with his sandwich boards infront of Old City Hall, screaming about some lawyer he hates. He wasthere on Saturday, but he&#146;s there every day. I don&#146;t e
Jan 18 2003 | by David McNally and Jerome Klassen | With huge demonstrations reminiscent of Vietnam-era protests, the movement against war on Iraq is starting to make its mark. In late October, over 100,000 people marched in Washington, D. C.. Then, i
Jan 17 2003 | by Richard Owen | Italians, already nervous about war with Iraq, were stunned to learn yesterday that they are sitting on top of the biggest American ammunition dump outside the United States. Camp Darby, which nestle
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Jan 17 2003 | by Wayne Prior | Statistics Canada unleashed a furor in the House of Commons last week with the release of a new report on the migration patterns of the Canada Goose. StatsCan found that millions of Canada Geese mig
Jan 17 2003 | by Julian Borger | The White House is quickly but quietly undermining environmental protection laws with dozens of small administrative changes in favour of landowners and corporations, according to a report yesterday.
Jan 17 2003 | by Manny Fernandez | Thousands will descend on Washington for a national antiwar demonstration Saturday, a rally and march that organizers say will be the last chance for a massive display of dissent before the United St
Jan 17 2003 | by Bob Harvey | This weekend, on the twelfth anniversary of the start of the Gulf War and corresponding with Canada-wide anti-war rallies and marches, the Canadian Council of Churches will begin circulating a statem
Jan 16 2003 | by Danny Schechter | First, there was Austin Powers. His nemesis, the cartoonish &#147;Dr. Evil&#148; was out to conquer the world. Recently, Hollywood unleashed the latest James Bond movie with North Korea as the demoni
Jan 16 2003 | by Jeff Sallot | Finally. Canada will join the U.S. in voting against Libya&#146;s Colonel Moammar Gadhafi for the prestigious chairmanship of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, but the nomination is likely
Jan 16 2003 | by rabble staff | Thousands of people across Canada will take to the streets this weekend to protest the impending war on Iraq. From Thunder Bay&#146;s Ojibwe peace prayer to Tofino&#146;sPin-the-Brain-on-the-Moron ga
everyone's a critic
Jan 16 2003 | by Mike Smith | Sticking in my mind as an unlikely explanation for the current state of things is a talk I attended this fall given by investment guru Steve Forbes. The sermon itself was a trip down memory lane, and
Jan 15 2003 | by John Ross | Appropriately enough, Starbucks&#146; Mexico&#146;s brand-new java dispensary is situated in the posh Sheraton Hotel on bustling Reforma Boulevard, just a few steps from the U.S. embassy. The arrival
Jan 15 2003 | by Jonathan Freedland | The Middle East conflict has become a byword for paralysis. But a new plan offers both sides a way forward. The beauty of the idea is that it taps into what polls show both Israelis and Palestinians
Jan 15 2003 | by Justin Podur | Venezuela&#146;s National Strike has been going on for over a month. Is it growing in size and strength, or is it failing? Is it shutting down the country as is being reported? It&#146;s hard to kno
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Jan 15 2003 | by Judy Rebick | The Social Forum process worked its magic in Toronto last Saturday when 400 people gathered for the kick-off event of the Toronto Social Forum. &#147;The turnout was stunning,&#148; said Janet Conway
Jan 14 2003 | by Suvendrini Kakuchi | The Japanese Diet may debate a bill that would allow women to keep their maiden names when they marry. And just getting it that far is seen as a major victory for feminists. The proposal has turned i
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Jan 14 2003 | by Krystalline Kraus | &#147;The repetitive cycle of charges is a like a tax put on activism, and we have to be tactical in how we pay that tax,&#148; says John Clarke, an OCAP organizer who faces activist-related criminal