Oct 7 2003 | by Robert Fisk | Israel received the green light with the Syria Accountability Act, moving through the United States Congress, that will impose sanctions on Damascus for its supposed enthusiasm for “terrorism&#1
Oct 7 2003 | by R. Jeffrey Smith | A provision written into the pending omnibus energy bill would overturn a decade-old U.S. policy of discouraging worldwide trade in bomb-grade uranium by eliminating constraints on U.S. exports to fi
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Oct 7 2003 | by Penney Kome | Is Americaâe(TM)s nuclear policy making you fat? This is a deadly serious question. Nuclear materials emit radioactive iodine, which has been linked with thyroid damage. Thyroid disorders, rece
Oct 7 2003 | by Jules Witcover | One of the trademarks of Nixon's presidency was its low-balling of ideology in favor of the politics of revenge. A spirit of vengeance permeated those years, with the compilation of Mr. Nixon's &#147
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Oct 7 2003 | by rabble staff | Two million times this month, a <i>rabble</i> page will appear on a screen somewhere. Yes, since we launched in April 2001, you've made <i>rabble</i> a resounding success story. Nevertheless, we are
Oct 6 2003 | by Larry Jagan | At this year's Asean summit, leaders of Burma's Asian neighbours will almost certainly increase the pressure on Rangoon to free pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been in detention for mo
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Oct 6 2003 | by Justin Podur | The Liberals have no intention of reversing the Tory cuts to health care, education and utilities which set them firmly on track toprivatization. At best, theywill continue on this path at a slower
Oct 6 2003 | by Ben Dangl | An intense series of road blockades, protests and strikes continue to gain momentum across Bolivia as new sectors enter the movement against the exportation of the country's gas to the U.S. Historica
Oct 3 2003 | by Matt Pacenza | Florinda Lollo Mart&#195;&#173;nez lost her job at a plantation in Morales, Guatemala so your bananas could stay cheap. And now she's so desperate to feed her family that she's risking her life to gr
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Oct 2 2003 | by Sharon Fraser | As people in Ontario went to the polls, it would be nice to think that voters were thinking about their communities and their neighbours and their larger society and were as willing to work toward t
Oct 1 2003 | by Chris Morris | Prince Edward Island's latest lopsided election victory by the ruling Conservatives has raised fresh questions about the fairness of Canada's voting system. Premier Pat Binns and Island Tories won a
Oct 1 2003 | by Jim Bencivenga | Danna Harman just completed a two-and-a-half year tour as the Christian Science Monitor's Africa correspondent. In an interview with csmonitor.com, she discusses the role of higher education, Western
Oct 1 2003 | by Sam Logan | Rio de Janeiro is not a city at war. The UN does not consider it a focal point of armed violence. Yet for its underserved youth, it most certainly is. Between 1987 and 2001, violent death claimed 3,9
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Oct 1 2003 | by Kalyani | Days after the Indian government blocked a website for its alleged subversive content, a new global report states that post 9/11, countries across the world are intensifying measures to police the In
Sep 30 2003 | by Mike Davis | Each extreme summer that passes inches us closer to the precipice of catastrophic environmental change. The overall European death toll from the latest heat wave is at least 20,000. In France, the ri
Sep 29 2003 | by Alanna Mitchell | In one classroom they're sitting still, doing spelling drills and getting stomach aches. In another, they're on their feet, rushing to the board, doing city planning, debating wave-theory physics. Th
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Sep 29 2003 | by Sharier Khan | In a major attitudinal shift, Bangladesh's mainstream Islamic parties have joined forces with the right wing government and the people to crack down on extremist Islamic groups &#151; a move aimed at
Sep 26 2003 | by Phan Nguyen | <i>CounterPunch</i> slams <i>Mother Jones</i> for sloppy investigative journalism over <i>Newsweek</i> reporter Joshua Hammer's 7000-word feature story on Rachel Corrie and the International Solidari
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Sep 26 2003 | by Murray Dobbin | As the coronation of Paul Martin approaches, a political quiz going the rounds poses the question: is Paul Martin actually to the right of Brian Mulroney? There is some pretty compelling evidence sug
Sep 26 2003 | by Stephen Battersby | Why are there so few women mathematicians? Ragni Piene, a Norwegian who recently became the first woman to join the executive of the International Mathematical Union, says the problem is sociological
Sep 26 2003 | by Alexander Stille | In 1994, Silvio Berlusconi appeared simultaneously on the three TV networks he owns and announced that he was founding a new political party and running for prime minister. Berlusconi's sudden appear
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Sep 25 2003 | by Ahmad Naeem Khan | Last week's drowning of 24 illegal immigrants, most of them Pakistanis, after their overloaded boat capsized in a river on the Greece-Turkey border, has sparked a crackdown on the massive human smugg
Sep 25 2003 | by Asjylyn Loder | The Mexico City policy, also known as the global gag rule, has led to closed clinics, cuts in healthcare and dwindling medical supplies, leaving women without access to vital services. The policy, re
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Sep 24 2003 | by Scott Piatkowski | Ontario Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty has developed a strategy for exceeding the expectations of voters. He has systematically ensured that those expectations are so low that he exceeds them simply
Sep 24 2003 | by Andrea Buffa | The Iraqi people and the U.S. troops in Iraq are in dire straits, and both the peace movement and the U.S. government should be focusing on how to bring true peace and democracy to Iraq. But there ar
Sep 24 2003 | by Bryonn Bain | Saturday night, November 23, 2002, I was pulled over on the Bruckner Expressway because of a broken taillight. The police officer who ran my license claimed I had multiple warrants out for my arrest,
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Sep 23 2003 | by Sharon Oosthoek | Wind power matters because generating electricity is the number one cause of air pollution in North America. Burning fossil fuels like coal and oil sends greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which
Sep 23 2003 | by Irwin Arieff | World leaders on Monday called for the war on terrorism to go beyond simply fighting extremists and warned that tactics like torture, assassination and accidental civilian deaths ran the risk of stre
Sep 23 2003 | by Alistair Lawson | Plans to allow the authorities in Bangladesh to monitor e-mails and telephone conversations have provoked outrage among human rights experts and telecoms analysts.
Sep 23 2003 | by Pepe Escobar | Iraq's press is now free &#151; well, sort of, depending on which side of the fence one sits. The editor of the weekly newspaper <i>al-Mustaki</i> (The Independent) was arrested by Saddam Hussein's r