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Sep 26 2003 | by Murray Dobbin | As the coronation of Paul Martin approaches, a political quiz going the rounds poses the question: is Paul Martin actually to the right of Brian Mulroney? There is some pretty compelling evidence sug
Sep 26 2003 | by Stephen Battersby | Why are there so few women mathematicians? Ragni Piene, a Norwegian who recently became the first woman to join the executive of the International Mathematical Union, says the problem is sociological
Sep 26 2003 | by Alexander Stille | In 1994, Silvio Berlusconi appeared simultaneously on the three TV networks he owns and announced that he was founding a new political party and running for prime minister. Berlusconi's sudden appear
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Sep 25 2003 | by Ahmad Naeem Khan | Last week's drowning of 24 illegal immigrants, most of them Pakistanis, after their overloaded boat capsized in a river on the Greece-Turkey border, has sparked a crackdown on the massive human smugg
Sep 25 2003 | by Asjylyn Loder | The Mexico City policy, also known as the global gag rule, has led to closed clinics, cuts in healthcare and dwindling medical supplies, leaving women without access to vital services. The policy, re
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Sep 24 2003 | by Scott Piatkowski | Ontario Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty has developed a strategy for exceeding the expectations of voters. He has systematically ensured that those expectations are so low that he exceeds them simply
Sep 24 2003 | by Andrea Buffa | The Iraqi people and the U.S. troops in Iraq are in dire straits, and both the peace movement and the U.S. government should be focusing on how to bring true peace and democracy to Iraq. But there ar
Sep 24 2003 | by Bryonn Bain | Saturday night, November 23, 2002, I was pulled over on the Bruckner Expressway because of a broken taillight. The police officer who ran my license claimed I had multiple warrants out for my arrest,
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Sep 23 2003 | by Sharon Oosthoek | Wind power matters because generating electricity is the number one cause of air pollution in North America. Burning fossil fuels like coal and oil sends greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which
Sep 23 2003 | by Irwin Arieff | World leaders on Monday called for the war on terrorism to go beyond simply fighting extremists and warned that tactics like torture, assassination and accidental civilian deaths ran the risk of stre
Sep 23 2003 | by Alistair Lawson | Plans to allow the authorities in Bangladesh to monitor e-mails and telephone conversations have provoked outrage among human rights experts and telecoms analysts.
Sep 23 2003 | by Pepe Escobar | Iraq's press is now free &#151; well, sort of, depending on which side of the fence one sits. The editor of the weekly newspaper <i>al-Mustaki</i> (The Independent) was arrested by Saddam Hussein's r
Sep 22 2003 | by Stefan Christoff | Listen to a report about the ongoing struggle of 100 Palestinian refugees in Montreal fighting deportation from Canada. This report features an interview with a refugee from Bourj el Barajneh refugee
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Sep 22 2003 | by Guy Caron | The Cancun fiasco doesn't mean the end of the WTO. However, if it can resist the pressures that will certainly be applied in the next few months, the G-22 common front will constitute the beginning o
Sep 22 2003 | by Erich Marquardt | Despite statements in the last few days by members of the Bush administration, according to a recent poll, some 70 per cent of Americans believe that Saddam was personally involved with the terrorist
Sep 22 2003 | by Fergal Parkinson | By the standards of most Americans Faith Fippinger is well-travelled. Over the past few years she has visited almost every continent and the souvenirs dotted around the house prove it. But it was he
Sep 19 2003 | by Janet Gibson | In late August, a young man in Grassy Narrows was killed after a standoff with the Ontario Provincial Police. This story has received little coverage outside the remote area of Northern Ontario wher
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Sep 19 2003 | by David Swick | A year ago, Tim Hortons built a 230,000 square-foot plant in Brantford, Ont. It has the capacity to supply all Canadian and U.S. Tim Hortons outlets with doughnuts, cookies and croissants. From one c
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Sep 18 2003 | by Ahmed Raza | Islamist groups in Pakistan are up in arms against the abolition of the draconian Islamic penal law called Hudood, after a government commission recommended its repeal last month, saying it has spark
Sep 17 2003 | by Peter Grier and Faye Bowers | The movement toward greater economic integration of nations &#151; one of the most profound global trends of the age &#151; hit trouble this week. It's not fatal. The euro zone will inevitably expand
Sep 17 2003 | by Jim Lobe | A Colombian proposal to amnesty leaders of right-wing paramilitary groups responsible for some of the worst massacres of the country's decades-long civil war has been strongly assailed by U.S. human-
Sep 17 2003 | by Scott Piatkowski | What if you called an election and there were no taxes left to cut? With two weeks left in the election campaign, that must be the ultimate nightmare for Ontario's Tories, a party that bases its ent
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Sep 17 2003 | by Daron Letts | Later today, Parliament will vote on Bill C-250, a proposal tabled by Burnaby Douglas MP, Svend Robinson, that would include &#147;sexual orientation&#148; in the hate propaganda sections of the Crim
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Sep 16 2003 | by Guy Caron | Obscene. This was the word on everybody's lips as we rode along the hotel strip on Kukulcan Boulevard in Cancun. The display of wealth is hard to put into words as pseudo Mayan pyramids and resort ca
Sep 16 2003 | by Andrew Simms | You can buy a one-acre plot of land on the moon for &#194;&#163;19.95. Slightly cheaper is Venus, which can be had for &#194;&#163;14.25, plus registration fee. You can do this because, on 22 Novembe
Sep 16 2003 | by Yusuf Agh | When the Man in Black ruled the airwaves, America meant more to the world than the image of The Terminator it has become. That America had exported the sights and sounds of freedom. It was a time whe
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Sep 15 2003 | by Guy Caron | The much-awaited revised draft of the ministerial declaration was finally released Saturday afternoon, to the dismay of developing countries and trade activists. In essence, the agricultural revised
Sep 15 2003 | by Michael Moore | Could General Wesley Clark be the person who can defeat George W. Bush in next year's election? Michael Moore seems to think so. Ever since Clark stuck up for Moore on CNN, Moore has been checking ou
Sep 15 2003 | by Bob Egelko | A San Francisco activist's lawsuit against Nike Inc., which resulted in a controversial state Supreme Court ruling about corporate speech, was settled Friday for a $1.5 million payment by the company
Sep 15 2003 | by Larry Elliott, Charlotte Denny and David Munk | The fragile global economy received a damaging blow last night when trade talks in Cancun collapsed after a walkout by African countries protesting at the west's failure to open its markets to the po