Sep 28 2002 | by Stefan Christoff | &#147;We are disheartened by the violence which was perpetrated today by the police,&#148; says a statement released by the Anti-Capitalist Convergence (ACC) &#151; organizers of the <a href="http://
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Sep 28 2002 | by Jennifer O'Connor | Naomi Klein launches her new book. &#147;The image of the fence and the image of the window,&#148; said Klein at the Toronto launch of <i>Fences and Windows: Dispatches From The Front Lines of the Gl
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Sep 27 2002 | by Rachel Pulfer | The rise of the op-ed, and the fall of the foreign bureau. <i>Globe and Mail</i> columnist Leah McLaren&#146;s English escapades are only the latest in a series of new news lows. Papers across the co
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Sep 26 2002 | by David Bernans | O.K. McCarthyism it isn&#146;t. But Concordia University is facing serious criticism from staff and students alike about the school&#146;s unprecedented, campus-wide ban on public discussion of all t
Sep 25 2002 | by Guardian Staff | The Indian government today blamed Pakistan for an attack on a Hindu temple in Gujarat state that left thirty-two people dead and seventy-four injured. The incident has raised fears of fresh communal
Sep 25 2002 | by Robert Fisk | Tony Blair&#146;s dossier on Iraq is a shocking document that can only fill a decent human being with outrage. Its pages are final proof that a massive crime against humanity has been committed in Ir
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Sep 25 2002 | by Krystalline Kraus | It&#146;s been a bad week. Housing activists and residents of squats in Quebec, Vancouver and now Toronto have been evicted. The sudden razing of Toronto&#146;s Tent City yesterday has come as a shoc
Sep 24 2002 | by Eye-witness Reports | A week and a half ago, housing activists moved into the Woodwards department store on Vancouver&#146;s Downtown Eastside in a bid to convert the vacant building into much needed social housing. A pol
Sep 24 2002 | by Simon Jeffery and agencies | The U.N. security council today passed a resolution demanding Israel withdraw from Palestinian towns and end the destruction of Palestinian property. But the near unanimous vote in New York, from whi
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Sep 24 2002 | by Luke Eric Peterson | In the hit film <i>Minority Report,</i> a Washington D.C.-based police unit, headed by Tom Cruise, specializes in thwarting crimes before they take place. In U.S. President George W. Bush&#146;s late
Sep 23 2002 | by Bernard Simon | His given name is Basil. He dropped out of school at sixteen. His workmates at Chrysler gave him the nickname Buzz in the 1960s and it stuck. He joined the staff of what was then the Canadian branch
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Sep 20 2002 | by Justin Podur | What can happen when a community governs itself &#151; an interview with Colombian community leaders Alirio Arroyave and Arquimedes Viton&#195;&#161;s about direct democracy in action. First of a new
Sep 20 2002 | by Audra Estrones Williams and Mark Laking | &#147;This would be funny,&#148; I often say when life gets away from me, &#147;if it were <i>fiction</i>.&#148; It is a useful sentiment in times of breezy false bravado, or to aid in my resistance
Sep 20 2002 | by Paul Weinberg | A three-year program in British Columbia to anonymously test the blood of pregnant Aboriginal women is creating controversy among Aboriginal AIDS activists. While the data will be valuable in pinpoin
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Sep 19 2002 | by Jennifer O'Connor | The people behind pro-anorexia Web sites (known as &#147;pro-ana&#148;) say they are creating a space where those with eating disorders can find understanding and acceptance through a virtual communi
Sep 19 2002 | by John Hooper | Germany&#146;s knife-edge general election campaign took an extraordinary turn yesterday when conservative candidate, Edmund Stoiber, pledged himself to the deportation of 4,000 alleged Islamic milit
Sep 19 2002 | by Norman Solomon | While the news from the Iraqi capital has been positive in recent days, all signs say Washington will proceed with plans for war. During the current heavy dance of death, the U.S. government leads wi
Sep 18 2002 | by Ed Vulliamy & Kamal Ahmed | The United Nations fears that Iraq will become ungovernable if Saddam Hussein is deposed by military force because the U.S. will fail to make a long-term commitment to the country. As President Georg
Sep 17 2002 | by Arundhati Roy | One hundred and thirty million Muslims live in India. Hindu fascists regard them as legitimate prey. The lynch mob continues to be the arbiter of the routine affairs of daily life: who can live where
Sep 17 2002 | by Eric Schmitt | While Iraq welcomed the return of U.N. weapons inspectors &#147;without conditions&#148; yesterday, the U.S. continued its &#147;preparations for war&#148; that look a lot like, well, war. American a
Sep 16 2002 | by Jaggi Singh | Smears, insults and smoke screens have been the modus operandi of former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu&#146;s political career, against even domestic Israeli opponents who offer minor con
Sep 16 2002 | by Feminist Daily News Wire | Pauline Nyiramasuhuko, Rwanda&#226;e(TM)s minister of family and women&#226;e(TM)s affairs, is the first woman to ever be charged with rape as a crime against humanity. She faces eleven charges at th
Sep 16 2002 | by Ben Thompson | The Canadian government announced last week that it is appealing a decision handed down by a Quebec court that declared Canada&#146;s marriage laws unconstitutional because they discriminate against
Sep 13 2002 | by ten young photographers | Street-Level Youth Media in Chicago offered ten youth the opportunity to participate in an intense four-week training and photo essay project with an internationally recognized photojournalist. What
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Sep 13 2002 | by Alejandro Bustos | It&#146;s a dirty job, but someone&#146;s gotta police the police. In Vancouver&#146;s Downtown Eastside, Pivot Legal Society is helping the people who suffer most when the powers that be let the pow
Sep 12 2002 | by Gordon Lockheed | It is now closing in on six months since the collapse of Stoddart Publishing and General Distribution Services (GDS), and the admission of surrender contained in Jack Stoddart&#146;s court affidavit.
Sep 12 2002 | by Jonathan Steele | Yasser Arafat suffered one of the biggest humiliations of his career yesterday when his government was forced to resign to avoid a parliamentary vote of confidence. Although the Palestinian leader ha
Sep 11 2002 | by Nancy Carr | The standing ovation received by former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu from his audience in Toronto last night was in sharp contrast to the scene outside the performance hall. Up to 1,000
Sep 11 2002 | by Paul Weinberg | One year after the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, it is difficult to know how many people have been affected by Canada&#146;s new anti-terrorism measures. Wider police powers and
Sep 11 2002 | by Chris Lombardi | Afghan women&#146;s liberty remains in peril. Last week&#146;s assassination attempt against Afghanistan's president and the same-day explosions in the nation&#146;s capital that killed twenty-five m