Jun 9 2003 | by Stuart Millar and Alison Langley | British activist Martin Shaw was badly injured when a rope suspending him from a bridge was cut. Now he wants the officer he blames put on trial. Shaw fell 20 metres (65ft) from a motorway bridge int
Jun 9 2003 | by Steven Greenhouse | Ten labor unions, including the steelworkers and auto workers, urged U.S. presidential candidates yesterday to back a 10-year, $300 billion research plan that would promote energy efficiency, reduce
Jun 9 2003 | by Liam Pleven | AIDS is wreaking human havoc across Russia, with unofficial estimates at 700,000 cases or more of HIV and AIDS in a population of roughly 145 million people. It is one of the fastest-growing AIDS epi
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Jun 8 2003 | by Sharon Fraser | The NDPâe(TM)s one-woman force for the interests of the people of New Brunswick will hope the stars are aligned in her favour and she will have NDP company in the next provincial legislature. S
Jun 6 2003 | by Jonathan Watts | For the first time since the Korean war the United States is to withdraw its troops from the border between North and South, a redeployment which raises the prospect of a U.S. strike on Pyongyang&#14
Jun 6 2003 | by Daniel Dickinson | Women’s groups in Tanzania have begun using one of the country’s most popular art forms — cartoon strips — in an effort to raise awareness of women’s rights.
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Jun 6 2003 | by Baijayanta (Baj) Mukhopadhyay | When Baijayanta Mukhopadhyay was delayed boarding his flight because of a certain book in his backpack, he began to question whether there are some concepts that produce such insecurity that an atte
Jun 5 2003 | by David Fickling | New Zealand formally apologized yesterday for the Taranaki land wars, one of the darkest episodes in its 163-year history. Nearly 200 Maori and dozens of settlers were killed in the conflicts, after
Jun 5 2003 | by Joanne Kenen | Representatives approved a ban on a procedure critics call “partial birth” abortions on Wednesday. If the bill, approved 282-139, withstands legal challenges, it would be the first time a s
Jun 5 2003 | by Robert Jensen | Effective antiwar organizing requires not only identifying potential allies but finding new and creative ways to reach them with antiwar arguments. A new book of &#147;remixed&#148; war posters, <i>Y
Jun 5 2003 | by Charlie Angus | A quick drive through the Rapid Lake reserve wouldn&#146;t necessarily give you any clues that this is a community in the throes of a massive housing crisis. After all, everyone here seems to have so
Jun 4 2003 | by Tim Harper | An internal U.S. government report has officially confirmed the systemic abuse of the rights of hundreds of immigrants from Arab countries who were held in dehumanizing conditions in the wake of the
Jun 4 2003 | by Salam Pax | His irreverent web diary became an Internet sensation during the war. Now, in the first of his fortnightly <i>Guardian</i> columns, Salam Pax reports on life in the Iraqi capital.
Jun 4 2003 | by Oren Medicks | Three months ago, Nazeeh, a farmer from the Palestinian village of Mas&#146;ha, received a confiscation order issued by the Israeli authorities. Ninety-five percent of his land was to be confiscated
Jun 4 2003 | by Stefan Christoff | On May 21, Adil Charkaoui, a landed immigrant originally from Morocco, was arrested in Montreal and is currently being held in detention under a &#147;national security certificate&#148; with &#147;s
Jun 3 2003 | by Sean Penn | Actor Sean Penn paid approximately $120,000 for a full-page ad in the <i>New York Times</i> to publish his 4,000 word essay. In Personal Voices: Kilroy&#146;s Still Here, Penn explains why he went to
Jun 3 2003 | by Jared Israel | Have you heard about the Afghan Jihad schoolbook scandal? Probably not. It has been almost unreported in the Western media that the U.S. government shipped &#151; and continues to ship &#151; million
Jun 3 2003 | by Gideon Burrows | The script for this year&#146;s G8 summit and surrounding protests could, just like the meeting&#146;s &#147;final&#148; communique, published today, have been written weeks before the event itself.
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Jun 3 2003 | by Luke Eric Peterson | Would a government-funded newspaper resemble Pravda? Or could it cover investigative ground that the commercial media ignore? Journalist Luke Eric Peterson raises the questions, offers the arguments
Jun 2 2003 | by Justin Podur | For all its faults, Canada&#146;s healthcare system is still far more efficient than the U.S. system. But instead of trying to learn from it, U.S. health management companies are trying to destroy it
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Jun 2 2003 | by Alan Lennon | With sex workers marching next to socialist stockbrokers and people of all ages dancing in Trafalgar Square, Alan Lennon&#226;e(TM)s camera was in the right place at the right time to capture the cel
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Jun 2 2003 | by Doug Smith | Manitobans are going to the polls to have their say on Gary Doer&#226;e(TM)s NDP government. If the polls are any indication, the NDP will be returned to power by a large majority. Doug Smith takes
Jun 2 2003 | by Jasper Becker | Today heralds the climax of a massive engineering feat to dam the world&#146;s third longest river. But while China&#146;s leaders celebrate, many of the 700,000 people displaced by the work are bitt
Jun 2 2003 | by Dave Lindorff | Everyone agreed it wasn&#146;t the sex that got President Clinton in trouble. It was the lying. If having extramarital sex in the White House were an impeachable offense, the impeachment of president
Jun 2 2003 | by Stuart Millar | Chaos last night threatened to overshadow what had been a carnival atmosphere among anti-globalisation protesters as police in Geneva and Lausanne fought with groups of anarchists and anti-capitalist
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May 30 2003 | by Yves Engler | The World Trade Organization is coming to Canada and Montr&#195;&#169;al activists are preparing an appropriate welcome. Yves Engler reports on some of the developments that are not yet making the n
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May 30 2003 | by Andrew Potter | In a series published in the <i>National Post</i> last fall, historian Michael Bliss made a tremendous amount of hay out of his observation that Canadians had become culturally almost indistinguishab
May 29 2003 | by Kari Lydersen | There is a saying in the area that, if you want to find Ju&#195;&#161;rez, located just across the border from El Paso, Texas, just follow the crosses. And there are a lot of them. More than 350 wome
May 29 2003 | by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman | In April, the U.S. government launched its Arabic language satellite TV news station for Muslim Iraq. It is being produced at Grace Digital Media, a studio controlled by fundamentalist Christians who
May 29 2003 | by Andrew Orlowski | The Internet is dying, says Lawrence Lessig, a law professor with a cult following amongst technophiles. Lessig is mobilizing against the FCC&#146;s relaxation of media outlets, which could lead to