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Apr 18 2002 | by Judy Rebick | In these dark political times &#151; with war clouds swirling and repression rising &#151; we don't often have much to celebrate. But please raise a glass with us today: <I>rabble.ca</I> is one year
Apr 18 2002 | by Guardian Staff | Four Canadian soldiers died in Afghanistan last night after an American fighter jet mistakenly dropped a laser-guided 250-kg bomb on the Canadian unit. The bombing occured during a well publicized li
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Apr 17 2002 | by Guy Dauncey and Patrick Mazza | What are the seven major solutions to end urban sprawl? Find out here, in the second excerpt from the book, "Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to Global Climate Change."
Apr 17 2002 | by John Aglionby | In a landslide election, East Timor's former resistance leader, Xanana Gusmao, was officially declared the winner of the nation's first presidential election today. As the first president of an indep
Apr 17 2002 | by Philip Willan | Raising the stakes in a long standing battle between trade unions and the government over changes in labour law, Italy's first full-day general strike in twenty years brought much of the country to
Apr 17 2002 | by Guy Grossman | I was the eleventh Israeli reserve officer to join Ometz Le'sarev (Courage to Refuse) and sign the declaration refusing to fight for the continued occupation of Palestinian land. This war is unjust.
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Apr 16 2002 | by Guy Dauncey and Patrick Mazza | Everything has to come from somewhere - from earth's fields, forests or oceans; and it has to go somewhere when it's finished. On average, North Americans could do with less.This is the first of thre
Apr 16 2002 | by Bob Rae | Has Bob Rae finally come out? Today the former Ontario premier publicly tears his shirt to the New Democratic Party by condemning federal NDP Member of Parliament, Svend Robinson, for advocating what
Apr 15 2002 | by Gregory Wilpert | Many feared that with the April 11 coup attempt against President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela was being degraded to being just another country forced to bend to the powerful will of the United States. Ins
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Apr 15 2002 | by Darren Boisvert | It's the worst violence in Israel since the invasion of Lebanon in 1982. Even the best television reports can only tell part of the story. Here are some snapshots of different scenes all too common i
Apr 15 2002 | by Guardian Staff | Inspired by Future Forests - the U.K.-based company which advises individuals and groups on how to reduce CO2 emissions - visual artist Damien Hirst's latest exhibit features a huge installation usin
Apr 12 2002 | by CBC News Staff | A veteran Yukon broadcaster is fighting back after being fired for breastfeeding her baby at work. Joanne Henry says Northern Native Broadcasting Yukon is a violating her human rights and breaking th
Apr 12 2002 | by Gregory Wilpert | Media reports on the events in Venezuela are that President Hugo Chavez (now resigned) was responsible for killing thirteen demonstrators, but this eyewitness is not so sure. "I clearly saw that ther
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Apr 12 2002 | by Vittorio Longhi | Labour in Italy is poised for a general strike on April 16, but political manoeuvring by the government and terrorist attacks by the infamous Red Brigade threaten to sabotage the effort.
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Apr 12 2002 | by Judy Rebick | Through the lenses of seven experienced directors, the documentary "View from the Summit" follows six people on both sides of the famous fence. The result is an intense, textured, roller-coaster ride
Apr 12 2002 | by Rachel Rinaldo | As part of its war on terrorism, the American military has been eager to restore relations with its Indonesian counterpart. Those ties were cut off after military violence in East Timor in 1999, but
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Apr 11 2002 | by Herschel Hardin | I for one enjoy the Aspers' frankness about their CanWest media properties. I've relished the imposition of centralized editorials because it tears off the veil that surrounds ownership. When the fus
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Apr 10 2002 | by Byron Christopher | When a strike by teachers shut down Alberta schools for most of February, parents and politicians complained that thousands of students missed out on some education. Maybe not: students say they got
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Apr 9 2002 | by David Leibl | For a few weeks now, Winnipeggers have been able to buy meat bearing a seal of approval from the city's humane society. The program might not put an end to factory farming, but it does seem to be pop
Apr 9 2002 | by Kristie Reilly | Even after the collapse of the Taliban and the &#226;eoeliberation&#226;e of Afghanistan, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) continues to fight - under threat of death
Apr 9 2002 | by Jodie Sinnema | In Alberta, the number of special needs students within the school system has grown at a much faster pace in the last decade than the number of teachers' assistants to help look after them. And speci
Apr 9 2002 | by CBC News Staff | After his appeal was turned down by the Durham Catholic District School Board - ruling that it could not permit the grade 12 student to take his twenty-one-year-old date to the prom - Marc Hall calle
Apr 9 2002 | by Stan Josey | After Durham Catholic District School Board chair Mary Ann Martin read a prepared statement reaffirming the board's stand that same-sex dates will not be allowed at school social functions, seventeen
Apr 9 2002 | by CUPE | The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP) and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) - representing 650,000 Canadians - demand that incoming Ontario Premier Ernie Eves
Apr 8 2002 | by Marlene Martin | Since Juan Roberto Melendez became the twenty-second death row prisoner to be released in Florida, a more recent court halted execution has lead to declaring the state&#226;e(TM)s death penalty law a
Apr 8 2002 | by British Columbia Federation of Labour | At a news conference in Vancouver yesterday, leaders of British Columbia&#226;e(TM)s faith communities, non-profit societies, community organizations, trade unions and the environmental movement, joi
Apr 8 2002 | by Homa Khaleeli | Set in Jamaica, Stephanie Black's anti-globalization film challenges the cozy myths built up around the economic trinity of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Inter-American Deve
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Apr 8 2002 | by Stuart Duncan | The trials of Ontario Coalition Against Poverty members charged after the protest at the province's legislature on June 15, 2000, could have sweeping effects on the radical left. The arbitrary abilit
Apr 8 2002 | by Mona Hamza | While Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat still lacks a clear strategic plan, the Palestinian people continue to pay the price for all of the historic compromises he agreed to in disastrous peace agreem
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Apr 5 2002 | by Nate Hendley | At an April 2 lecture in an east end Toronto church, Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians outlined the benefits of publicly funded healthcare. She urged her audience not to be fooled by false cla