Sep 4 2003 | by Matt Higgins | At age 65, Hunter S. Thompson is still fighting, still smoking and still churning out humorous and propulsive prose with his latest book, <i>Kingdom of Fear: Loathsome Secrets of a Star-Crossed Child
Sep 4 2003 | by John Bulloch | According to a recent Health Canada survey, one in four Canadians still think they can contract HIV/AIDS through kissing and mosquito bites. Nearly 20 per cent believe AIDS can be cured if treated ea
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Sep 4 2003 | by Yves Engler | Rising tuition costs combined with stagnating wages and inadequate loans and bursaries are becoming a serious obstacle to post-secondary education, especially for those from poor and working class fa
Sep 3 2003 | by Robert J. Nebel | For his newest book, political satirist Al Franken employed a staff of Harvard University students, also known as &#147;Team Franken,&#148; to dig through stacks of commentary from right wingers. In
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Sep 3 2003 | by Murray Dobbin | For thousands of activists in both the developed world and the third world, Cuba has been both an inspiration and an amazing example of a country that has actually withstood the extreme hostility of
Sep 3 2003 | by Loolwa Khazzoom | Jews and Arabs are getting along peacefully in Israel. At least, that is, on the stages of hip hop concerts throughout the country, where male and female rappers of all ethnicities come to strut thei
Sep 2 2003 | by Elaine Carey | Here's a shocker: poor people live in more polluted neighbourhoods and more of them die from lung disease, according to a study released today. The study, published in the <i>Canadian Medical Associa
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Sep 2 2003 | by Stan Hister | If the purpose of the recent feast organized by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty was to make the well-heeled squirm, it wasn't much of asuccess. Of the Yorkville denizens who bothered topay atte
Sep 2 2003 | by Matthew Riemer | Even if all of the U.S. military's goals are met, the old and ideological issues surrounding Iraq's fragmentation must still be overcome if Iraq is going to become an independent state capable of car
Sep 2 2003 | by George Monbiot | The wealthiest 5 per cent of the world's people now earn 114 times as much as the poorest 5 per cent. The 500 richest people on earth now own more than the combined annual incomes of the poorest half
Sep 1 2003 | by Samir Hussain | Pierre Pettigrew was given immense media coverage to preach the virtues of globalization during the August WTO meeting in Montreal. Meanwhile, those who opposed the WTO's agenda were discredited for
Sep 1 2003 | by Dave Gilson | The late, unlamented Idi Amin may have been the most notorious, but dozens of other deposed despots are still living in luxurious impunity. As this list compiled by <i>Mother Jones</i> claims, plenty
Sep 1 2003 | by Alan Boyd | Western governments support Sam Rainsy to lead Cambodia into a new phase, one that could include World Trade Organization membership and badly needed investment capital. Now all the opposition leader
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Aug 29 2003 | by Chris Arsenault | As summer winds down, festivalgoers in Antigonish got a taste of political and environmental awareness along with lots of music, food, beer and like-minded company.
Aug 29 2003 | by Jason Gondziola | Still largely financed by speculative investment, the new and controversial biotech industry has found a home in Montreal, now one of the 10 largest clusters in North America. The city's 300 biopharm
Aug 29 2003 | by Kristen Kidder | In the desolate sand expanses of Nevada, men reportedly paid $10,000 to go &#147;Bambi Hunting&#148; &#151; stalking naked women with paintball guns. For those few days in July, when the story broke,
Aug 28 2003 | by Stephen Henighan | In 1982 I had my first argument with an American about Saddam Hussein. While our exchange hardly represented the summit of refined political debate, it does highlight the historical amnesia that is a
Aug 28 2003 | by Jyotsna Singh | Environment and consumer activists in India have voiced strong support for the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), the group that came out with a report earlier in August that Pepsi and Cola dr
Aug 28 2003 | by Orly Halpern | It wasn't easy being a genius in Saddam Hussein's Iraq. For philosopher Khudair Meeri, it meant choosing between death and insanity. Meeri spent years acting like a madman in order to avoid execution
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Aug 28 2003 | by Krystalline Kraus | While no one got to literally &#147;Eat the Rich&#148; at OCAP's Feast in Toronto's Yorkville, people who would ordinarily only go into the posh neighbourhood to work as waiters got a chance to wine
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Aug 27 2003 | by Laila Malik | They say that before she got sick, Bilqis Fatima made the best food on the block, and fed whoever came through her door. Despite her own meagre welfare cheque, she took care of the down-and-out, the
Aug 27 2003 | by Dan Isaacs | An appeal hearing is beginning in northern Nigeria for Amina Lawal, a woman convicted of adultery under Islamic law and sentenced to death by stoning. The case has caught the attention of human right
Aug 27 2003 | by Asuman Bisiika | Paul Kagame is uncharitable to people who put an ethnic tag to the candidates or all Rwandans. And yet, although Kagame finds &#147;ethnic divisions&#148; repugnant, the mutual mistrust between the H
Aug 26 2003 | by Barbara Crossette | The Bush administration's obsession with the International Criminal Court shows no signs of abating any time soon, with Washington willing to undermine all international peacekeeping if that's what i
Aug 26 2003 | by Michael Rom | Like kitty-cornered Starbucks, choosing a location is meaningful. Vancouver is now home to two distinct tent communities, each with their own character. For the tent dwellers of Crab Park, the focus
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Aug 26 2003 | by Sanjaya Dhakal | Mentruation is a horror that visits women in the mid-western and far-western regions of Nepal every month. The practice of isolation known as Chhaupadi forces hundreds of thousands of women to live
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Aug 25 2003 | by Jeffrey Smith and David Webster | Four years ago this month, East Timor voted for independence following aquarter-century of brutal foreign occupation. Whether that independence will be secure depends on aneconomic question: who wil
Aug 25 2003 | by Tony Sitathan | Indonesia is in the midst of a political storm over the implementation of a comprehensive anti-terrorist bill. Several prominent Indonesians warn against turning back the clock when it comes to prote
Aug 22 2003 | by Kimi Eisele | Diesel has just unvieled its new poverty-chic fall line, entitled &#147;Trabajadores,&#148; Spanish for &#147;workers.&#148; But as the number of undocumented, would-be migrant workers found dead in
Aug 22 2003 | by Ted Rall | WorldCom Inc. ranks with Enron in the annals of modern corporate debauchery. After an $11 billion accounting scandal sunk the infamous telecommunications conglomerate into bankruptcy, the U.S. Genera