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Oct 21 2003 | by Russell Wangersky | The people of Newfoundland and Labrador go to the polls October 21. With the campaigning over, the people will speak. As the candidates consider their futures — some will win, more will lose &#1
Oct 20 2003 | by Amos Oz | After two years of secret talks, a group of prominent Israeli leftists and Palestinian leaders last week unveiled what they claim is a blueprint for Middle-Eastern peace. Israeli novelist Amos Oz, wh
Oct 20 2003 | by Andrew Buncombe | Mohammed Odeh al-Rehaief, an Iraqi lawyer who provided information to U.S. forces searching for prisoner of war Jessica Lynch, published his memoir Friday. The book's publicist is Lauri Fitz-Pegado,
Oct 20 2003 | by Cem Ozturk | As it has done in the past in times of political crisis, the military regime in Myanmar has launched a major campaign against an internal minority, this time Muslims. But unlike in the past, the move
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Oct 20 2003 | by rabble staff | <I>rabble</I> features Canadian voices every day. Yes, they can be discordant and sometimes grumbling. But they bring a captivating and alternative perspective: &#147;news for the rest of us.&#148; T
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Oct 17 2003 | by The A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition | Next weekend, across the country, Canadians will join with people around the world to demand an end to the occupation of Iraq. In rallies, workshops and demonstrations, the anti-war movement will c
Oct 17 2003 | by Marjorie Cohn | George W. Bush has maintained the economic embargo against Cuba as a vehicle to pander to the anti-Castro Cuban-Americans in Florida who wield tremendous political clout in the U.S. electoral system.
Oct 17 2003 | by Kevin Black | If you're waiting for Ontario's school curriculum to deal with racism, then you may feel you're riding in the back of a mighty slow bus. The Ministry of Education promised to change the curriculum a
Oct 16 2003 | by Aziz Choudry | Colin Powell calls Conservation International's work &#147;amazing&#148;. In 2001, CI received one of the biggest ever grants to an environmental organization &#151; US $261 million. But CI uses its
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Oct 16 2003 | by Krystalline Kraus | Reclaim the Streets is a simple concept &#0151 the idea that the streets should belong to people and that public space should belong to the public. The annual street party, held in cities around the
Oct 16 2003 | by Andrew Simms | In 2001, 170 million people were affected by disasters, 97 per cent of which were climate-related, such as floods, droughts and storms. Over the next 50 years, global warming could create 150 million
Oct 16 2003 | by Maurice Lemoine | Venezuela's opposition loathes the crucial agricultural reforms of President Hugo Ch&#195;&#161;vez, which have begun to return parts of enormous, barely used land-holdings to poor landless peasants
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Oct 15 2003 | by Murray MacAdam | On average, cocoa bean growers earn about one penny of the dollar we pay for a typical candy bar. Farmers and their children are trapped in a pit of poverty. Meanwhile, a few giant corporations earn
Oct 15 2003 | by Jon Fine | Ten years ago magazine publishers barely ever gave Wal-Mart a second thought. Now the retailer dominates conversations on everything from their hopes for new launches to their growing fears for the h
Oct 15 2003 | by Deepa Kandaswamy | Despite 4,000 years of contributions, many are unaware of pioneering women like Empress Shi Dun who invented paper, Florence Nightingale, the famous nurse but little known inventor of the pie chart,
Oct 14 2003 | by Ben Thompson | Five senior Canadian Anglican archbishops including the Primate of Canada have issued a stern warning to their American cousins: Stay out of Canada. The group said it has lost patience with the conse
Oct 14 2003 | by Jeremy Hainsworth | In the face of new bylaws limiting squeegeeing in the city of Vancouver, squeegee folks have created the Squeegee Council and have also joined the International Workers of the World (IWW) labour orga
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Oct 14 2003 | by Sandra Alland | On October 16, supporters of the Grassy Narrows First Nation will travel from Winnipeg and elsewhere to protest at the Grassy Narrows blockade. It is the longest (and consistently peaceful) blockade
Oct 14 2003 | by Natasha Walter | We in the west often seem to believe that we have a sort of monopoly on feminism. But one peace prize does not turn the west into the defender of women's rights worldwide. In a way, the award was a r
Oct 14 2003 | by Stefan Christoff | Since October 2000, the Secwepemc people of Skwelkwek'welt, in the south-central interior of British Columbia, have been sustaining a resistance campaign against the expansion of Sunpeaks Ski Resort.
Oct 13 2003 | by Elliott Colla and Chris Toensing | Slickly produced <i>Hi</i> magazine is the latest joint venture developed by the U.S. State Department and media consultants to &#147;build bridges of communication&#148; between Arabs and the United
Oct 13 2003 | by Oksana Yablokova | A year and a half after the editor of the <i>Tolyatti Review</i> was gunned down, his friend and successor was stabbed to death. Both killings were seen by their colleagues and investigators as contr
Oct 13 2003 | by Thomas A. Dine | Independent Russian journalists are subjected to nuisance lawsuits, harassment by tax police and other authorities and, in some cases, violent attacks whose perpetrators are never caught and prosecut
Oct 10 2003 | by Joe Garofoli | Conservative talk show host Melanie Morgan couldn't resist a little day-after gloating Wednesday, wallowing in the afterglow of a Republican measuring the drapes in the California governor's mansion.
Oct 10 2003 | by Suzanne Goldenberg | Almost all of the bureaucrats at Iraq's information ministry have done well since the war. The government minders who did their best to obstruct the work of foreign reporters have gone on to well-pai
Oct 10 2003 | by Herbert Docena | On October 23 and 24, the United States will be sitting down with rich creditor countries, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) in Madrid. The IMF, the World Bank and the UN
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Oct 10 2003 | by Stan Hister | You have to wonder: what does it take to lose an election? Seven peopledead, over 2,000 sick, a damning official inquiry. And still the Tory winsin a walk in the riding that includes Walkerton, an On
Oct 10 2003 | by Erich Marquardt | Turkey's physical intervention in Iraq is necessary if Ankara is interested in influencing political, economic and security arrangements in northern Iraq. Just as importantly, Ankara's decision will
Oct 9 2003 | by Laurie Kelliher | In the increasingly corporate world of radio, low-power FM isn't about how far your signal reaches but how near. These are neighbourhood stations, run by groups that have either been pushed out of th
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Oct 9 2003 | by Yves Engler | In the 1990s, the IMF/World Bank pushed the reorganization of Burkina Faso's agricultural sector, so the government provided new seed varieties and other support services to cotton farmers to increas