Apr 20 2003 | by Louisa Blair | The men in black get cell phones. The protesters weave, dance and draw. It's more difficult to get through the fence now. Still, little girls go bicycling and spring proceeds.
Apr 19 2003 | by Louisa Blair | Helicopters, men in black, many dogs and their biscuits, and a car that may break down the wall: the Summit of the Americas gears up. People living behind the fence feel the tension.
Apr 18 2003 | by Louisa Blair | What is behind the security fence in Quebec City? This barrier has been erected for a meeting of world leaders. It's keeping out many others who want in. But still, people live here - with the right
Apr 18 2003 | by Robert Fisk | It’s going wrong faster than anyone could have imagined. The army of “liberation” has already turned into the army of occupation. The Shias are threatening to fight the Americans. Amer
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Apr 18 2003 | by Jenn Ruddy | The controversy over women’s exclusion from the prestigious Augusta National golf course ended with a thud last weekend with a poorly attended protest and little fuss. Perhaps the pathetic turno
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Apr 18 2003 | by Judy Rebick | In the two intense years since our launch on April 18, 2001, <i>rabble</i> has become home to thousands of progressive thinkers and doers across the country. Our audience has grown to more than 100,0
Apr 17 2003 | by Anthony Stoppard | The South African government will grant financial compensation to the 22,000 survivors of apartheid identified by the country&#146;s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, but it is firmly opposed to i
Apr 17 2003 | by Michel Guerrin | The Marines&#146; motto is &#147;Search and Kill.&#148; The words Carnivore and Blind Killer are painted on their tanks. On our approach to Baghdad, American snipers got the order to kill anything co
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Apr 17 2003 | by Kathy Kelly | Baghdad is in ruins. Two musicians, Majid Al-Ghazali and Hisham Sharaf, come to our hotel, hoping to use our satellite phone. &#147;One month ago, I was the director of the Baghdad Symphony Orchestra
Apr 16 2003 | by Sarah Ferguson | Anti-war demonstrations continue, but following last week&#146;s footage of jubilant Iraqis cheering the downfall of Saddam Hussein, peace protesters concede that their universal plea &#151; &#147;U.
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Apr 16 2003 | by Joanne Huffa | In Toronto, this city we claim is safer than any place in the U.S.A. because firearms are, for the most part, illegal, a woman with a gun is as much a curiosity as a menace to society. We Canadians p
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Apr 15 2003 | by Sarah Cox | The 1930s destruction of millions of bags of surplus Brazilian beans, splashed with crude oil and incinerated in dozens of &#147;burning centres,&#148; has faded from collective memory. But today&#14
Apr 15 2003 | by Alex Kirby | The U.S. has no plans to remove the debris left over from depleted uranium (DU) weapons used in Iraq. It says no clean-up is needed, citing new research minimizing DU&#146;s long-term effects.
Apr 14 2003 | by Mark Bourrie | After leading the world to adopt an anti-landmine treaty, Canada may have quietly broken the spirit of the agreement in Afghanistan. Duke University&#146;s Michael Byers says the U.S. military &#147;
Apr 14 2003 | by Mary Kaldor | Those who oppose war should not allow themselves to be seen as defenders of the status quo. There is a need for regime change in much of the Middle East, just as there is in Washington. But Mary Kald
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Apr 11 2003 | by Meera Karunananthan | In late January, Mel Middleton, founder of Alberta-based human rights organization Freedom Quest International, travelled to Sudan on a fact-finding mission. What he found was shocking &#151; fields
Apr 11 2003 | by John Tirman | The results of the war on Iraq cannot be measured by the military capacity to control Baghdad, occupy the entire country and eradicate the odious Saddam Hussein regime. And this war is on the road to
Apr 11 2003 | by Phyllis Bennis | Like everyone else, we anticipated that some Iraqis would welcome U.S. troops and cheer their arrival. Many have already tempered their welcome with urging the U.S. not to stay in Iraq for long. Most
Apr 10 2003 | by Gary Younge | For the last week America has been gripped by the &#147;Saving Private Jessica&#148; mission. Nobody wanted to hear the sadder story of her friend and tentmate Private Lori Piestewa, twenty-three and
Apr 10 2003 | by William O. Beeman | Iranians are cautiously preparing for war with the United States. The signs are all there. Responding to a question on the recent threats raised by U.S. officials against Iran, a spokeman for the For
Apr 10 2003 | by Julio Godoy | International journalists&#146; organizations are accusing the U.S. government of committing war crimes in Iraq by intentionally firing at war correspondents. &#147;A media outlet cannot be a militar
Apr 10 2003 | by Robert Fisk | The Americans &#147;liberated&#148; Baghdad yesterday, destroyed the centre of Saddam Hussein&#146;s quarter-century of brutal dictatorial power but brought behind them an army of looters who unleash
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Apr 9 2003 | by Corvin Russell | Then build it. The first ever full Toronto Social Forum that took place the last weekend in March was an event unlike any other the city has seen. And it included the potentially epoch-making initiat
Apr 9 2003 | by Wayne Saunders | This year, &#147;them&#148; means Iraqis. Last year &#147;them&#148; meant Afghans. Perhaps next year the North Koreans will cue up for their liberation. But the smart money is still on Syria. Then a
Apr 9 2003 | by Simon Helweg-Larsen | Regular air and ground weapons such as missiles, light bombs and bullets often cause more civilian casualties than irregular weapons (cluster weapons, depleted uranium, napalm). However, the terror
Apr 9 2003 | by Robert Fisk | At first they looked like tiny, armoured centipedes, stopping and starting, dappled brown and grey, weird little creatures that had come to inspect an alien land and search for water. You had to keep
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Apr 9 2003 | by Haven Anderson | The education system has a lot to learn  from its students. You just have to listen. &#147;Not surprisingly, adults resist being told what they can do and how they must do it. It&#146;s astonishing
Apr 8 2003 | by Laura McDowell | Today&#146;s music is not all about hoes in different area codes and what Britany wore to the MTV Music Video Awards. Turn off your MTV and tune in to the underground sounds of modern protest music.
Apr 8 2003 | by Dean Murphy | Librarians are using shredders to show their opposition to new F.B.I. powers. The daily destruction of documents is part of a campaign by Santa Cruz libraries to protest the Patriot Act, the law pass
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Apr 7 2003 | by J.B. MacKinnon | The fight against the bloodletting is essentially over. The fight over the meaning of this conflict &#151; its myth, its place in history &#151; has just begun. What a chilling time to see the emerge