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Mar 13 2003 | by Lisa Ndejuru | “When I left Montreal all I knew was that I could never again watch another war on TV.” On 26 January, 2002, Lisa Ndejuru left Montreal for Iraq. She was going to join the Iraq Peace Team,
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Mar 12 2003 | by Mina Sahib | Mina Sahib is a Canadian university student of Iraqi decent who is busy with her school work and “trying to keep up with all the war rhetoric on the news.” She delivered this speech on Marc
Mar 11 2003 | by Bhupinder S. Liddar | The Canadian proposal currently circulating at the UN, titled “Ideas on bridging the divide,” says the focus should be put back on disarming Iraq, but it leaves no doubt that if the propose
Mar 11 2003 | by Richard Goldstein | Say what you will about oil and hegemony, but the pending invasion of Iraq is more than just a geopolitical act. It’s also the manifestation of a cultural attitude. To understand how this war is
Mar 11 2003 | by Jimmy Carter | As a Christian and as a president who was severely provoked by international crises, I became thoroughly familiar with the principles of a just war, and it is clear that a substantially unilateral at
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Mar 11 2003 | by Scott Redding | Balide Prison, where thousands of East Timorese were tortured during the country’s nearly twenty-five-year Indonesian occupation, was reopened last month — as the national office for The Co
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Mar 10 2003 | by J.B. MacKinnon | Iraqi soldiers, many if not most of them unwilling warriors, are the people who are caught in this potential war’s Catch-22. The pro-war crowd says they want to set these Iraqis free. In the &#1
Mar 10 2003 | by Jeremy Brecher | If the U.S. attacks Iraq without support of the UN Security Council, will the world be powerless to stop it? No. Under a procedure called “Uniting for Peace,” the UN General Assembly can de
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Mar 7 2003 | by Hank Wrightstorm | A homage to procrastinators everywhere. Consider some of history’s most despicable villains — you won’t find a single procrastinator among them. They were doers and go-getters, plotter
Mar 7 2003 | by Patrick Cockburn | In the mountain city of Dohuk, some forty highly trained U.S. special forces are secretly preparing the way for the American armies expected to invade Iraq in the next few weeks. The purpose of the s
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Mar 6 2003 | by Judy Rebick | The <i>Lysistrata</i> Project, one of the many anti-war actions sweeping the globe, reminds us that women&#146;s opposition to war goes back a long way in human history. While I am glad to see a rev
Mar 6 2003 | by Gerard Seenan | Every person in Scotland is to be guaranteed a home under legislation passed in Edinburgh yesterday. The Homelessness Act, passed by the Scottish parliament, is intended to ensure that by 2012 every
Mar 5 2003 | by Muddassir Rizvi | The weekend show of strength by religious parties in the southern port city of Karachi is making Pakistan&#146;s government extremely uncomfortable, coming at a time when it is trying to keep a low p
Mar 5 2003 | by Nicholas Keung | And then immediately begins again. Mr. Justice Lee Ferrier declared the mistrial due to legal issues concerning the first attempt at jury selection in the trial of anti-poverty activists John Clarke,
Mar 5 2003 | by Asjylyn Loder | At least 110 Romani women in eastern Slovakia have been subjected to involuntary sterilization says a recent report by investigators from women&#146;s rights organizations in New York and Slovakia.
Mar 5 2003 | by Jim Lobe | &#147;Turkish support is assured,&#148; Paul Wolfowitz declared triumphantly in early December as he emerged from a meeting with top military and government officials in Ankara. The smug certainty wi
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Mar 5 2003 | by Aaron Mat&#195;&#169; | Arrests at York University Peace Protest: <a href="" target="_blank">find out more</a> on <i>babble</i>. Students across Canada a
Mar 4 2003 | by Justin Huggler | A pregnant woman crushed to death when Israeli soldiers dynamited the house next door; a few streets away a smear of the blood on the road where a boy aged fourteen was shot dead by tank fire &#151;
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Mar 4 2003 | by Penney Kome | Dr. Arthur Clark is a neuroscientist from Calgary who has dedicated his off hours to shining the spotlight on America&#146;s warring ways &#151; and the propaganda machine that makes it all possible.
Mar 3 2003 | by Robin Wright | After a weekend of stunning setbacks, the United States appears increasingly isolated in its efforts to rally international diplomatic and military support for a war in Iraq, although the Bush admini
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Mar 3 2003 | by J.B. MacKinnon | The uncomfortable fact is that the pro-war camp is merrily interpreting even its staunchest opposition on pro-war terms. Under that rubric, there&#146;s no doubt that there&#146;s a &#147;just war&#1
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Mar 3 2003 | by Penney Kome | &#147;The Parhad programs take as their field of interest conditions and events that affect human health and well-being worldwide, with particular emphasis on circumstances that can be influenced by
Mar 2 2003 | by Hayssam Hulays | In 1997, political insiders were saying that the Liberal Party of Ontario changed its position on Bill 167 &#151; the NDP&#146;s bill that extended gay rights in Ontario &#151; after losing a by-elec
Mar 1 2003 | by Marie Woolf | Charities in the U.K. have warned that Iraq faces a far worse humanitarian crisis than Afghanistan after a war and accused the Government of failing to prepare for the emergency. The aid agencies pre
Feb 28 2003 | by Phil Reeves | The U.N. has suspended aid operations in parts of Afghanistan due to dangerous conditions, highlighting the weakness of the American-backed transitional government. Afghan President Hamid Karzai fear
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Feb 28 2003 | by Jemeni | Fire breathing black girl<br>With soft lips and hard facts<br>Who just might try to mobilize blacks<br>for a soft spoken verbal attack<br>And yall just aint havin that! <br>Unless of course its Fe
Feb 27 2003 | by Sebastian Hacher | Bolivia &#151; There was no coordinated uprising of coca growers, highland Aymara peasants, and Quechua speaking peasants as planned; instead, high school students and the working class of La Paz and
Feb 27 2003 | by Jim Bell | Nunavummiut may eventually find some badly needed help in the federal government&#146;s new budget &#151; but no one can say how much until details emerge over the coming weeks and months.
Feb 27 2003 | by Allison Stevens | Many concerned about women&#146;s health were delighted when U.S. President George W. Bush announced his $15 billion package to fight AIDS. Alarms are now going off with indications that the &#147;gl
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Feb 27 2003 | by Verena Stefan | Do you like winter in Quebec? is one of the standard questions for newcomers. When I came from Munich to Montreal in February 1998, I replied cheerfully, buoyed by an enormous wave of new love: I cer