May 8 2002 | by John Hooper | Rightwing Fashion Show. With a paradoxical blend of liberal lifestyle and reactionary racism, anti-immigrant Dutch politician, Pim Fortuyn represented an odious and drastic departure from the Netherl
May 8 2002 | by BBC News Staff | Cycle of revenge and hate rages on. In response to Tuesday's suicide bombing in Rishon Letzion, Israel, a political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict seems impossible, as Israeli Prime Min
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May 7 2002 | by Justin Podur and Manuel Rozental | On April 8, another member of the Organizaci
May 7 2002 | by Arundhati Roy | Fascism's firm footprint has appeared in India. And the parallels between contemporary India and pre-war Germany are chilling, only there is no Hitler - instead, the hydra-headed, many-armed symphoni
May 7 2002 | by Ian Black and Andrew Osborn | Holland's first political murder in modern history. On the heels of his extremist zero immigration campaign, the prominent rightwing Dutch politician, Pim Fortuyn, was assassinated last night - just
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May 6 2002 | by Byron Christopher | Meagan left Saskatchewan to join the front line of Sudan's bloody civil war. Her weapon was information. And her enemy was one of Canada's prominent corporate citizens: Talisman Energy.
May 6 2002 | by Pierre Tran | A public face on hushed realities. For many French nationals, including French Arabs, Africans and other minorities, the recent public support for right wing National Front leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen
May 6 2002 | by Guardian Staff | Ding. Round Two. After a whopping victory over France's extreme-right National Front leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Liberal Democracy party member, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, will lead the country up to its m
May 6 2002 | by CBC News Staff | Fighting the good fight. Over the weekend, Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) workers agreed to a tentative contract with the Ontario government, and return to work, optimistic in the fut
May 3 2002 | by Jim Wilkes | Good timing Ernie. The Ontario Public Service Employees Union's (OPSEU) tentative settlement with the Ontario government is both a victory for OPSEU workers and Tory Premier Ernie Eves - whose willi
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May 2 2002 | by Judy Rebick | It's not rocket science. And it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the scheme to privatize Canada's healthcare system will actually make costs greater, and the services worse than ever.
May 1 2002 | by Carol Harrington | G-8 slumber party. An activists' agreement to rent land for a massive campsite near this summer's G-8 summit in Kananaskis, Alberta, is on the rocks. In fact, the landlords are considering making it
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May 1 2002 | by Judy Rebick | Riven by inter-ethnic conflict and new waves of neo-liberalism, the former Yugoslavia is also home to germinal leftist movements and thinkers, offering fresh ideas on the past and for the future. I r
May 1 2002 | by Susan Loone | May Day Madness. On this worldwide official day of solidarity for workers, peaceful celebrations turn grim in Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Malaysia, when hundreds of workers and supporters on a peace wa
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May 1 2002 | by Jerry West | As we celebrate May Day - the international working class holiday commemorating the Haymarket Riot victims - the blood red flag that became the symbol of the worker's struggles for rights, needs to b
May 1 2002 | by Guardian Staff | The people say feh! to your extreme nationalistic policies. Today, in the biggest protest in France since the 1968 student demonstrations, over a million people demonstrated against the far right (mo
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Apr 30 2002 | by Varnya Bromilow | Coalition troops in Afghanistan are killed more often by their own side's flubs than by enemy attack. The proportion of military deaths blamed on "friendly fire" has increased steadily since the Seco
Apr 29 2002 | by Reuters | Not in my name. Never. Not all Jews support Israel's government policy and treatment of Palestinians. In fact, many Jews outside of Israel are campaigning for boycotts and sanctions against the state
Apr 27 2002 | by Jeff Heinrich | Bad for communication. Labour leaders meeting with G8 ministers during this weekend's pre-G8 summit (Kananaskis, Alberta, June 2002), deplored the secrecy of the event - calling it symbolic of the G8
Apr 27 2002 | by Participant | Stopped in their tracks. Before they could take a step in any direction, demonstrators against the pre-G8 Summit meetings in Montreal this weekend, were circled by a tight ring of police in full riot
Apr 26 2002 | by Vaughn Palmer | If I remove five thousand beds, replace three thousand and remove two thousand more ... hmm. No matter how you count it, British Columbia Liberals are doing a lot of double talk around their latest a
Apr 26 2002 | by Armand Roy | As both governments and private companies race to meet the illusive super-efficient, high-value profit margin, why are Canada's greatest resources - people - disappearing into the ether?
Apr 25 2002 | by Amira Hass | In Israel, the latest campaign of confusion made the excesses of the Israeli Defence Forces' recent West Bank military operation, seem like the hysterical whims of Israeli soldiers. But the act of va
Apr 25 2002 | by Toronto Star Staff | New York, again? Sending shards of glass flying, hitting people on the street below, part of a building collapsed today in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. The explosion happened just before noon to
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Apr 25 2002 | by Judy Rebick | For the first time since 1969, all left-wing presidential candidates failed to reach the second round of France's run-off election. The stunning result sounded a warning bell for progressive forces a
Apr 25 2002 | by Nathan Rao | I have been on the verge of crying, for much of the afternoon and evening, watching the results come in from the French presidential elections. Lionel Jospin: qu'as-tu fait de notre victoire?
Apr 24 2002 | by Zev Tiefenbach | I was taught by my grandparents - survivors of the Holocaust - that "never again" should be applied not only to the Jews, but to all of humanity. If our peaceful act of occupying Liberal Member of Pa
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Apr 24 2002 | by Krystalline Kraus | Aboriginal and African Canadians feel it's time for North American and European colonial powers to make amends for their actions of the past by providing reparations.
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Apr 24 2002 | by rabble staff | It's Tuesday, April 16, in Toronto. Hogtown, usually an ugly shade of grey at this time of year, has turned bright red. An impromptu meeting of radical celebs is caught on camera.
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Apr 23 2002 | by Jessie Smith | We are constantly told that, not only do we have no alternative, but that there is no alternative. But even I could come up with a list of alternative policies that, if implemented, could fundamental