Feb 18 2003 | by U.S. Senator Robert Byrd | It&#0146s not what you’d expect. Senator Robert Byrd spoke from the senate floor last week: “To contemplate war is to think about the most horrible of human experiences... Yet, this Chamber
Feb 18 2003 | by Michael Albert | Even the <i>New York Times</i> was forced to admit it, after the mammoth demonstrations this weekend: &#147;there may still be two superpowers on the planet: the United States and world public opinio
Feb 17 2003 | by Liza Featherstone | &#147;It&#146;s not easy to be warm and fashionable at the same time,&#148; smiled Nina Human of Atlanta, who, ensconced in a billowing pink scarf, was succeeding admirably. It was a sunless late aft
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Feb 17 2003 | by Naomi Klein | In late 2001, the people of Argentina took to the streets, driven to despair by the economic chaos into which their leaders had dragged them. Among them was Gustavo Benedetto, a 23-year-old killed on
Feb 17 2003 | by John Sutherland | Why does the U.S. want to attack Iraq? Well, one reason is to see what it&#146;s like to microwave lots of people. No more rhesus monkeys or pigs but real, live Iraqis. In Afghanistan, the big new to
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Feb 17 2003 | by Charlie McDougall | The threat of war has inspired Winnipeggers topick up their signs to let their opposition to armedconflict be known. &#147;I really want to put a human face on this,&#148; said BevRidd of Project Pea
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Feb 17 2003 | by Erin George | Toronto&#146;s peace march on February 15 saw many people out on their firstdemonstration, as well as long-time activists. <i>rabble</i> captured some of those80,000 voices for peace that braved the
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Feb 17 2003 | by Judy Rebick | At anti-war protests everywhere this weekend it was the same: organizers were stunned by the size of the demonstrations. The record turnout matters. It will strengthen the resolve of the Western le
Feb 16 2003 | by Maggie O&#146;Kane | The 1991 Gulf war was my first experience as a war reporter. As a freelancer, I had knocked on the door of the Irish Times with a piece of gold glittering in my palm: a valid Iraqi visa. I got to mee
Feb 16 2003 | by Euan Ferguson | It was the biggest public demonstration ever held in Britain, surpassing every one of the organizers&#146; wildest expectations and Tony Blair&#146;s worst fears, and it will be remembered for the bl
Feb 15 2003 | by Neville D&#146;Cruz | More than 200,000 peace protesters packed Melbourne&#146;s city streets yesterday in a show of strength against a U.S.-led war in Iraq. Touted as the biggest protest in Australia since the anti-Vietn
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Feb 14 2003 | by Finn Harvor | As the clouds of war gather in the Middle East, not many people in Korea seem especially perturbed. Most are simply happily living their lives. But, underneath, there is pervasive unease in this coun
Feb 14 2003 | by Justin Huggler | Yasser Arafat agreed to appoint a prime minister to take over the day-to-day Palestinian leadership in a letter to Tony Blair, a diplomatic source said yesterday. Arafat has been under huge pressure
Feb 13 2003 | by John Vidal | From Africa to Antarctica, people prepare to march for peace. Up to ten million people on five continents are expected to demonstrate against the probable war in Iraq on Saturday, in some of the larg
Feb 13 2003 | by Don Hazen | MoveOn has leveraged the Internet to create a new kind of organization with the ability to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and move tens of thousands of people to action within hours.
Feb 12 2003 | by David Corn | War looms. Troops are moving into place. Everyday George W. Bush has some new rhetorical device to turn up the heat. The game is over. The game is <i>really</i> over. I mean it: the game is <i>really
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Feb 12 2003 | by Irshad Manji | Taslima Nasrin is an internationally known feminist writer from Bangladesh. Living in exile since 1994, she has become one of the Muslim world&#146;s most vociferous dissidents. Her ammunition is lan
Feb 11 2003 | by Michael Albert | The worldwide Social Forum phenomenon is thriving. In contrast, the World Social Forum once-a-year international event has run up against internal limits and needs renovation.
Feb 11 2003 | by Terry Jones | I&#146;m really excited by George Bush&#146;s latest reason for bombing Iraq: he&#146;s running out of patience. And so am I! For some time now I&#146;ve been really pissed off with Mr. Johnson, who
Feb 11 2003 | by Tim Colebatch | If the issue in Iraq were simply about removing Saddam Hussein, the choice would be easy. A firing squad would be too good for the creep. But it involves more than that.The price for routing Saddam c
Feb 10 2003 | by Peter Preston | This isn&#146;t a Bosnia or a Kosovo &#151; small territorieswith small populations. This is a big country, twenty-threemillion strong, divided by race, religion and bloodyhistory and about to overdo
Feb 10 2003 | by Heather Wokusch | Linking war and domestic violence. Last summer, the military base at Fort Bragg, North Carolina was rocked by a series of brutal killings. In separate incidents, four soldiers murdered their civilian
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Feb 10 2003 | by Leisha Grebinski | No, not Jack Layton. It&#146;s Libby Davies. It may be hard to believe but Davies made history last week when she entered the House of Commons as the first female NDP House Leader, and the second wom
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Feb 7 2003 | by Mike Levin | Can we be weaned off our fossil fuel dependence? Let&#146;s hope so. Keeping the oil-producing world destabilized is an increasingly expensive service industry, as is cleaning up the after-effects of
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Feb 7 2003 | by Charlie McDougall | College universitaire de Saint-Boniface students rallied with hundreds of University of Winnipeg students this Wednesday in Winnipeg. The students were taking part in a day of action to keep a tuitio
Feb 6 2003 | by Jonathan Watts | So can North Korea. &#147;The United States says that after Iraq, we are next,&#148; said deputy director Ri Pyong-gap, &#147;but we have our own countermeasures.&#148; North Korea is entitled to lau
Feb 6 2003 | by Jimi Izrael | In one of the Magic Johnson-owned Starbucks I frequent, I glanced at the specials chalkboard and noticed someone had rendered a smiling effigy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Beneath him read the tagli
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Feb 6 2003 | by Mike Levin | If you think the Kyoto Protocol has the knickers of Canada&#146;s energy brokers in a twist, wait until they lose their chance at leadership in the trillion-dollar hydrogen industry. Twenty years ago
Feb 6 2003 | by Robert Fisk | Sources, foreign intelligence sources, &#147;our sources,&#148; defectors, sources, sources, sources. Colin Powell&#146;s terror talk to the United Nations Security Council yesterday was a bit like h
Feb 5 2003 | by Fergal Keane | Barbara Lee? The key resolution enabling President Bush to launch his war on terror was opposed in Congress by only one person &#151; a quietly spoken, grandmotherly figure from Oakland. Meet the wom