Photo: flickr/ Chris Potter
Jan 13 2016 | by Michael Geist | The TPP patent provision changes are very significant since they lock Canada into extending the term of patent protection, which will ultimately increase health-care costs.
Photo: flickr/ Stephen L Harlow
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Jan 13 2016 | by Teuila Fuatai | Canadian labour activists are relieved Harper's anti-union legislation C-377 will be repealed, but activists in the U.S. and U.K. brace for the worst as similar attacks threaten their movements.
Photo: flickr/ Tony Webster
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Jan 13 2016 | by Teuila Fuatai | Negotiations between the Chronicle Herald and the Halifax Typographical Union broke down last week. Management continues to escalate its actions against workers.
Photo: flickr/ Jenn Farr
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Jan 12 2016 | by Alyse Kotyk | Abortion Access Now P.E.I. has advised the P.E.I. government it will file a legal challenge against the province's discriminatory abortion policy. Here's why.
Photo: flickr/ Mark Klotz
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Jan 12 2016 | by Alyse Kotyk | Heading into National Energy Board hearings, the B.C. provincial government has stated it does not support Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline as it fails to meet their outlined requirements.
Photo: flickr/Presidencia de la República Mexicana
Jan 12 2016 | by Michael Geist | Canada was not an initial participant in the TPP negotiations. The Harper government began working on entry into the TPP in 2009, but it probably shouldn't have.
Photo: pixabay
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Jan 11 2016 | by Alyse Kotyk | What big issues will Canadian activists face in 2016? rabble spoke with a few organizations to find out.
Photo: flickr/ EIFL
Jan 11 2016 | by Michael Geist | The Trouble with the TPP series looks at how the TPP treats the interests of Internet rights holders and users completely differently.
Photo: flickr/ Andrew Allingham
Jan 8 2016 | by Michael Geist | The TPP's effort to regulate how Internet providers and hosts address allegations of copyright infringement presents is a major source of trouble.
Photo: flickr/ Carlos Gracia
Jan 7 2016 | by John Akpata | There are now dozens of models of legalization and decriminalization Canada could follow to regulate marijuana use. In 2016, will Canada finally implement a good policy for this?
Photo: flickr/ Mike Seyfang
Jan 7 2016 | by Michael Geist | The copyright term extension in the TPP will have major negative effects on Canada, chief among them restrictions to access, huge costs and no additional incentive for creativity.
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Jan 7 2016 | by Alyse Kotyk | Politicians, local celebrities, media representatives and community members gathered in Shawnigan Lake, B.C. to gain awareness and protest contaminated soil dumping uphill from the town's watershed.
Photo: flickr/ benj mako hill
Jan 6 2016 | by Michael Geist | The TPP will lock Canada into a "WIPO+" digital lock model that removes the ability to restore flexibility. In other words, the restrictive digital lock rules will be locked into Canadian law.
Photo: flickr/Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine
Jan 5 2016 | by Cory Collins | As university libraries struggle with subscription costs, some believe for-profit scholarly publishers are far too powerful and perhaps unnecessary. Are non-profits and open access the solution?
Photo: flickr/ Vision Planet Media
Jan 5 2016 | by Michael Geist | There are some major problems associated with the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. Michael Geist plans to explain them all in his detailed series 'The trouble with the TPP'.
Photo: flickr/ Domnic Santiago
Jan 5 2016 | by Edward C. Corrigan |, | by Patti Kemp | Do you want to know how to privately sponsor a Syrian refugee? Here are the guidelines to the process.
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Jan 1 2016 | by Hilary Wainwright |, | by Leo Panitch | Hilary Wainwright and Leo Panitch interview Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of the UK Labour Party.
Photo: flickr/ James Gray-King
year in review
Dec 24 2015 | by rabble staff | What had rabble's attention this year? Here's a look at the best of the best from all our sections and more.
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Dec 23 2015 | by Meg Borthwick | On Monday morning three women were arrested in Sarnia for using the manual shutoff valve to shut down the controversial Enbridge Line 9 pipeline.
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year in review
Dec 22 2015 | by Victoria Fenner | The rabble podcast network celebrated its 10th year in 2015. Here are 10 podcasts to keep you going until our 11th year begins.
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in their own words
Dec 21 2015 | by Lauren Corman | The holidays are, for many, a season full of gatherings replete with meaty meals. Here, a long-time vegan talks about bringing politics to the holidays without being an ass.
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year in review
Dec 21 2015 | by rabble staff | It's the end of 2015, and it was quite a year! We take a look back at the year that was and some of our best articles.
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Dec 18 2015 | by Jeannine M. Pitas | After a year and a half of struggle, former Palisades Media Arts Academy workers are celebrating a victory over anti-union tactics. However, the win is bittersweet.
Photo: flickr/Jeremy Board
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Dec 17 2015 | by Cory Collins | As Canada's privacy commissioner calls for "complete and exhaustive" debate, labour leaders worry that changes could be "cosmetic" in absence of a Royal Commission.
Photo: flickr/Alisdare Hickson
Dec 17 2015 | by Nick Fillmore | Despite hopeful words reported at COP21, global warming is still a very real concern.
Photo: flickr/flickr: Confetta
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Dec 16 2015 | by Cory Collins | Holly Woodlawn, an actress known for her work with Andy Warhol and her status as a pioneer of trans visibility, died last Sunday, December 6 after a battle with cancer. She was 69.
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Dec 16 2015 | by Pamela Palmater | Here's a new year's resolution for you: Change the information kit for newcomers to Canada -- advocate for adding information about Indigenous peoples and treaties to the kit.
Photo: flickr/Bill Burriss
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Dec 16 2015 | by Alyse Kotyk | Canada tosses out millions of meals worth of food annually while many go hungry. A new proposal aims to help alleviate both food wasting and food insecurity.
Photo: Twitter @liberal_party
Dec 16 2015 | by Ry Moran | The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada tabled their final report yesterday in Ottawa. What are the implications for the country and where do we go from here?
Photo: Rehab Nazzal
Dec 16 2015 | by Alyse Kotyk | Artist and researcher Rehab Nazzal was shot in the leg last week while photographing protests in Israel.