Columnists May 26
Photo: Heads Up Aviation Photography/flickr
Jim Stanford | Air Canada has fared much better since its executives abandoned financial engineering in favour of actually running an airline. Real prosperity can't come from buying and selling pieces of paper.
Columnists May 26
Photo: The White House/flickr
Rick Salutin | Trump's speech in Riyadh this week was normal foreign policy drivel, which came as a relief. It was no more preposterous than what Obama, Clinton, or Trudeau deliver when they talk world issues.
Columnists May 25
Photos: Matt Jiggins/flickr; BGM Riding Association/Wikimedia Commons
Murray Dobbin | As they choose a new leader, NDP members will decide what they want their party to be. The two candidates who stand in greatest contrast are Manitoba MP Niki Ashton and newcomer Jagmeet Singh.
Blog May 26
Penney Kome | Congress can use the 25th Amendment to remove a president and appoint a new VP.
Columnists May 25
Photo: The White House/flickr
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Donald Trump's arms deal with Saudi Arabia is wrong. It will inflame an already war-ravaged region, hitting Yemen especially hard.
Columnists May 25
Photo: peter pelisek/flickr
Katie Douglas, Pro Bono | At the beginning of May, a group of tenants in Toronto went on a rent strike, taking a creative and courageous stand to fix the issue of affordable housing.
Podcast May 25
Image: Wikimedia
Victoria Fenner | Civil rights activist, educator, and author Angela Davis spoke at the 2017 Canadian Labour Congress Convention. Listen to her keynote address here.
RabbleTV May 25
Screenshot from Not Rex video
Tristan Lettieri | Google says it's tough finding enough nerds to write the long strings of code to maintain their ever-evolving database, so they're bringing in robots to do the work.
News May 25
Image: Paul Ford/flickr
Meagan Gillmore | Workers in reality TV often work in unsafe and unhealthy environments, contributing to professional and personal drama that can rival the action on the shows they create. And, for now, it's legal.
Podcast May 25
Kyoko Miyake on Tokyo Idols, relationships, loneliness and love in hyper-modern societies.
Face2Face | Kyoko Miyake and Face2Face host David Peck talk about her new film Tokyo Idols, Tokyo "idol culture," loneliness, relationships, clever business models, and how to find love in hyper modern societies.
Blog May 24
Downtown Calgary after 2013 flood
Nora Loreto | Insurance agencies are increasingly profiting from extreme weather events, while government are left to pick up the tab. How much longer can this last?
News May 24
Images: Fronteiras do Pensamento; Velcrow Ripper/flickr
Resh Budhu | At the fifth Tommy Douglas Institute, environmental justice activists Vandana Shiva and Clayton Thomas-Müller ask: Unless we stand up for the planet we stand on, how can we stand for anything else?