News January 16
Anti-war activists in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, invited for the rally in support of Iranian protesters, with a "US/NATO hands off Iran" banner, photographed as pro-US interventionists block them with the monarchist flag of Iran discarded in 1979.  Photo: Roberto Morago
Sara Sagaii, Nyusha Samiei | A statement to the progressive community in Canada that we weren’t able to read out at a Vancouver rally after being attacked
Blog January 15
Calgary, Alberta
David J. Climenhaga | The UCP policy document's goals depend on the same old elephant in the room that looms over all discussions of Alberta fiscal policy: it requires higher oil prices.
News January 15
Insite Vancouver. Photo: Jonathan Dickinson
Tyson Kelsall | A former harm reduction worker reviews a reporter’s new book on how this part of Vancouver has progressed
News January 8
Canada 2008: Prime Minister Stephen Harper at a meet-and-greet. Photo: Andrew d'Entremeont
Karl Nerenberg | Ten years ago we had a federal election, the great recession and a prorogation crisis. As well, Justin Trudeau won his first election.
Blog January 12
Carleton University in Ottawa, where Hassan Diab taught before his arrest.
J. Baglow | Hassan Diab, a Canadian citizen, has been held without trial or charge in a French maximum-security prison for a bombing that took place in 1980. This week, he was set free.
Columnists January 12
Aharon Appelfeld. Image: kellywritershouse/flickr
Rick Salutin | Israeli novelist Aharon Appelfeld, the Israeli novelist, died last week at 85.
Columnists January 12
Martin Luther King Jr. and Mathew Ahmann in a crowd at March on Washington. Image: Rowland Scherman/Wikimedia Commons
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | A coalition has formed to organize poor people in the United States into what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called "a new and unsettling force" to fight poverty.
Columnists January 12
Protesters marching in Toronto against Islamophobia and Trump's ban on Muslims entering the U.S. Photo: J_P_D/flickr
Monia Mazigh | On January 29, 2018, Canada will commemorate the first anniversary of the shocking murder of six Muslim men in a Quebec City mosque. What has been achieved in the fight against Islamophobia?
News January 12
Photo: Wikimedia
Karl Nerenberg | In 1998, it looked like Jean Chrétien and his Liberals could remain in power forever. With his response to the near loss of the 1995 referendum, however, Chrétien sowed the seeds of his party's demise
Podcast January 11
Image: George Lessard virtually taking a picture of Tim Hortons in Yellowknife
Victoria Fenner | George Lessard and Victoria Fenner talk about how residents of northern Canada survive on minimum wage (spoiler: Tim Hortons pays more than minimum wage in Yellowknife).
Blog January 10
Shopping cart facing the aisle of a grocery store. Photo: Brian Talbot/flickr
David Suzuki | How did "throw-away," "disposable" and "planned obsolescence" become part of product design and marketing? It was deliberate.
News January 10
Ahed Tamimi. Image: Haim Schwarczenberg/Wikimedia Commons.
Jonathan Cook | The 16-year-old Palestinian teenager has incensed right-wing Israeli politicians with her defiant dignity.