Blog October 23
Twitter photo via @pedroultreras
Brent Patterson | An estimated 7,200 people are now walking together toward the U.S. border to flee violence and repression in Honduras.
Columnists October 23
MEPs in the European Parliament hold up anti-nuclear posters. Photo: European Parliament/Flickr
Ole Hendrickson | Canada is developing plans for the next generation of nuclear reactors, touted as a form of "clean growth." But there's little evidence that this technology will address climate change.
Podcast October 23
Suing the police: The ongoing legacy of the 2010 G20 summit in Toronto
Scott Neigh | Luke Stewart talks about his ongoing lawsuit to hold the police accountable for some of their infamously bad behaviour during the G20 summit in Toronto in 2010.
Columnists October 23
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participates in a town hall in Saskatoon. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Duncan Cameron | After three years of weak performance in government, Team Trudeau can be thankful the opposition parties are even weaker.
Podcast October 23
Banana workers defy company, police and military
Piergiorgio Moro, Jiselle Hanna | Some of the regions most ravaged by militias are to be found in the rural areas of the Philippines. The workers at Sumifru are striking for basic rights but in doing so they face great danger
Blog October 22
Photo by New Zealand Defence Force/Wikimedia Commons.
Brent Patterson | Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh says the sale of LAV 6s must stop following the murder Jamal Khashoggi.
Blog October 22
Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel speaks as former leader Greg Clark looks on. Image: David J. Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | While the Alberta Party has more potential than the FCP, political punters are advised not to bet the family farm, or even a week's pay, on it getting much traction in 2019.
News October 22
Downtown Vancouver/Facebook
Libby Davies | The city’s new mayor and council have the capacity to work across party lines and forge strong relationships to deliver the critical changes for Vancouver.
News October 21
Kennedy Stewart.
Karl Nerenberg | Vancouver has a new mayor, former NDP MP Kennedy Stewart. He beat a field of 21 candidates in the Oct. 20 election by a slim margin.
Blog October 21
Alberta Order of Excellence recipient k.d. lang tours the Premier’s Office with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley
David J. Climenhaga | k.d. lang is one of the great talents Alberta has given the world and one of our province's best-known success stories.
Blog October 20
David J. Climenhaga | Dear America: No one here wants to take Manhattan -- Kansas or New York, take your pick -- or even Berlin. If we're coming for you, it'll just be to bring you gummy bears.
Blog October 20
Jesse McLaren | If Doug Ford wants to end hallway medicine, he should support legislation promoting healthy wages and paid sick days.