Blog September 25
David Suzuki | The return of monarchs is great news, because only four years ago their situation looked bleak. The eastern monarch population had plummeted from one billion two decades before to only 35 million.
Blog September 25
Photo by Brent Patterson.
Brent Patterson | Hearings begin today on the proposed Teck Resources Frontier tar sands mine that could produce at its peak 260,000 barrels of oil a day.
Blog September 25
Nicolas Maduro. Photo: President of the Russian Federation/Wikimedia Commons
Yves Engler | In their push for regime change, Ottawa is backing talk of an invasion of Venezuela.
Blog September 25
TV reporter interviews FEMA expert. Image: Walter Jennings/FEMA Photo Library via Wikimedia
Penney Kome | The Toronto Star has unveiled a new ethics code, one of many available. Reviewing journalism society standards shows a wide variation in priorities and emphasis.
Podcast September 25
How to start your own grassroots collective
Scott Neigh | Amanda Wilson and Dan Sawyer talk about the work of the Punch Up Collective to help other people form collectives of their own.
Podcast September 25
Holding on to working class politics
Piergiorgio Moro, Jiselle Hanna | The workers' movement has many examples of activists who over time lose their radical politics and accommodate themselves to the confines and rules of the capitalist system.
Columnists September 25
Prime Minister Trudeau speaks with media following a swearing-in ceremony at Rideau Hall. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Duncan Cameron | Whether Liberal or Conservative in name, once in government, both parties have regularly adopted each other's main policies.
Blog September 24
Calgary-Hawkwood MLA Michael Connolly (Photo: David J. Climenhaga)
David J. Climenhaga | Michael Connolly, NDP MLA for Calgary-Hawkwood, announces he won't seek reelection in 2019; Green Party of Alberta chooses the province's first Indigenous woman leader.
Blog September 24
Twitter photo by @CanadianPM
Brent Patterson | Trudeau government's renegotiation of Safe Third Country Agreement may be at odds with UN Refugee Convention.
Blog September 24
Raluca Bejan | The push for de-colonial education is oftentimes a matter of political performativity. So is the "benevolent" act of the compassionate agent who "allows" the colonized to tell their colonizing story.
Blog September 22
A tornado forming in Kansas in 2016. Scientists suspect Tornado Alley may move northward with climate change.
Brent Patterson | On Friday evening, a tornado hit the Ottawa-Gatineau area with winds of up to 200 kilometres per hour. Can we expect tornadoes to increase with climate change?
Blog September 21
Yves Engler | If we claim to be the "doctors without borders" of international relations, shouldn't Canada swear to "first do no harm" like MDs before beginning practice?