Podcast March 19
How free are the upcoming Thai elections?
Piergiorgio Moro | The current Thai military government has engineered the upcoming national elections so that it will retain power even the vote
Podcast March 19
David Lester - radical music, graphic history, and the Winnipeg General Strike
Scott Neigh | David Lester talks about his decades of combining radical politics with music – including as half of rock duo Mecca Normal – and art, and about 1919: A Graphic History of the Winnipeg General Strike.
Columnists March 19
Algerian government protest, March 2019. Photo: Becker1999/Flickr
Duncan Cameron | Will the Algerian democracy movement, which invokes memories of the Arab Spring, complete its task of replacing a dictatorship with an electoral regime?
Blog March 18
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley at her nomination meeting in the Edmonton-Strathcona riding (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).
David J. Climenhaga | Inevitably, the ballot question for many Albertans in the election Premier Rachel Notley will call soon will be, "Can Jason Kenney be trusted?"
Blog March 17
Image: Flickr/PresidenciaRD
Thomas Woodley | The tragic mosque attack in Christchurch, New Zealand should serve as a kick in the pants for the Trudeau government to take action to combat Islamophobia in Canada.
Blog March 17
David J. Climenhaga | Perhaps it's just me, but with each passing day Jason Kenney reminds me a little more of Richard M. Nixon, the talented but deeply flawed American president who in 1973 resigned from office.
Blog March 16
United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney, in the midst of the Kamikaze Mission investigation whether he likes it or not.
David J. Climenhaga | Calls for Jason Kenney to resign as Opposition leader and for Alberta’s election to be delayed flooded social media on news the RCMP has taken over investigation of UCP leadership vote irregularities.
Blog March 15
Former MP Jason Kenney, now the leader of the United Conservative Party Opposition (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).
David J. Climenhaga | All this hoo-haw on the right has been to keep everyone from doing what they really ought to be doing, to wit, speculating idly about the date of Premier Rachel Notley's election call.
Podcast March 15
Unions fight surge to privatize Ontario's health care - RadioLabour's Canada Report for the week March 15 to 22, 2019
Marc Belanger, C. Marie Ainsborough, Derek Blackadder | Also on RadioLabour this week: domestic workers from the Philippines struggle for respect and fair pay, the LabourStart report and singing. Who does the work? We do!
Podcast March 14
'Orange Chinook - Politics in the New Alberta'
Victoria Fenner | The writ will be dropped any time now for the 2019 Alberta election. A new book explores the historic 2015 win of the NDP and the decades of politics that preceded it.
Columnists March 14
Bill Gates. Photo: Red Maxwell/Flickr
Linda McQuaig | Claims by billionaires like Bill Gates about capitalism heroically lifting humankind out of poverty turn out to be easily debunked. Imagine if that news got out.
Columnists March 14
Medicare for All Rally. Photo: Molly Adams/Flickr
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | After 75 years of debate, with health-care costs spiraling out of control and the quality of medical care falling short of that in single-payer countries, the time is right for Medicare-for-all.