Blog December 18
Twitter photo by @ec_minister.
Brent Patterson | Emission trading systems and weak carbon pricing coupled with a new tar sands pipeline do not add up to a credible action plan to stop climate breakdown.
Blog December 18
Athabasca University campus. Photo: daryl_mitchell/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | Forcing Athabasca University administrators to reach a contract their faculty can live with would serve the public interest and government's political interest. What's not to like about that?
News December 18
Photo: flickr/CC2.0
Ryan Donnelly | Canadian rifle and ammunition sales to Saudi Arabia in 2018 is about to hit an all-time record, beating out previous records set in 2017 and 2016 – the same period of the Saudi-led war in Yemen.
Podcast December 18
Tina Keeper, Don McKellar and Through Black Spruce
Face2Face | Tina Keeper, Don McKellar and Face2Face host David Peck talk about residential schools and family history, the responsibility of Canadians, our collective lack of understanding, stories and truth.
Columnists December 18
Huawei Canada. Photo: Raysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine via Wikimedia Commons
Duncan Cameron | Canada's decision to make nice with the U.S. by arresting Huawei's top financial executive -- knowing full well that China would be enraged over the arrest -- has serious political overtones.
Blog December 18
rabble staff | Are you stuck on gift ideas? Just can’t decide on those last-minute presents for your friends and loved ones? We have a gift idea for you.
Blog December 18
Abandoned oil well
Penney Kome | Geothermal engineers point to the potential to channel gas wells' heat to local homes and businesses.
Blog December 17
Image: Alisdaire Hickson/Flickr
Linda Leon | No country is immune from the plague of ultra-right movements. But countries with fairer electoral systems do have some resistance. First-past-the-post offers no resistance at all.
Blog December 17
Photo: Image from kohl_photographer via Flickr.
Alex Sangha | There is a distinction to be made between being spiritual and religious. But how does God fit in? What unites us and divides us as a people? The concept of spirituality can lead to more caring, compas
Blog December 16
David J. Climenhaga | Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor smuggled six Americans out of Tehran in 1979. It's hard to imagine the U.S. returning the favour today.
Blog December 16
Environment Minister Catherine McKenna in 2017
Brent Patterson | As the United Nations climate conference in Poland comes to a close, Canada fails to increase its ambition to address climate breakdown.
Blog December 15
Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland in Ukraine, Dec. 2017.
Judy Haiven | Description of fascist and anti-Semitic tendencies in Ukrainian state and military, to which Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland turns a blind eye.