Blog July 28
 Image: Facebook/We Are Not The Others at the Hamilton Fringe
Doreen Nicoll | The play is based on a research project conducted by Mirna Carranza, who interviewed female immigrants living in Hamilton. Playwright Izad Etemadi crafted the findings into a powerful one hour play.
Columnists July 27
Stephanie Woodward and other activists gather in the atrium of the Hart Senate Office Building, prior to their arrests. Image: Twitter/NationalADAPT
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | At the forefront of the protests against the various draconian Affordable Care Act repeal bills before the U.S. Senate are people in wheelchairs.
Blog July 27
System Change, Not Climate Change sign. Photo: Joe Brusky/flickr
Brad Hornick | For ecosocialists, ecological alternatives are not possible within the framework of capitalism, so socialist demands must be articulated alongside transitional concrete ecological demands and reforms.
Blog July 27
Richard Starke (from his Facebook page)
David J. Climenhaga | Could Alberta voters ignore the PACed up big-money guys dancing the Frankenparty fandango and recognize they're getting pretty good government in difficult circumstances from Rachel Notley’s NDP?
Book Review July 27
"Without Apology" book cover
Aalya Ahmad, Radical Handmaids | On April 25, 2012, a small grassroots group of (mostly) young women donned outfits inspired by Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel, The Handmaid's Tale, and went to Parliament Hill for a little "cosplay."
Blog July 27
Judy Rebick | Not enough people know that rabble was one of the first independent journalism sites in the world. You can help rabble take it to the next level in amplifying the voices of social movements.
Blog July 27
The Dufferin pit has opened but the gravel washing operations have not begun.
Mark Calzavara | While the Feds have red-flagged Atrazine, a poisonous herbicide, Ontario seems to have buried its head in the gravel.
Blog July 26
Image: Facebook/In This Corner - Eight Rounds with Tommy Douglas
Doreen Nicoll | Tommy Douglas is very much alive in Dan Ebbs play "In This Corner: Eight Rounds with Tommy Douglas."
Podcast July 25
Image: Heather White. Used with permission.
David Peck | In 'Complicit', Heather White exposes the ongoing abuses of workers' right in Chinese megafactories. She talks with host David Peck about activist Yi Yeting and the only ones who can force change.
News July 26
Singh at 2017 Pride Parade in Toronto. Photo: ideas_dept/flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Jagmeet Singh entered the NDP leadership race months after the four other candidates, yet there is polling and anecdotal evidence that he already has higher, and more positive, name recognition.
Blog July 25
David Bush | Recent proclamations that a $15 minimum wage will leave the Ontario economy in shambles are nothing new.
Blog July 24
Neon "Wage Hike or Strike" sign above traffic. Image: Flickr/Joe Brusky
Lynne Fernandez | The living wage is one of the most powerful tools available to address this troubling state of poverty amid plenty in Manitoba. It ensures that families who are working hard get what they deserve.