Council of Canadians August 5
World Trade Organization member countries have approved a framework deal to keep the “Doha Development Round” alive. It's being hailed as a breakthrough on agricultural subsidies that hurt
International Development Research Centre August 4
Freer trade is supposed to be good for economic growth, but does it do anything to reduce poverty? An eight-country study sheds light on the effects of liberalized trade on the poor. It may also give
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives August 3
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Trade treaties and proliferating privatization are a dangerous mix for Canadian medicare, a new study warns. Once foreign, investor-owned health-care providers get established in Canada, trade treati
OneWorld TV July 30
Privatization of water, and communication rights in the information society: two of the pressing issues this week at the 1st Americas Social Forum in Quito, Ecuador. Some 10,000 people from 45 countr
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions July 30
Health care costs are growing faster than government revenues and the economy. As those costs eat up a growing share of GDP, can Canada afford to sustain public medicare? A new report from Canada's n
Médecins Sans Frontières Canada July 28
With “outrage and bitterness,” Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is closing all its medical programs in Afghanistan. Today's decision follows the June 2 killing of five M
Canadian Union of Public Employees July 28
When they signed the <i>2003 First Ministers' Accord on Health Care Renewal,</i> Canadian leaders said they were working in partnership to sustain and enhance public medicare. But nowhere did they co
CAW July 28
Canada's hard-fought election last month drew the lowest voter turnout since Confederation. That continues a decades-old downward trend. And those Canadians who would gain most from political change
Polaris Institute July 27
Polaris Institute
The election of a Liberal minority government and the defeat of Canada's hawkish defence minister leave billions of dollars in new military spending in doubt. So will the NDP and the Bloc turn the Li
Socialist Worker July 26
With each new period of radicalization, debates arise within socialist movements about how to move forward. One popular current claims to be the most radical. Its advocates call for small groups of s
Dominion Newspaper July 26
Canada's role in the world is embedded in a variety of narratives &#151; about an honest broker, a nation without imperial aspirations, a moderating influence on the U.S. But more and more people kno
Vancouver Rape Relief & Women's Shelter July 23
In April 1996, Bonnie Mooney's deranged ex broke into her home, killed her best friend, maimed her 12-year-old daughter, set fire to the house, and then killed himself. Mooney said the RCMP had ignor
Democracy Watch July 23
Today, Democracy Watch detailed numerous flaws in federal Cabinet accountability systems that allow ministers to &#147;lie and act unethically, secretly, wastefully and unresponsively.&#148; The watc
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives July 23
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Would cutting taxes again boost Canada's economic performance? Would introducing a new social program like early childhood education and care hurt Canada's productivity? A new report suggests such qu
New Socialist July 22
Socialists have long debated the type of organization needed to build a mass movement to overturn capitalism. But the dominant forms of organization in this society are bureaucratic and top-heavy. Ho
OneWorld US July 22
Eight states and New York City have filed a landmark lawsuit against five of the filthiest power companies in the U.S. The plaintiffs are demanding immediate cuts to the carbon dioxide emissions that
Dominion Newspaper July 22
What images spring to mind when you imagine a northern cruise vacation? Crystal clear water, teaming with sea life; humpback whales, porpoises and dolphins frolicking for your viewing pleasure; or pe
Inter Press Service July 21
Canada's broadcast regulator has approved Qatar-based news channel al-Jazeera for the country's cable TV market. But the approval is twinned with censorship rules so stringent that the station won't
Maisonneuve Magazine July 20
Ah, the swearing in of a new cabinet. A chance for Big Six newsrooms to show off just how deep they've sunk their talons into the Prime Minister's office. Maisonneuve's MediaScout surveys today's mai
Amnesty International July 20
Amnesty International
Girls as young as eight are being raped in Darfur, Sudan, and used as sex slaves. Mass rapes in Darfur are war crimes and crimes against humanity, says Amnesty International, but the world community
Sierra Club of Canada July 20
The Sierra Club of Canada is the latest to voice concerns over last week's termination of three respected Health Canada scientists. Shiv Chopra, Margaret Haydon and Gerard Lambert were abruptly dismi
New Socialist Group July 19
Most Canadian residents don't have to present identification documents regularly to navigate their basic needs. But some targeted groups and individuals must prove their identity more often than othe
B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union July 19
British Columbia is outsourcing desktop computer support for all government employees. The company getting the gig: IBM. Public workers once again fear that people's privacy could be on the line. IBM
Rights and Democracy July 16
Rwandan human rights activist Godeli&#195;&#168;ve Mukasarasi is the winner of the 2004 John Humphrey Freedom Award. A survivor of genocide, Ms. Mukasarasi has made an invaluable contribution to demo
International Fund for Animal Welfare July 15
Animal-serving groups, together with the Ontario government, last week released 12 orphaned bear cubs back to the wild &#151; including Buddy Bear. Buddy is the black bear infamously abducted from hi
Amnesty International July 14
Amnesty International
Framed by fears of terrorism, Greece is mounting an unprecedented security operation for this summer's Olympic Games. But are human rights being caught in the same broad net? This week, Amnesty Inter
International Institute for Sustainable Development July 14
Is trade good or bad for the environment? Answer: no. A new book from the International Institute for Sustainable Development distills lessons from six years of research on trade and sustainable deve
CAW July 13
Like any other patriotic, cynical Canadian, economist Jim Stanford loves to see arrogant politicians get caught with their hands in the cookie jar. But surely he wasn't the only one left yawning afte
International Development Research Centre July 12
Digging for precious minerals in precarious conditions &#151; without safety equipment, proper tools or recognition from the state &#151; is a way of life for some 13 million of the worlds poorest p
OneWorld July 12
The Pentagon says it is trying to expedite the implementation of last week's decision by the Supreme Court to require fair reviews for terrorist suspects held at the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba