Maisonneauve November 23
In September, novelist André Alexis withdrew from jury duty for the Governor General's Award for fiction, after signing a declaration of conflict of interest. Catherine Bushâe"with wh
CAW November 22
The affairs of the Canadian fiscus just get curiouser and curiouser. Finance Minister Ralph Goodale released his annual fiscal update last week; normal journalism cannot do justice to the strange thi
Canadian Union of Public Employees November 22
We are on the brink of getting the first national child-care program in decades. In the coming days and weeks, federal and provincial leaders will be developing a plan for a national child care progr
Democracy Watch November 20
The Ontario government's moves to fix the date of elections, restrict government advertising leading up to elections, and giving the Auditor General the power to report on the actual level of governm
working TV November 18
working TV
At a recent Palestine Solidarity forum in Vancouver, the discussion was about how to develop the popular strength to compel the Canadian government to implement the recent decision of the Internation
Citizens for Public Justice November 16
Citizens for Public Justice
It won't be hard to hide the shock and amazement when Ralph Klein is returned as premier of Alberta. No one, opposition included, contests this expectation. The only debate about the outcome seems to
Alternatives November 16
There continue to be credible allegations of fraud, particularly in the vote count in the state of Ohio, but most of the United States, including the Democratic Party, has recognized that George W. B
Socialist Worker November 12
Millions are shocked and angry that George Bush has won another term as U.S. president. He is rightly hated around the world as a dangerous, reactionary war-monger. In many quarters the election resu
International Development Research Centre November 11
The Palestinian people face the triple challenge of negotiating a just peace, building a viable state, and laying the foundations for sustainable development âe" all under adverse conditions. Ov
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives November 10
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Despite recent well-publicized spending commitments, the federal government will post surpluses totaling $24.1 billion over the next three years, according to the Alternative Federal Budget's (AFB) E
CAW November 9
Is Canada's economy bursting at the seams? Sure, the labour market has improved, but it's still darn tough to find and keep a job. Most Canadians encounter a rather gritty economic reality every morn
Cultural Survival November 5
A jug of milk in some aboriginal communities in northern Manitoba can cost as much as $15, and a single apple can set residents back $1 or $2. The high cost of nutritious food may be contributing to
Service Employees International Union November 3
Service Employees International Union
Saskatchewan will become the first province in Canada to mandate the use of safety-engineered needles and medical sharps across the province. Ted Mansell, National Health and Safety Coordinator for S
Parkland Institute November 2
A new in-depth report on public health care by the Parkland Institute refutes the supposed "crisis of sustainability" touted by the Alberta government. "There can be no question that the key issue is
National Union of Public and General Employees November 1
National Union of Public and General Employees
"It will never be good enough to say we cannot afford to treat women equally," says Leo Puddister, president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Public and Private Employees (NAPE/NUPGE).
B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union October 29
The B.C. privacy commissioner's report confirms the USA Patriot Act is a huge threat to the privacy of British Columbians. Because of this, the B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union (BCGEU) is
Sierra Club of Canada October 28
The Canadian government must stop its opposition to restrictions on international hazardous waste shipments, and take a lead on crucial issues at the 7th Conference of the Parties (COP), being held t
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives October 27
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
If health-care activists don't scrutinize where the recently announced $41 billion in health-care spending is going, it could make the money squandered in the federal sponsorship scandal look like lo
Centre for media alternatives - Quebec (CMAQ) October 26
Love and forgiveness in the Palestine-Israel conflict are often overshadowed by religious zealotry and an unwillingness to listen to people on the other side. But the situation is not hopeless, says
National Union of Public and General Employees October 25
National Union of Public and General Employees
Equalization payments are designed to ensure that “reasonably comparable levels of public services” exist across the country. The National Union of Public and General Employees is
Maisonneuve Magazine October 22
Suburbs are bland, right? They're boring, monotonous, devoid of life and culture: homogeneous. Nope. Not on the last count, at least. Suburbia is becoming increasingly diverse. More and more middle-c
International Development Research Centre October 21
In 1993, the Mexican government embarked on an ambitious program to reform its public administration. The goal: to build a professional, stable and nonpartisan public service. Part of its efforts is
CAW October 20
I chuckled at the federal government's decision to ask Tim O'Neill, the Bank of Montreal's Chief Economist, to review how Ottawa makes its budgets. The government has been rightly criticized, from le
Council of Canadians October 19
Canadians have had one last chance to register their opposition to the Great Lakes Annex, an agreement that could irreversibly damage the Great Lakes and jeopardize Canada's sovereignty over these sh
Sierra Club of Canada October 18
On October 19th, Canadian and American students are demanding their rights to clean, renewable energy. With coordinated actions on university campuses throughout both countries, students are signing
Probe International October 15
The Green Beanery, a non-profit company that aims to help small coffee farmers in the Third World, has become Canada's newest merchant in specialty green coffee beans. Bringing these beans to the pub
B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union October 13
The BCGEU says that amendments tabled in the B.C. legislature are insufficient to ensure British Columbians' private information will be kept confidential. This is because of the over-reaching provis
CAW October 12
The CAW joined with the Ontario Needs a Raise (ONR) coalition to mark the first anniversary of the McGuinty government's election. The Liberals' promise of “real” change was contrasted to t
Canadian Union of Public Employees October 8
This week's throne speech appeased progressives with major new commitments to child care, health care, municipal development, and more. Alongside that: a new “report card” model for holding
Alternatives October 8
How can we name the crisis unfolding in the Darfur region of Sudan? The U.S. Congress, and now Secretary of State Colin Powell, claim that genocide has occurred in Darfur. The European Union says it