New Socialist September 17
A humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in the Darfur region of Sudan. A quarter of the population has been displaced. People are dying or living in desperate conditions. Thousands have been slaughte
International Development and Environment Article Service September 17
Native communities in snowy Saskatchewan and tropical Nicaragua may seem worlds apart, but Chief Richard Gladue of the Meadow Lake Tribal Council believes they have much in common. Now a partnership
CAW September 17
Earlier this year, KPMG released its annual ranking of Canada's “most respected corporations.” The silver medal went to WestJet, a company whose workers subsist on sub-average wages and no
Canadian Council for International Co-operation September 15
G7 finance ministers will meet in Washington on October 1 to consider a proposal to cancel all of the debt owed by some poor countries. Now is the time to press the Canadian government to support the
Polaris Institute September 15
Polaris Institute
As TV cameras converged on the first ministers' health care summit this week, one major player was missing from the screen: the brand-name pharmaceutical industry. But make no mistake: When it comes
Amnesty International September 15
Amnesty International
The U.S. Supreme Court has an opportunity this October to consign the execution of child offenders to history. That would bring the U.S. into line with the vast majority of countries that have alread
Council of Canadians September 14
The prime minister and the premiers aren't the only ones in Ottawa this week with much to say about the future of Canadian health care. Community organizations, health care activists, workers and oth
West Papua Action Network September 13
The smoldering injustice West Papuans have endured for 40 years was often fuelled by U.S. cold war politics. While this has been assumed for some time, details were finally confirmed in July with the
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives September 10
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
A &#147;new deal&#148; for cities: Such language was <i>de rigeur</i> in the recent federal election. But renewing our municipalities will take more than money. What's needed is nothing less than a c
Rights & Democracy September 10
The Prime Minister himself has called the plight of aboriginal people Canada's &#147;national disgrace.&#148; So how will Paul Martin's government seize the the opportunity presented by next weeks di
Public Service Alliance of Canada September 9
Some 25,000 workers at the Canada Revenue Agency launched into strike action yesterday. Their union had been heartened by the recommendations of a recent Conciliation Board report. But when the CRA r
Dominion Newspaper September 9
The people of Kanehsatake are locked in a continuing battle with the federal government. The feds say it's about crime; Mohawks insist that their land and sovereignty are at stake. Kim Petersen takes
working TV September 9
working TV
What can progressives expect from Canada's new minority government? Newly re-elected Vancouver East MP Libby Davies sat down this week with working TV to survey prospects for the upcoming session of
National Union of Public and General Employees September 2
National Union of Public and General Employees
Most Canadians reject Ralph Klein's position that new federal health dollars should come with no strings attached. On the eve of the First Ministers' meeting on health care, a Vector Research poll sh
Dominion Newspaper September 1
Who engineered the overthrow of Haiti's democratically elected government? All eyes turn to the U.S. But Anthony Fenton finds that Canada's role may have reached well beyond diplomatic complicity.
working TV September 1
working TV
Sun Peaks is expanding its ski resort near Kamloops, BC. Its grand vision includes 20,000 beds, with new ski runs on the previously undisturbed Mt. Morrisey. Trouble is, Sun Peaks is on Secwepemc lan
Canadian Union of Public Employees September 1
Provincial and territorial leaders will be at the table. But Aboriginal leaders won't even be in the room when Prime Minister Martin hosts his September 13-15 health care summit. Martin has rejected
National Union of Public and General Employees August 31
National Union of Public and General Employees
Manitoba justice officials have intervened to cool down a private security outfit that has been enforcing laws outside its jurisdiction. Prairie Bylaw Enforcement Services employees have been strippe
working TV August 30
working TV
Last week, a U.S. consumer rights group chartered a train to bring seniors, patients and small business owners to Vancouver &#151; to buy more affordable prescription drugs. The group has challenged
Inter Press Service August 30
While the World Health Organization says more money and attention is needed to contain bird flu in Asia, Canada's recent outbreak was successfully contained in less than five months. But that success
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation August 27
A couple of failing grades, five passes, and seven &#147;incompletes.&#148; Ontario's Liberal government drew mixed marks on a first-year report card from the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Feder
Dominion Newspaper August 26
Joseph Pannell could face extradition to the United States for a crime he allegedly committed thirty years ago. Dru Oja Jay examines the assumptions guiding the media's coverage of the former Black P
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives August 25
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
British Columbia is diverting $89-million in federal funds earmarked for social housing into assisted living spaces in the health care system. And the province may be triply counting those units as a
International Development Research Centre August 25
Simple water lettuce is the engine of a wastewater treatment process that's providing &#147;liquid manna&#148; for urban farmers on the outskirts of Dakar, Senegal. The Canadian-supported experimenta
Canadian Union of Postal Workers August 25
Will recent scandals at Canada Post become fodder for forces seeking to privatize or deregulate the post office? Deborah Bourque reflects on the dark legacy of the last great postal privatization dri
Cultural Survival August 25
The western Sudanese region of Darfur, with a population near 5-million, has been home to some 36 ethnic groups. For centuries, they co-existed, each in their own homeland. But recurring drought and
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives August 24
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
British Columbia is headed for an energy crunch if it doesn't shift its focus toward renewable energy and conservation. A new report says BC's fixation on oil and gas extraction is creating more gree
CAW August 24
Three years ago, in the heart of a heat wave, Kimberly Rogers died in her apartment in Sudbury, Ontario. She was eight months pregnant. Her death, writes CAW President Buzz Hargrove, drives home why
Democracy Watch August 23
There's a proposal on the table in Ontario to re-empower individual investors by addressing their isolation within the investment industry. The Corporate Responsibility Coalition last week called on
National Union of Public and General Employees August 23
National Union of Public and General Employees
A bar employee who refused to wear a bikini top to sell beer at a New Westminster bar has been awarded nearly $6,000 by the BC Human Rights Tribunal. After declining to disrobe, Andrea Mottu, then 22