June 25
Canada votes on Monday, June 28. This federal election campaign, several OneWorld partner surveyed or graded political parties on their election platforms. From health to environment to defence &#151
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives June 23
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Accountability, rights issues and health care have dominated this federal election campaign. Economic issues, meanwhile, have somehow slipped off the stage. That's too bad, says economist Marc Lee, b
Maisonneuve Magazine June 23
Think of the children. It's hard enough learning your times tables, but with the <i>Globe</i> saying the Liberals are ahead, and the <i>Post</i> claiming the Tories are on top, precocious children ev
Council of Canadians June 22
The Council of Canadians is condemning Quebec Environment Minister Thomas Mulcair's proposal to explore bulk exports of water from the province. The Council says that move would &#147;open the floodg
Democracy Watch June 22
New Canadian election laws and ethics rules are designed to make campaigns more fair and transparent. But there's a catch, according to Democracy Watch. First, parties are not required to disclose do
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives June 22
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Families making more than $150,000 are the big winners in the Conservative Party's proposed tax reforms. Meanwhile, NDP tax proposals favour families with incomes below $60,000. Those are two of the
Canadian Union of Postal Workers June 21
Letter carrier Rick Letendre has landed a week's suspension without pay following a complaint from BC Liberal MLA Lorne Mayencourt. Letendre was making his routine delivery to Mayencourt's office. Se
International Development Research Centre June 21
Blunt measures of human prosperity &#151; like Gross Domestic Product &#151; gauge economic activity without distinguishing &#147;good&#148; activity from &#147;bad.&#148; Alternative measures draw o
National Union of Public and General Employees June 18
National Union of Public and General Employees
Statistics Canada says 3.6 million Canadians have no regular doctor, depriving them of preventative care and resulting in far more visits to emergency rooms. Surprisingly, the problem is almost as ba
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives June 18
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
There is much wringing of hands these days as governments come to terms with decreasing voter turnout in Canada. In 2000, only 61 per cent of eligible voters bothered to cast ballots federally &#151;
Amnesty International June 18
Amnesty International
&#147;As the world shifts its attention away from Afghanistan, the country is descending into a downward spiral of lawlessness and instability,&#148; Amnesty International said Thursday. The deaths o
Socialist Worker June 15
If you read the mass media, there's only one story this federal election: the sudden, unexpected rise of Stephen Harper's Tories. And the Liberal vote is certainly collapsing all across Canada. But t
Cultural Survival June 15
The new online First Nations Dating Network aims to match up status Indians throughout North America. A stated goal is to strengthen status populations, while enabling people to pass on rights to hou
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives June 14
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Are you going to inherit $1-million? Well, you're still safe, even with the NDP's new inheritance tax proposal. Much has been made about how this tax could affect even those not normally considered r
Canadian Union of Public Employees June 14
If Stephen Harper becomes prime minister, his spending cuts could lead to national social unrest, the head of Canada's largest union said today. &#147;We know from experience what Harper's agenda rep
OneWorld June 12
Activist voiced disappointment Thursday with what they called a failure among the Group of Eight (G8) richest nations to respond to major crises in Africa. At this week's U.S.-hosted summit, G8 leade
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives June 11
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Can Canada's three major national parties pay for their election promises? Economists Ellen Russell and Sheila Block tackle that question in a study released today. Their conclusion: Only the tax-cut
working TV June 10
working TV
U.S. President Bush recently announced new measures to &#147;hasten a transition to democracy&#148; in Cuba. That raised red flags for Cuba's Ambassador to Canada: &#147;A significant danger of the n
Canadian Union of Postal Workers June 10
Fully 39 per cent of us didn't make it to the ballot box during the last federal election. This time, CUPW President Deborah Bourque urges her members and all Canadians to just do it: &#147;For every
Sierra Club of Canada June 9
Stephen Harper is out of step with the 82 per cent of Canadians who support the Kyoto Protocol, recent polls show. Harper's Conservatives are the only federal party taking a stand against the climate
Democracy Watch June 9
Democracy Watch is urging media outlets to honour skeptical Canadian voters this election &#151; by asking party leaders three direct questions. First, will they resign or call an election if they br
Canadian Union of Public Employees June 8
The future of universal public medicare is at stake today in the Supreme Court of Canada. Dr. Jacques Chaoulli and George Zeliotis are appealing an earlier ruling that prohibited Zeliotis from paying
National Union of Public and General Employees June 8
National Union of Public and General Employees
The credibility of the Royal Bank of Canada fell further on Monday when it declared a week-long computer glitch &#147;virtually&#148; resolved. The announcement did not console those Canadians who co
Maisonneuve Magazine June 7
Whew. Our crumbling cities, starved by downloading, are scrambling for a voice in Ottawa. And after months of vague promises from the Liberals, we finally have a concrete &#147;new deal for cities&#1
International Development Research Centre June 7
Large-scale, centralized water management has gone as far as it can in many regions. There are no more big rivers to dam; aquifers are being mined to exhaustion; vast irrigation schemes have reached
International Institute for Sustainable Development June 4
The derailing of the MAI. Simmering controversy over NAFTA's Chapter 11 ... While investment is a key to development, international investment agreements have not been popular. A new book, all online
Canadian Union of Public Employees June 3
Because they want to slash public services. Because they favour for-profit health care. Because they oppose action on Kyoto ... Canada's largest union details its top 10 reasons not to support Stephe
June 3
As we observe the tenth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, some see striking parallels with an earlier crisis &#151; the Biafran War. Hugh McCullum follows the links: the media attention as deaths
Council of Canadians (with partners) June 3
What's the difference between the middle-aged white guys leading all the major parties this federal election? Ask them &#151; and your local candidates. Canada Votes 2004 is a new online tool that ca
Sierra Club of Canada June 2
The Sierra Club of Canada today lauded Liberal Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty for boosting the budget of the Ministry of the Environment. The group says the move gives the Ministry &#147;tools to be