Canadian Union of Public Employees September 1
Provincial and territorial leaders will be at the table. But Aboriginal leaders won't even be in the room when Prime Minister Martin hosts his September 13-15 health care summit. Martin has rejected
National Union of Public and General Employees August 31
National Union of Public and General Employees
Manitoba justice officials have intervened to cool down a private security outfit that has been enforcing laws outside its jurisdiction. Prairie Bylaw Enforcement Services employees have been strippe
working TV August 30
working TV
Last week, a U.S. consumer rights group chartered a train to bring seniors, patients and small business owners to Vancouver — to buy more affordable prescription drugs. The group has challenged
Inter Press Service August 30
While the World Health Organization says more money and attention is needed to contain bird flu in Asia, Canada's recent outbreak was successfully contained in less than five months. But that success
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation August 27
A couple of failing grades, five passes, and seven “incompletes.” Ontario's Liberal government drew mixed marks on a first-year report card from the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Feder
Dominion Newspaper August 26
Joseph Pannell could face extradition to the United States for a crime he allegedly committed thirty years ago. Dru Oja Jay examines the assumptions guiding the media's coverage of the former Black P
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives August 25
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
British Columbia is diverting $89-million in federal funds earmarked for social housing into assisted living spaces in the health care system. And the province may be triply counting those units as a
International Development Research Centre August 25
Simple water lettuce is the engine of a wastewater treatment process that's providing “liquid manna” for urban farmers on the outskirts of Dakar, Senegal. The Canadian-supported experimenta
Canadian Union of Postal Workers August 25
Will recent scandals at Canada Post become fodder for forces seeking to privatize or deregulate the post office? Deborah Bourque reflects on the dark legacy of the last great postal privatization dri
Cultural Survival August 25
The western Sudanese region of Darfur, with a population near 5-million, has been home to some 36 ethnic groups. For centuries, they co-existed, each in their own homeland. But recurring drought and
CAW August 24
Three years ago, in the heart of a heat wave, Kimberly Rogers died in her apartment in Sudbury, Ontario. She was eight months pregnant. Her death, writes CAW President Buzz Hargrove, drives home why
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives August 24
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
British Columbia is headed for an energy crunch if it doesn't shift its focus toward renewable energy and conservation. A new report says BC's fixation on oil and gas extraction is creating more gree
National Union of Public and General Employees August 23
National Union of Public and General Employees
A bar employee who refused to wear a bikini top to sell beer at a New Westminster bar has been awarded nearly $6,000 by the BC Human Rights Tribunal. After declining to disrobe, Andrea Mottu, then 22
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives August 23
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Manitoba takes the lead while BC loses more ground &#151; and Nova Scotia stays lodged in last place. That's according to the fifth annual <i>Missing Pieces</i> guide to Canadian higher education. Th
Democracy Watch August 23
There's a proposal on the table in Ontario to re-empower individual investors by addressing their isolation within the investment industry. The Corporate Responsibility Coalition last week called on
OneWorld US August 12
Pressure from Democrats to have international observers monitor the November U.S. elections has paid off. The State Department is inviting the Vienna-based Organization for Security and Cooperation i
National Union of Public and General Employees August 12
National Union of Public and General Employees
Former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm is challenging newly-privatized BC Ferries over its resolve to send shipbuilding contracts overseas. At a rally on Wednesday, the staunch free-enterpriser joined la
working TV August 12
working TV
On August 10, 1974, Eddie Nalon bled to death in solitary confinement at Millhaven Maximum Security Prison. Guards had deactivated the emergency call button in his cell. That button stayed off, and a
DisAbled Women's Network Ontario August 11
Proudly M
B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union August 10
There's one foolproof way to keep British Columbians' personal data out of the FBI's hands: Keep it in government hands. The BC Government and Service Employees Union made that case to BC's privacy
National Union of Public and General Employees August 10
National Union of Public and General Employees
The Rand Formula, a bedrock of Canadian unionism, is under growing attack. The latest sign: a resolution calling for its abolition by Young Liberals in Quebec. Established as a historic compromise in
National Farmers Union August 9
Just how badly has Canada's cattle industry suffered since last May's discovery of one case of BSE? Family farmers are still reeling from the blow. Remarkably, though, Alberta's big beef packers have
Inter Press Service August 9
The Belgian Defence Ministry this year blamed North America for the world's worst-ever genocide &#151; for killing millions of aboriginal people. Outrage over that claim only spotlighted what has lon
TakingITGlobal August 9
Launched last month, <i>TIG Magazine</i> is a new compendium of the best in artwork and creative writing from TakingITGlobal's online community initiatives. The pilot issue, &#147;electricities,&#148
CAW August 6
Hey! My name is Joe. I don't live in an igloo. And I am not a lumberjack. Well, okay, I used to be a lumberjack. But a countervailing tariff on softwood lumber put an end to that. Oh, and I brew good
working TV August 5
working TV
Some 150,000 people hit Vancouver's streets last weekend to celebrate the pride of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans community. Among them: workers and personalities from across the labour movemen
Council of Canadians August 5
World Trade Organization member countries have approved a framework deal to keep the &#147;Doha Development Round&#148; alive. It's being hailed as a breakthrough on agricultural subsidies that hurt
International Development Research Centre August 4
Freer trade is supposed to be good for economic growth, but does it do anything to reduce poverty? An eight-country study sheds light on the effects of liberalized trade on the poor. It may also give
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives August 3
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Trade treaties and proliferating privatization are a dangerous mix for Canadian medicare, a new study warns. Once foreign, investor-owned health-care providers get established in Canada, trade treati
OneWorld TV July 30
Privatization of water, and communication rights in the information society: two of the pressing issues this week at the 1st Americas Social Forum in Quito, Ecuador. Some 10,000 people from 45 countr