Canadian Council for International Co-operation April 28
Finally, Bill C-9 will go to Parliament this week for third and final reading. That will end nearly a year of wrangling over legislation aimed at allowing the export of affordable generic medicines t
Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group April 28
When Paul Martin visits George Bush this week, Canadian involvement in missile defence will be on the table. And look who's out breaking his trail to Washington: On April 19-20, the Canadian Council
Sierra Club of Canada April 27
Yesterday, on the 18th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, environment groups urged Ontario to reconsider its own nuclear strategy. Exactly two years ago, in what it called a “logical respons
OneWorld April 27
Hundreds of thousands of Americans took to the streets of Washington D.C. for Sunday's March for Women's Lives. Alongside them were at least 200 men and women from some 57 other countries, protesting
National Union of Public and General Employees April 27
National Union of Public and General Employees
Legislation tabled yesterday will soon end a month-long strike by 20,000 public workers in Newfoundland. Staying off the job will earn termination for workers and steep fines for unions and their lea
working TV April 26
working TV
Ten unions representing 43,000 BC health-care workers began job action Sunday with a ban on overtime. They include dietary staff, orderlies, licensed practical nurses and group home workers. The esca
National Union of Public and General Employees April 26
National Union of Public and General Employees
Five women have been banned for life from BC's legislature. On March 12, they were hauled from the building in handcuffs when they refused to leave after meeting with the minister responsible for wom
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives April 26
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Canada is hoarding unprecedented economic wealth while human insecurity deepens — at home and abroad. That charge comes in a new report from economist Armine Yalnizyan, who berates Ottawa's &#14
April 26
A truism for anyone concerned with resource extraction in Africa is that “black gold” is a black curse on any region where oil flows. Charles Ndika shows how this applies to the new Chad-Ca
Council of Canadians April 24
New polls show many Canadians are prepared to give Stephen Harper's new Conservative party a chance to govern Canada in the next election. That would be a big mistake, says Maude Barlow: “No mat
National Union of Public and General Employees April 23
National Union of Public and General Employees
Had Newfoundland's premier accepted unions' offer of binding arbitration, 20,000 striking public employees would be back at work today. Instead, Danny Williams is allowing the dispute to drag into ne
B.C. Teachers' Federation April 23
B.C. Teachers' Federation
BC's Liberals have introduced legislation that bluntly challenges a four-month-old Supreme Court ruling. In January, BC Supreme Court quashed a government-appointed arbitrator's plan to strip teacher
Canadian Council for International Co-operation April 22
NGOs are lauding Canada's government for making major amendments to legislation designed to ease developing countries' access to low-cost medicines. Now they're urging Ottawa to press on further. The
Socialist Worker April 22
On March 28 a Canadian contractor was killed in Mosul, Iraq. Two days later, four American contractors were killed in Fallujah, their corpses dragged through the streets. And according to Doug Nesbit
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives April 21
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Public accountability and service quality are better known victims of health-care privatization. But a new report shows that pay equity is also bound to take a beating. Witness British Columbia: Its
Council of Canadians April 21
Nineteen million chickens in BC are on death row following an Avian Flu outbreak. But the deeper illness, critics say, is corporate factory farming. Concentrated livestock operations are breeding gro
Sierra Club of Canada April 21
Halifax should take its sewage wastes back to its own lagoons. That call comes from a rural citizens' group in nearby Truro, Nova Scotia. They say lagoons at the Halifax Aerotech Park facility have b
Amnesty International April 20
Amnesty International
Since the beginning of the war in Iraq just over a year ago, 38 journalists, camera operators, photographers and translators have been killed. Many more have been injured. And international journalis
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation April 20
Nearly 250 Ontario special needs teachers began withdrawing extra-curricular services yesterday. The teachers — who work in special schools for the deaf and blind, and in correctional facilities
National Union of Public and General Employees April 20
National Union of Public and General Employees
Bowing to international pressure, Ottawa is set to table major amendments to Bill C-9. That's the legislation designed to facilitate the export of low-cost generic drugs to developing countries &#151
National Union of Public and General Employees April 19
National Union of Public and General Employees
Provincial legislators have unanimously passed a motion blocking the man “with the blood of 26 Westray miners on his hands” from ever opening another mine in Nova Scotia. Toronto's Clifford
Sierra Club of Canada April 19
It's the first public response by a car maker to Canada's drive for a voluntary agreement to boost fuel efficiency for cars and light trucks by 25 per cent. General Motors Canada President Michael Gr
International Development and Environment Article Service April 19
By the year 2007, for the first time in history, humanity will be primarily an urban species: <i>homo sapiens urbanis.</i> Unless cities drastically shrink their ecological footprints, the planet may
working TV April 16
working TV
Elementary school teachers in Vancouver recently produced a video profiling some of the special programs that enrich the school experience for kids in that city. On the day it was released, the Vanco
Dominion Newspaper April 16
Seven weeks since Aristide's ouster, Haiti is already vanishing from the headlines. This, despite reports of human rights abuses at the hands of a &#147;militarized police force&#148; and an occupyin
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives April 15
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Canada might see some fragmented benefits from a &#147;customs union&#148; with the U.S. But the economic and political costs would be leagues deeper, cautions economist Marc Lee. The controversial p
Centre for Media Alternatives Quebec April 15
Today the American occupiers use tanks, RPGs, helicopters and cluster-bombs in what people on the street call a war without end. A war reaching back through years of U.S.-supported Ba'athist dictator
Making the Links Radio April 15
A Canada-based representative of the Anuak Survival Organization has given chilling testimony on a genocide being perpetrated against the Anuak people in Gambella Province, Ethiopia. On April 8, Oban
Sierra Club of Canada April 14
Conservation groups say a new deal to build a pipeline across northern Alberta confirms that the larger Mackenzie pipeline &#147;is just phase one of a megaproject to extract and export more tar sand
Alternatives April 14
It was ex-PM Jean Chretien's parting &#147;gift to Africa.&#148; Bill C-9 continues to wend its way through parliament, promising to save millions of lives. In principle, it should enable the provisi