B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union July 19
British Columbia is outsourcing desktop computer support for all government employees. The company getting the gig: IBM. Public workers once again fear that people's privacy could be on the line. IBM
Rights and Democracy July 16
Rwandan human rights activist Godeliève Mukasarasi is the winner of the 2004 John Humphrey Freedom Award. A survivor of genocide, Ms. Mukasarasi has made an invaluable contribution to demo
International Fund for Animal Welfare July 15
Animal-serving groups, together with the Ontario government, last week released 12 orphaned bear cubs back to the wild — including Buddy Bear. Buddy is the black bear infamously abducted from hi
Amnesty International July 14
Amnesty International
Framed by fears of terrorism, Greece is mounting an unprecedented security operation for this summer's Olympic Games. But are human rights being caught in the same broad net? This week, Amnesty Inter
International Institute for Sustainable Development July 14
Is trade good or bad for the environment? Answer: no. A new book from the International Institute for Sustainable Development distills lessons from six years of research on trade and sustainable deve
CAW July 13
Like any other patriotic, cynical Canadian, economist Jim Stanford loves to see arrogant politicians get caught with their hands in the cookie jar. But surely he wasn't the only one left yawning afte
International Development Research Centre July 12
Digging for precious minerals in precarious conditions — without safety equipment, proper tools or recognition from the state — is a way of life for some 13 million of the worlds poorest p
OneWorld July 12
The Pentagon says it is trying to expedite the implementation of last week's decision by the Supreme Court to require fair reviews for terrorist suspects held at the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
working TV July 9
working TV
British Columbia plans to contract out the administration of its Medical Services Plan, among other public services. That means confidential information on citizens could be handed to U.S.-based mult
Pro-Choice Action Network July 8
With Canada's federal election behind us, social liberals are breathing easier after facing down the prospect of a Conservative government. And while their fears were overblown, says Joyce Arthur, so
Probe International July 8
Project backers have failed to make an economic case for the Nam Theun 2 energy export scheme in Laos, says a new report by Toronto-based Probe International. The US$1.1-billion dam project would req
Sierra Club of Canada July 7
“Over the next few months, the Ontario government will make the most important decision of its mandate. It won't be about issues such as health care and education ... Instead, the McGuinty gover
Canadian Union of Public Employees July 7
The judge hearing the legal challenge to make the federal government enforce its own law protecting public health care will announce his decision in early September. The challenge — launched by
National Union of Public and General Employees July 6
National Union of Public and General Employees
British Columbia's highest court of appeal has upheld the province's contract-breaking Bill 29. So unions representing nearly 100,000 health-care workers say they will now take their constitutional c
working TV July 5
working TV
Gim Wong, 82, is an Air Force veteran and the son of two Chinese head-taxpayers. He's leading a cross-Canada motorcycle ride to press Ottawa to redress the <i>Chinese Head Tax and Exclusion Act</i> &
Rights & Democracy July 5
Canada's commitment to halve hunger worldwide by 2015 must be reinforced by a &#147;principled position that upholds the human right to adequate food,&#148; says Rights & Democracy. The group says Ca
Public Service Alliance of Canada July 2
If Prime Minister Paul Martin is going to live up to his election promise to do better, he will need to act quickly to avert a serious disruption in federal public services. The Public Service Allian
Democracy Watch June 30
In this week's federal election, voter turnout dropped to a record low 60.5 per cent. According to Democracy Watch, turnout likely won't rebound until parties and politicians tackle the job of re-eng
International Institute for Sustainable Development June 30
Canada's first minority government in 25 years will have to act on environmental and sustainable development priorities if it hopes to build bridges with the NDP and Bloc Quebecois. To start, that co
Environment News Service June 29
A recent report from the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences links at least 80 per cent of cancers to environmental causes and lifestyle choices like smoking and diet. Meanwhile
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives June 29
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
&#147;New Brunswick citizens are experiencing trade treaty 'chill' first-hand.&#148; So say the authors of a study released just as the Lord government rejected legislative committee recommendations
Canadian Union of Public Employees June 29
Across Canada, public employees say they are facing growing pressure from employers to give up collective agreement rights. In response, the Canadian Union of Public Employees has adopted a &#147;spe
Council of Canadians June 28
It took just 12 days for 5000 women to find and sign a non-partisan letter of concern about Stephen Harper and the new Conservative Party. Signatories include Dr. Ursula Franklin, Maude Barlow, Naomi
Dominion Newspaper June 26
Suicide bombings, rocket attacks, assassinations, political wrangling: familiar fare from media covering the occupied territories. But what about the everyday conditions of people living under occupa
OneWorld.ca June 25
Canada votes on Monday, June 28. This federal election campaign, several OneWorld partner surveyed or graded political parties on their election platforms. From health to environment to defence &#151
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives June 23
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Accountability, rights issues and health care have dominated this federal election campaign. Economic issues, meanwhile, have somehow slipped off the stage. That's too bad, says economist Marc Lee, b
Maisonneuve Magazine June 23
Think of the children. It's hard enough learning your times tables, but with the <i>Globe</i> saying the Liberals are ahead, and the <i>Post</i> claiming the Tories are on top, precocious children ev
Democracy Watch June 22
New Canadian election laws and ethics rules are designed to make campaigns more fair and transparent. But there's a catch, according to Democracy Watch. First, parties are not required to disclose do
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives June 22
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Families making more than $150,000 are the big winners in the Conservative Party's proposed tax reforms. Meanwhile, NDP tax proposals favour families with incomes below $60,000. Those are two of the
Council of Canadians June 22
The Council of Canadians is condemning Quebec Environment Minister Thomas Mulcair's proposal to explore bulk exports of water from the province. The Council says that move would &#147;open the floodg