Centre for Media Alternatives Quebec April 15
Today the American occupiers use tanks, RPGs, helicopters and cluster-bombs in what people on the street call a war without end. A war reaching back through years of U.S.-supported Ba'athist dictator
Making the Links Radio April 15
A Canada-based representative of the Anuak Survival Organization has given chilling testimony on a genocide being perpetrated against the Anuak people in Gambella Province, Ethiopia. On April 8, Oban
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives April 15
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Canada might see some fragmented benefits from a “customs union” with the U.S. But the economic and political costs would be leagues deeper, cautions economist Marc Lee. The controversial p
Alternatives April 14
It was ex-PM Jean Chretien's parting “gift to Africa.” Bill C-9 continues to wend its way through parliament, promising to save millions of lives. In principle, it should enable the provisi
Inter Press Service April 14
Civil society is picking apart a United Nations report that urges boosting support for the private sector in developing countries as the fastest route to eliminating poverty. The study was authored b
National Union of Public and General Employees April 14
National Union of Public and General Employees
Critics say Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams is bungling the biggest strike in his province's history. Some 20,000 public sector workers walked off the job on April 1 to resist demands for a two-y
Sierra Club of Canada April 14
Conservation groups say a new deal to build a pipeline across northern Alberta confirms that the larger Mackenzie pipeline “is just phase one of a megaproject to extract and export more tar sand
Sierra Club of Canada April 13
They say it would “strip the heart” out of critical wildlife habitat next to Alberta's Jasper National Park. So conservation groups are pressing federal and provincial governments to block
International Development Research Centre April 13
What does equity in health care mean? Full equality? A minimum standard of service? A system of entitlements? Global health professionals have long struggled with definitions. Zimbabwe's Dr. Rene Loe
Council of Canadians April 9
Canadians overwhelmingly reject private sector involvement in key public services. A new Ipsos-Reid poll shows that 84 per cent of us want our public services delivered by public workers. And 75 per
Dominion Newspaper April 9
The multinational business lobby has had a tough time dominating multilateral trade talks of late. The “Group of 21” developing nations walked out of last September's WTO session in Cancun.
Canadian Union of Public Employees April 8
Most Canadian provinces are starved of cash for public services. Cutbacks are putting people out of work or spawning strikes. Meanwhile, Ottawa continues to run soaring multi-billion-dollar surpluses
Christian Science Monitor April 8
The breadth and intensity of conflict in Iraq is soaring above expectations, leaving the U.S. without a clear exit strategy. While some argue for more troops, others urge greater multilateral involve
Socialist Worker April 8
On March 22, eleven protesters occupied the office of Canadian Citizenship and Immigration minister Judy Sgro. They were protesting the pending and controversial deportation of Fahim Kayani. Their ha
Canadian International Development Agency April 8
Canada's Minister for International Cooperation yesterday heralded the start of a “new era” for volunteers working in developing countries. Minister Aileen Carroll announced that the Canadi
Amnesty International April 7
Amnesty International
Since Canada abolished the death penalty for murder in 1976, its homicide rate has dropped by 40 per cent. And by debunking the myth that death deters violent crime, countries like Canada “set t
CAW April 7
The centrepiece of the recent federal budget is Canada's new timetable to shrink its debt to 25 per cent of GDP over ten years. Clearly, the Liberals would love to re-create the aura of fiscal compet
Dominion Newspaper April 7
On March 10, a man calling himself Joshua Murray was nabbed for shoplifting at a Victoria Canadian Tire outlet. Police say fingerprints identified him as Tre Arrow, an Oregon environmentalist on the
UN Integrated Regional Information Network April 6
Ten years later, survivors of Rwanda's genocide are still facing a monumental task of social and economic reconstruction. And still they struggle with the need to forgive, to reconcile and live with
Citizens for Public Justice April 6
Citizens for Public Justice
Nothing new: Fiscal restraint was again the driving theme of last month's federal budget. Finance Minister Goodale called it “prudence with a purpose”: paying down debt today is an investme
National Union of Public and General Employees April 6
National Union of Public and General Employees
One year later, Canada's new <i>Youth Criminal Justice Act</i> has produced a morass of inconsistent sentencing and confusion for corrections officials. It was designed to steer youth out of jail int
National Union of Public and General Employees April 5
National Union of Public and General Employees
They've insisted wages aren't the main issue. And striking public workers in Newfoundland and Labrador were offering to take a two-year wage freeze as part of a longer contract. That offer expired Su
working TV April 5
working TV
In law, a corporation is a person. On analysis, a corporation is ... a psychopath? That's the premise of this award-winning Canadian documentary. Sample it: working TV presents eight web video traile
Centre for Media Alternatives Quebec April 5
Sadr City is a subdivision tacked onto the north end of Baghdad, home to nearly half of that city's 5 million residents. It is a Shia area, very poor. Formerly known as Saddam City, it was renamed in
M April 2
&#147;We saw villages burning, and people along the road with their belongings were fleeing.&#148; Canadian logistician Jean-S
DisAbled Women's Network Ontario April 2
&#147;Telling other people that you have cancer is like coming out, again. People sit there and go, 'Oh my God you have cancer,' like you have cooties. People back away.&#148; A community-based Ontar
Canadian Union of Postal Workers April 2
Canada Post's success is measured by its ability to serve the public interest, not maximize profits. And its annual report tabled today shows that, once again, it is actually doing <i>both.</i> Yet T
National Union of Public and General Employees April 1
National Union of Public and General Employees
Nearly 20,000 public sector workers across Newfoundland and Labrador walked off the job as their contracts expired at midnight. Throughout bargaining, the province has demanded a wage freeze under th
Democracy Watch April 1
With this week's Senate approval of Bill C-4, Canada is a hair's breadth away from enacting what Democracy Watch calls &#147;the most important government accountability measure ever passed.&#148; Th
Sierra Club of Canada April 1
&#147;We have been fooled by fossil fuels; it's time we learn from this practical joke.&#148; Today, April