Amnesty Condemns Terrorist Assault
Sep 12 2001
Amnesty International was quick to condemn yesterday's terrorist attacks on the U.S. as "the gravest abuses of fundamental human rights and basic principles of humanity." The world's leading defender
PSAC Suspends Strikes After Terrorist Attacks on U.S.
Sep 11 2001
87,000 federal public servants have suspended all strike activity for the rest of the week, after today's terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. With security heightened at government offices,
Selling Crap to Kids
Sep 10 2001
You're a marketing wonk. And you want to cut through kids' media savvy to schlep your wares. Get tips here!
Radio CAW: Jaggi, Maude, Svend, Buzz
Sep 7 2001
At this year's Canadian Auto Workers Convention, CAW editors pressed mikes into some familiar faces. Jaggi Singh remembered a summer of activist uprising and his arrest in Quebec City. Maude Barlow r
Labour Looks Back, and Ahead
Sep 4 2001
How'd you like to work 14 hours a day, seven days a week? A century and a half ago, that was the North American norm. We've come a long way since then, and we have the union movement to thank. This L
Meet Our Newest Partners
Aug 30 2001
Seven more hard-toiling Canadian organizations became "in cahoots" partners this August. By contributing to rabble, they help to sustain this fiesty online magazine. We'd like you to meet them.
BC's Many Millionaires
Aug 23 2001
Did you know that British Columbia is home to more than 56,000 millionaires? As a percentage of all families (3.3%), that's more than any other province. Try reconciling that with the BC Liberals' wi
Second Workless Wednesday
Aug 21 2001
Need to renew your passport? Looking for a missing EI or pension cheque? Don't expect speedy service tomorrow. More than 50,000 Public Service Alliance of Canada workers will be staging their second
Retreat: What Does Democracy Look Like?
Aug 17 2001
Camp out in Ontario's Alquonquin Park for four days, sharing your campfire with a dozen high-profile guest speakers. It's a sublime setting for a workshop on forms of democracy. The Centre for Social
BC Teachers: Bargaining Rights Assailed
Aug 16 2001
To guarantee life-and-limb essential services, governments sometimes limit workers' right to strike. Trade unionists usually accept this trade-off - in critical sectors. On Tuesday, BC's new Liberal
Jubilee Initiative: End of the Beginning
Aug 15 2001
Three years ago, Canada's ecumenical community issued a sweeping call for social justice and renewal. As the Jubilee Initiative wraps up, a new article from Citizens for Public Justice reflects on it
Participatory Democracy: the NPI Difference?
Aug 13 2001
When the New Politics Initiative (NPI) announced plans to create a new left party, many folks asked the same question: How will this be any different from the NDP? Part of the answer may be a new str
Heat Wave: Bakery Worker Dies
Aug 9 2001
A bakery worker died of heat stroke Monday in Barrie, Ontario. Kim Warner, 44, died on the job at the Weston-owned Crissa Bakery. Warner's union is advising workers throughout South-Central Ontario t
NAFTA Tribunals: a Little Less Secret
Aug 8 2001
Canada, the U.S. and Mexico agreed on July 31 to increase the "transparency" of tribunals that hear complaints pressed by corporations under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Calling t
CRTC Approves "Convergence," Threatens Diversity
Aug 3 2001
The CRTC yesterday renewed broadcasting licenses for television stations controlled by CTV and CanWest Global. In doing so, the CRTC accepted the media conglomerates' plans to merge television and ne
Montreal Squatters Stand Firm
Aug 1 2001
More than 75 activists continue to occupy an abandoned three-story building near Montreal's finer hotels. Calling for more affordable housing, the squatters say they're in for the long haul.
August Brings Celtic Harvest Celebration
Jul 30 2001
What's sweeter than tasting the summer's first tender ears of corn? The month of August brings Lammas, a Celtic celebration of the first harvest. It's a time to reflect on abundance. It's also a time
Welcome rabble's Newest Partners
Jul 26 2001
Four Canadian organizations have joined the ranks of <I>rabble</I>'s supporting partners this July. You can expect to hear more in this space from the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies,
BC Threatens Teachers' Bargaining Rights
Jul 23 2001
Collective bargaining and striking are workers' democratic rights. Governments can limit those rights in order to ensure life-and-limb "essential services" like policing and firefighting. In a fright
Online Pop-Ed Bookstore Launches
Jul 19 2001
Today marks the launch of a new online bookstore devoted to popular education. Featuring secure online transactions, "Reading the World / Reading the Word" is a service of the Catalyst Centre, one of
Can Private Clinics Cut Waiting Times?
Jul 17 2001
Doctors in some provinces are advocating private surgical clinics where they can offer faster service - to people who can pay a fee. They say this approach can cut waiting times for everyone. But doe
National Gallery: Strike Over
Jul 13 2001
The strike is over at the National Gallery and the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography. Feeling they'd finally been shown some respect, 200 striking workers ratified a new collective agreemen
Behind Canada's #3 UN Ranking
Jul 12 2001
Many Canadians are proud to come from a country that ranked "best place to live" for seven straight years. In this year's UN Human Development Index, released Tuesday, Canada slipped to third place,
Anti-WTO Campaign Gears Up
Jul 11 2001
World leaders converge on Qatar this November for the first WTO Minsterial Conference since Seattle. The meeting could spawn a new round of negotiations to massively liberalize trade. And once again,
New Economy = Same Old
Jul 6 2001
The new high-tech economy may be ushering in whole new "paradigms" of production and communication. But when the road gets rough, management still takes care of its own. And workers still feel like p
Free Trade Fears Halt Water Plant Privatization
Jul 5 2001
The Greater Vancouver Regional District has shelved its scheme to privatize a planned water filtration plant. More than 1,000 citizens attended consultations in June to oppose handing the plant to an
Gender Inequality Still a Reality
Jul 3 2001
Decades of struggle for equality have yielded some modest results for Canadian women. Women's incomes, however, still lag behind men's. And that gap is much wider than you might expect, according to
Bill 68: Dark Days for Nova Scotia Labour
Jun 28 2001
Labour groups say it's one of Nova Scotia's darkest moments. The province's Tory Government has rammed through legislation to get its way in a dispute with health-care workers. Bill 68, passed Wednes
Remember Carine Wilson
Jun 27 2001
Born into Montreal's elite, she chose a domestic path: powerful husband, several kids, a large home to tend. But something clicked in her 30s, and she sprang into public life. Carine Wilson (1885-196
Education in Ontario: Manufactured Crisis?
Jun 26 2001
In 1995, Ontario's then-Education Minister was caught on tape promising to "create a crisis" to build support for changing the system. A recent report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives