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Labour Media Association Honours <i>rabble</i> Partners
May 16 2001
The BC Teachers' Federation and the Canadian Union of Public Employees were winners at this year's Canadian Association of Labour Media Awards. The BCTF took an excellence-in-writing award for its <i
Maude Barlow on Trade Agreements and Education
May 14 2001
As our leaders push for global trade agreements, who's planning for their effects on post-secondary education in Canada? Council of Canadians chair Maude Barlow will discuss what's at stake, in Toron
Public Education: Not for Sale!
May 11 2001
Is education a commodity to be bought and sold? Should curriculum, learning technologies, and teacher resources be driven by market forces? From May 21-24, 2500 education traders from 70 countries wi
Worker Solidarity Wins Halifax Airport Deal
May 10 2001
Maintenance workers and firefighters at the Halifax International Airport have won their first-ever collective agreement. Some of the workers had been on strike since April 12 - demanding better wage
Ontario Budget: Tories Have a Choice
May 9 2001
Later today, when the next Ontario budget comes down, will citizens see more attacks on education, health care, and other public services? Will these attacks be called unavoidable - compelled by tigh
Settlement Ends Toronto School Strike
May 8 2001
CUPE 4400 members have settled their dispute with the Toronto District School Board. More than 13,000 school support workers had been holding out since March 31 for better wages and job security. Yes
Jaggi Singh Free on Bail!
May 7 2001
After spending more than two weeks in a Quebec prison, Jaggi Singh is finally free on $2000 bail. The activist had been held in a Quebec prison since his April 20 arrest during Americas Summit protes
Canada's Economic Apartheid: New Report
May 4 2001
Non-white Canadians earn less than white Canadians. They are ghettoized in low-paying jobs and segregated in low-cost urban housing areas. And the gap is growing. That's the finding of a new report p
Whose Economy? - Conference to Probe Gaps in Wealth and Power
Apr 30 2001
Can we ever expect an economy designed to serve human need? Or must we always fall back on individual and corporate greed? From May 9-12, activists and policy analysts will convene in Toronto to expl
CUPE Condemns Ontario Plan to Quash Education Strike
Apr 26 2001
More than 13,000 support staff within the Toronto District School Board have been striking since March 31 for better wages and job security. Now Ontario back-to-work legislation could pass into law a
<i>rabble</i> Partners Present FTAA Resources
Apr 20 2001
Many of rabble's supporting partners have been in Quebec City since April 16 for the Second Peoples' Summit of the Americas - a shadow event to the Summit of the Americas where 34 national leaders ar
Meet Nancy Pocock, Refugee Worker
Apr 18 2001
As she lay dying in a Toronto hospital in 1998, Nancy Pocock struggled to write one more letter on behalf of yet another refugee. A brave yet familiar final act from a woman who gave so much to peopl
Citizen Caged: Americas Summit Protestors to be Locked out of Public Streets
Apr 18 2001
Democracy does not play out at voting booths alone. It also happens in meeting halls, on public streets. But when thousands of demonstrators converge on Quebec City this week, they will find the stre
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
CCPA Report Rips Veil from Americas Trade Talks
Apr 18 2001
What's really at stake this April, when Canada hosts free trade talks with 34 nations from the Americas? How would you even know? In the absence of any public draft agreement, a new paper from the Ca
Canadians Pay the Price of Privatization
Apr 18 2001
Bracket the ideology. Privatizing public services is all about savings and efficiency - right? A new report from the Canadian Union of Public Employees rejects that popular wisdom.