Equal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples May 8
Marc Hall was in court this week to defend his right to take his boyfriend to the prom. His Toronto-area Catholic school board won't let him, saying it cannot accept "a homosexual lifestyle." The boa
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives May 7
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
The main problem with the popular claim that Ontario's health spending is out of control is that it's not true. While spending has increased since 1994, overall and per capita, it has actually droppe
National Union of Public and General Employees May 7
National Union of Public and General Employees
Caught with a hand in the cookie jar, a health service privateer is beating a hasty retreat today. Food management giant Sodexho has eyed contracts in British Columbia's hospitals since Bill 29 opene
working TV May 6
working TV
Sweet smells of privatization: companies eyeing health support service contracts in British Columbia have been caught blacklisting the Health Employees' Union members who now deliver housekeeping, la
B.C. Teachers' Federation May 6
B.C. Teachers' Federation
Fifty-seven of British Columbia's public schools may soon close due to provincial spending cuts. With school districts facing a $200-million budget shortfall for 2002-2003, the effects will reverbera
International Fund for Animal Welfare May 4
The federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans admitted yesterday that it has already allowed hunters to land 295,000 harp seals this year. That exceeds the government's total allowable catch for 200
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives May 3
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Some energy jobs will disappear if Canada ratifies the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. But a new study finds tremendous new opportunities in boosting energy efficiency and developing new technologi
National Union of Public and General Employees May 2
National Union of Public and General Employees
After 51 days of strike action and service bedlam, 45,000 Ontario public servants are claiming victory. The Ontario Public Service Employees Union will hold an immediate ratification vote on a tentat
Council of Canadians May 2
Loblaws says it can't label genetically engineered foods because there's no federal labelling standard. But there's something the grocery giant is not stressing at its Annual General Meeting: Loblaws
Alternatives May 1
Throughout the world, except in North America, May 1 is celebrated as International Workers' Day. In Canada and the U.S., we have Labour Day in September, which most people associate with the struggl
Amnesty International April 30
Amnesty International
Amnesty International is "dismayed" by Israel's refusal to co-operate with a United Nations fact-finding team. At stake are allegations of human rights violations during Israeli incursions at the Jen
Pro-Choice Action Network April 30
"Pro-lifers" are pressuring provinces to stop funding abortion services. They say abortion is medically unnecessary and so not covered under the <i>Canada Health Act.</i> Could this campaign spell tr
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives April 29
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
The Ontario government's operating grants to universities, allowing for inflation and enrolment growth, declined by 17 per cent between 1995-96 and 2000-01. As tuition fees rise to offset the shortfa
Canadian Union of Postal Workers April 29
Last year, Canada Post raved about its corporate performance, projecting new profits of $170-million over 2002 and 2003. But its most recent corporate plan hauls that estimate back to $58-million. Th
National Union of Public and General Employees April 29
National Union of Public and General Employees
Four Canadian soldiers, killed "on the job" in Afghanistan, were honoured as labour and political leaders marked yesterday's annual day of mourning for victims of workplace accidents. Fully 800 men a
Canadian Union of Public Employees April 27
Just last week, the courts ruled that Ontario has no legal authority to sell off Hydro One, the province's electricity transmission grid. It sounded like a call for independent public hearings. Inste
Centre for Social Justice April 25
Heart disease and stroke are Canada's leading causes of hospitalization and death. Together, they cost us close to $20-billion each year. Lifestyle choices play their part in cardiovascular disease.
CAW April 25
Typical neo-lib argument: families know they shouldn't spend more than they have in the bank &#151; and governments should have the same common sense. Ah, but Statistics Canada reported last week tha
in cahoots April 24
They promised to put patients first. But health care writhed yesterday under the well-honed surgical knife of British Columbia's governing Liberals. Critics blasted the Health Minister after a briefi
New Socialist Group April 23
February's World Social Forum galvanized global interest in the participatory budgeting processes pioneered by Brazilian cities like Porto Alegre. Is replicating this model a good priority for Canada
Democracy Watch April 23
Bribery is not okay in Canadian politics. So federal election candidates face clear rules for campaign donations and lobbyist participation. Similarly, federal office-holders observe strict ethical
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives April 22
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
It's not a new tactic for a provincial government: lament a looming fiscal crisis, then save the day with more spending cuts. As if on cue, sources within Ontario's government are predicting a doomsd
working TV April 22
working TV
Tenants rallied last Friday against the closure of Vancouver's only Residential Tenancy Branch office. Over the past year, 10,000 people relied on the site for information and help with landlord disp
Canadian Union of Public Employees April 19
Ontario's privatization juggernaut just hit a concrete wall. The province wants to sell off Hydro One, Ontario's electricity transmission grid. But a Superior Court judge today ruled that the governm
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation April 19
If a public school board in Ontario banned same-sex prom dates, the decision would be overturned immediately. Too bad Marc Hall is facing that discrimination from a Catholic board &#151; where Ontari
Alternatives April 19
A full year has passed since that historic moment in Quebec City &#151; the convergence of the FTAA Summit of the Americas, the twinned Second People's Summit and tear-gar-choked street demonstration
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives April 18
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Gargantuan inequality cuts through people and nations. That gulf widens even as trade negotiators criss-cross the planet crafting a "global village." Just how bad is it? What's behind the trend? What
Council of Canadians April 18
The European Union (EU) wants to pry open many Canadian service sectors. The agenda is revealed in a leaked copy of the EU's priorities for General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) negotiations.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers April 16
Deborah Bourque is the new National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW). It's the first time the position has been held by a woman. Bourque was elected by union members last week
International Fund for Animal Welfare April 16
A national poll shows that three-quarters of Canadians believe habitat protection for endangered species should be required by law. Conversely, just eleven per cent support the federal government's p