Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives April 1
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Government officials are just back from another negotiating session in Geneva to extend the reach of a controversial trade agreement. Meanwhile, a new report renews fears that the General Agreement o
International Fund for Animal Welfare March 29
They're cute. They're cuddly. The world rushes to defend them from hunters' raised hakapiks. And if those sad eyes seem to cry, "save me," harp seals may be telling us something else too — about
Public Service Alliance of Canada March 28
Employees with disabilities still face barriers within the federal public service. Since 1984, they have been supported by a national resource centre that advises managers about their concerns. But a
Democracy Watch March 27
Who and how much? Democracy Watch is challenging two new party leaders to reveal the donors behind their winning campaigns. Under Ontario law, new Premier Ernie Eves can wait six months before disclo
Canadian Union of Public Employees March 27
Senior health honchos could win big bonuses for meeting British Columbia's targets for hospital closures, service cuts and privatization measures. The Hospital Employees' Union (HEU) revealed the sch
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives March 26
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Quebec led the way, with Ontario stumbling into last place. An annual report published yesterday ranks provinces on their commitment to post-secondary education - based on indicators for quality, equ
National Union of Public and General Employees March 25
National Union of Public and General Employees
It's a familiar story: federal public servants scrap and strike for paltry wage settlements, only to see their bosses making big dollars. With new raises, plus bonuses as high as 25 per cent, senior
working TV March 22
working TV
With a cherished public service at stake, Roy Romanow's Health Care Commission is roving the land to test Canadians' views. Meanwhile, one of medicare's leading advocates is grinding through a fiftee
Atkinson Charitable Foundation March 21
Are corporations answerable only to their shareholders? While not always rejecting the profit drive, citizens are demanding much more social responsibility. The Canadian Democracy and Corporate Accou
Citizens for Public Justice March 20
Citizens for Public Justice
Little Jessie couldn't stretch out to reach the swing. He'd broken his arm badly months before. And while medicare paid for a cast, his family couldn't afford the extra insurance covering the rehab h
Canadian Union of Public Employees March 20
A PriceWaterhouseCoopers recommendation fuels British Columbia's plans for a privately built and operated hospital in Abbotsford. But when the consultants' uncensored study surfaced yesterday, it sho
March 20
British Columbia's government stands accused of discrimination that "authorizes and condones the poisoning of hospitality workers by secondhand smoke." That charge appeared yesterday as an addendum t
National Union of Public and General Employees March 19
National Union of Public and General Employees
Ontario public servants are being tricked into illegal walkouts. That charge comes today from the Ontario Public Services Employees Union — representing 45,000 workers who have been on strike si
Democracy Watch March 18
Active government lobbyists are playing key roles in Ontario's Tory leadership race — one as Jim Flaherty's campaign manager, another as Ernie Eves' senior communications advisor. The discovery
Council of Canadians March 18
"The science is crystal clear," says Maude Barlow. "Bulk water exports will hurt the environment. And we all know that sick water systems can produce sick people." Barlow's Council of Canadians today
International Fund for Animal Welfare March 15
It's fallen off the agenda, over and over, since its introduction exactly one year ago. But next Wednesday, Parliament will finally debate proposed new animal cruelty legislation. Bill C-15B would ma
National Union of Public and General Employees March 15
National Union of Public and General Employees
Conrad Black used to infuriate journalists, forcing them to echo his hard-right views throughout his national chain of papers. Then Black abruptly sold his media holdings to Izzy Asper — ditchin
Childcare Resource and Research Unit March 15
New technologies, rapid globalization, shifting employment patterns: surviving the twenty-first century means constantly renewing skills and knowledge. And any strategy for "lifelong learning" has to
Democracy Watch March 14
Canadian Alliance leadership candidates face no campaign spending limits, no donor disclosure rules — few of the regulations that strengthen democracy in general elections. One candidate even ha
Amnesty International March 13
Amnesty International
More than 1,400 people were arrested during last weekend's presidential elections in Zimbabwe. The detainees, mostly election observers and opposition polling agents, remain in cramped conditions in
Alternatives March 12
We sounded like world environment leaders. But that was ten years ago, at the First Earth Summit in Rio. Looking ahead to this fall's second Summit, an environmental study ranks Canada 28th out of 29
in cahoots March 11
British Columbia's February 19 budget mostly confirmed the expected. The Liberal government had already announced it would gut the public sector, eliminating 11,700 jobs. First stunned by the announc
Canadian Union of Public Employees March 8
Canada's largest union is nominating the federal government for a Code of Silence Award for its role in maintaining the secrecy of NAFTA Chapter 11 tribunals. The prize, to be awarded by the Canadian
Canadian Union of Public Employees March 8
Leaked government briefs reveal that British Columbia is eyeing massive health service privatization over the coming three years. Public sector unions are still investigating the briefs' reliability
Amnesty International March 8
Amnesty International
Eren Keskin picked up her phone one day and heard a voice say, "We are measuring your coffin." She's one of many human rights defenders who rely on groups like Amnesty International to protect their
CAW March 8
Big losses, big bankruptcies: last year was deadly for Canada's airline industry. Thankfully, hope glimmers on the horizon as post-9/11 passenger traffic recovers. But Buzz Hargrove worries that the
She is Still Burning March 8
Scientists say the colour of space is actually turquoise. On September 11, cut off from the news, an artist is suddenly compelled to paint a fiery orange sky. Reflecting on Bush's "axis of evil" spee
National Union of Public and General Employees March 7
National Union of Public and General Employees
British Columbia may be planning massive health service privatization over the next three years, cutting up to 28,000 unionized workers, and delaying as many as 10,000 surgical procedures. Source: co
in cahoots March 6
September 11: a moment, for some, when "evil" bored through borders believed impervious. That instant has spawned much rethinking of borders. What's inside? What's outside? What's at stake?
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives March 5
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Remember that classic 1980s TV ad: an older woman peers under the bun, expecting to see a big juicy burger ... but finds an emaciated patty. Her cry echoed out across North America: "Where's the beef