Canadian Union of Postal Workers February 7
CUPW stands with its sisters and brothers in their fight to protect their rights and democracy from foreign governments’ who are intent on dismantling them.
United Steelworkers February 7
More than 100 public health care advocates, including members of the United Steelworkers, visited MPs on Parliament Hill last week to push for universal public pharmacare.
Socialist Worker February 5
Messages of racism and hate were drowned out by numerous counter protesters in Burnaby this past weekend.
Unifor February 5
This year for Black History Month UNIFOR is profiling members from across the country, highlighting their activist contributions and those who inspired them.
UFCW Local 401 February 5
UFCW 401 staff were on hand to join approximately 200 women and men who gathered in Edmonton’s Churchill Square to raise awareness of the ongoing need for gender parity.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario January 31
The Ontario government is moving quickly to sacrifice the safety and well-being of our youngest children to save money, according to the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario.
Mining Watch January 31
Eritrean refugees want to sue B.C.-based Nevsun Resources over alleged forced labour at its gold mine.
Upstream January 31
Recent research into opioid users, overdose victims, and opioid deaths is shedding light on this problem from a population level.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees January 29
Kenney was responsible for changes to the TFW Program that allowed employers to pay vulnerable migrant workers up to 15-per-cent less than the wages earned by others in the area for the same work.
Hospital Employees' Union January 29
HEU expresses its deep concern at the situation that unfolded earlier this month at the Gidimt’en gate in the traditional territory of the Wet’suwet’en people.
Canadian Union of Public Employees January 29
The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) rejects any attempt by the Canadian government to interfere with the democratic processes and sovereignty of the Venezuelan people.
Food Secure Canada January 25
Food Secure Canada applauds the release of the new Canada’s Food Guide.
Harrowsmith January 25
What does every kid learn in school? That to grow anything, you need seed, soil, water and sun. But what if you removed soil from the equation? Wouldn’t the possibilities be almost endless?
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada January 25
This timeline tallies pro-choice victories in Canada over 2018. Included are service-related progress, court decisions, Ad Standards decisions, failed anti-choice endeavours, and other successes.
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation January 22
The Ford government’s announcement to cut student tuition fees by 10 percent, will only exacerbate the negative impacts of the chronic underfunding Ontario’s universities have been dealing with.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers January 22
“One way or another, we will have to negotiate solutions to our issues,” says CUPW president Mike Palecek. “This is far from over.”
Public Service Alliance of Canada January 22
Public service workers scored a victory after years of pressure from PSAC and its membership. The government has finally proposed tax legislation to fix a major part of the Phoenix pay system fallout.
Canadian Union of Public Employees January 17
Doug Ford’s PC government has announced an unprecedented round of deep cuts to Ontario Universities, the conversion of student grants to loans, and an attack on student democracy on campuses.
Ontario Health Coalition January 17
Ontario Health Coalition
There are major reasons to be concerned about the privatization plans of the Ford government, which are mounting.
Fair Vote Canada January 17
Fair Vote Canada
As the 2019 election year gears up, Fair Vote Canada encourages people to vote with proportional representation in mind.
National Union of Public and General Employees January 15
National Union of Public and General Employees
A recent paper by academics at the University of Ottawa, suggests that the number of work-related deaths in Canada may be more than 10 times higher than the official figures.
Socialist Worker January 15
The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) alongside Sistering Shelter hosted a vigil in the Bloorcourt neighbourhood for Crystal Papineau, the latest victim of Toronto’s shelter and housing crisis.
United Steelworkers January 15
With no sign of U.S. steel tariffs ending anytime soon, the federal government must continue safeguard measures on several categories of foreign steel imports, which surged throughout much of 2018.
Canadians for Tax Fairness January 11
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, got the media and internet buzzing recently when she said that the U.S. should introduce a tax rate of 70% on incomes of over $10 million to help fund a Green New Deal.
Canadian Health Coalition January 11
The Canadian Health Coalition is thrilled to be celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2019! They are inviting young, budding filmmakers to mark this important milestone with them.
Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association January 9
The Association has serious concerns about the GSI report, as well as the consequences were the Ontario College of Teachers to adopt its recommendations.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario January 9
ETFO is set to make its case in court today that the government's mishandling of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum has had a chilling effect on teachers' abilities to teach the curriculum.
Unifor January 9
A new independent study verifies a closure of the General Motors (GM) Oshawa Assembly Plant would create an economic shock, resulting in 24,000 lost jobs and more!
United Food and Commercial Workers January 4
UFCW Canada activists recently traveled to the Waterhen Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan to bring a workshop on labour rights to Indigenous youth.
Mining Watch January 4
Accountability group seeks report on consultation with Guatemala’s Xinka Indigenous people