Canadians for Tax Fairness July 6
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Canadians for Tax Fairness's submission to the federal government presents this and other evidence that Canada should not be engaging in a race to the bottom on corporate taxes.
Upstream July 6
For the better health of all of us, how do we get from colonialism to reconciliation, and what will that future look like? Jared Knoll interviews indigenous homelessness scholar Jesse Thistle.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario June 29
From special education supports to guidance and specialist teachers and school fundraising, the latest People for Education annual report points to growing gaps in public elementary education.
Public Service Alliance of Canada June 29
The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) is urging the federal government not to appeal the recent Quebec Superior Court decision which allows federal agents to bargain for pensions and staffing.
Ontario Health Coalition June 29
Ontario Health Coalition
The Harris government cut $13 billion in its first four years. Doug Ford plans to cut $22 billion over three years. ‎ These are likely not efficiencies.
National Union of Public and General Employees June 22
National Union of Public and General Employees
NUPGE stands together with the majority of Canadians in resolute opposition to this regressive CPTPP. The multilateral investment agreement is a betrayal of Canadian workers and their families.
Public Service Alliance of Canada June 22
This government must ensure that the Inquiry leads to justice and healing for all affected by this ongoing tragedy,” said Magali Picard, PSAC National Executive Vice-President.
Canadian Health Coalition June 22
The introduction of pay-for-plasma clinics in Canada poses a serious risk to the security of our blood supply and negatively impact the voluntary collection efforts. Stand up for public collection.
Inter Pares June 22
During the meetings on Parliament Hill, delegates painted a sobering picture of rights violations across the country, and proposed policy ideas for moving forward.
Mining Watch June 15
Stand for Water is a movement to raise awareness of the threats mining operations pose to waterways throughout BC and across borders, and to incorporate free, prior, and informed consent principles.
UFCW Local 401 June 15
On May 30-31, 2018, over fifty Safeway employee activists attended a special union negotiations training event in preparation for face-to-face bargaining sessions with Sobeys management.
Food Secure Canada June 15
Universal, healthy school food programs help to level the playing field ensuring all students have access to nutritious food, which in turn supports their learning.
in cahoots June 15
For the eighth year in a row, UFCW Canada activists led a peaceful march through the streets of Toronto in support of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society's Our Dreams Matter Too campaign
Fair Vote Canada June 8
Fair Vote Canada
This Ontario election has shown more than most elections that our First-past-the-post voting system is broken,” says Réal Lavergne, President of Fair Vote Canada.
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada June 8
A majority win by Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives seriously jeopardizes reproductive rights in Ontario. Here are five promises he has made which must be undone.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees June 8
Government to keep its promise to create 2,000 public long-term care beds by 2019 because the number of long-term care beds in the province is far below what is needed to adequately serve Albertans.
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees June 2
AUPE says more needs to be done. National Indigenous History Month is one part of a greater social acknowledgement and understanding, and part of the crucial first steps on the path to more meaning.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions June 2
Ontario nurses can no longer stay silent about the Progressive Conservative Party’s lack of a full health care platform and proposal to find ‘efficiencies’ in government spending. Read the open letter
Socialist Worker June 2
Vote for the NDP on June 7 and mobilize for the June 16 rally for decent work, regardless of who is elected. We have to ensure that whoever wins continues to support workers and raises wages.
Canadian Union of Public Employees June 2
Gapka is proud of the role CUPE plays in helping workers fight austerity at the local level – and our union’s work to end poverty. It takes a village to change the world, she said.
United Steelworkers June 2
There is no justification, either on economic or national security grounds, for the imposition of U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, says the United Steelworkers (USW).
National Union of Public and General Employees June 2
National Union of Public and General Employees
NUPGE launched its Union Challenge as part of its All Together Now! in early May as an interactive educational tool about the history and value of labour unions.
Unifor May 25
Unifor calls the Trump administration decision to investigate tariffs on car and auto-part imports on national-security grounds rash and ill-considered.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers May 25
The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) sees a 1.8% profit margin on revenues at Canada Post as great news. So why are certain publications recommending the privatization of Canada Post?
Hospital Employees' Union May 25
The province’s seniors’ care crisis is 16 years in the making. But now, all three of BC’s political parties are committed to improving staffing levels for better seniors’ care.
Canadians for Tax Fairness May 25
Canadians for Tax Fairness
2017 Canadian direct investment in just the 11 most popular Canadian tax havens remains over $299 billion, up from $6.6 billion in 1987. This does not include investment in other tax havens.
Public Service Alliance of Canada May 25
The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) is warning against the recent proposal by Montreal Airport Authority CEO Philippe Rainville, to partially privatize the city’s airport.
Upstream May 17
Canada hasn’t yet taken the tangible actions needed to reform the systems that have been used to create, and maintain, the enormous gap in quality of life between what Indigenous peoples experience.
Ontario Health Coalition May 17
Ontario Health Coalition
Find resources, information about debates and meet the candidates events and other tools to help inform you about the important issues surrounding health care during the upcoming Ontario election.
Inter Pares May 17
Join Inter Pares and the 30+ members of the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability in calling for greater accountability of Canadian mining companies for negative human rights impacts.