B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union July 21
There was a six-hour long riot at Burnaby Youth Custody Centre Tuesday and the causes are directly linked to cost-cutting measures and the closure of the Victoria youth detention facility in 2014.
United Food and Commercial Workers July 21
Harper fanboy Jason Kenney wants to be the next premier of Alberta and turn the clock back on LBTQ rights, women's rights, and bring back Big Oil.
Canadian Labour Congress July 19
Joseph Wilson reported improper procurement practices at the Atomic Energy of Canada and was fired from his job. He ended up at the Supreme Court and struck a blow for workers' rights everywhere.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers July 19
Canada Post and CUPW continue negotiations this week. There are still many issues to be addressed. Will this be the week when progress is made?
Council of Canadians July 19
Send a message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and your premier now demanding that our governments protect Canada's most cherished social program and implement universal pharmacare.
Unifor July 14
Over the weekend, 130 young workers came together to take action and fight for a better, socially just world.
National Union of Public and General Employees July 14
National Union of Public and General Employees
This year's award goes to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for privatizing adult basic education.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers July 14
Big banks raked in a $35-billion profit last year by "gouging" Canadians with high fees. No wonder they oppose postal banking!
Harrowsmith Now July 12
Harrowsmith Now
There's some serious Tesla love in Southern Ontario. On July 10, Hamilton renamed the former Burlington St., Nikola Tesla Boulevard. And his biggerst fans gathered for the Tesla Electric Festival.
Canadian Union of Public Employees July 12
Steinbach Manitoba is often portrayed as part of the province's "Bible Belt." Though the area's conservative MPs and MLAs refused to show up, over 3,000 people did anyway.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers July 12
The latest update from CUPW shows the Union is committed to negotiating in good faith. But Canada Post Corporation still won't budge on key issues.
United Food and Commercial Workers July 8
When Ontario and Alberta credit ratings were downgraded, the screams from right-wing media and politicians were deafening. But in Saskatchewan all we can hear is silent hypocrisy.
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives July 8
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
The devil is in the details. The TPP threatens the Canadian automotive industry with relocation of assembly plants to the United States.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers July 8
Postal workers are proposing a 30 day period of negotiations and have offered to drop an unfair labour practices complaint filed against Canada Post if management agrees to the union's proposal.
Council of Canadians July 6
Thanks to Brexit and the fact that our largest EU trading partner is no longer in CETA, the Council of Canadians is calling on Trudeau to do a proper cost-benefit analysis of CETA.
Socialist Worker July 6
The fight for a $15 minimum wage, which has spread to hundreds of cities across North America, was the direct inspiration for an unlimited strike that shut down Montreal's Old Port.
Canadian Labour Congress July 6
Canada Post is set to lock out 50,000 postal workers as early as Friday. In spite of long-standing profits, Canada Post wants to impose unfair wages and undermine pensions for future generations.
Canadian Union of Public Employees July 5
The Black Lives Matter action at the Toronto Pride Parade helped bring about change and gave voice to so many who are increasingly marginalized by how Pride is currently being run.
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives July 5
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
We are often told that the solution to poverty is for the poor to “get a job” or for various sectors to create more jobs. But this CCPA study finds that a job is not a guaranteed path out of poverty.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers July 5
Canada Post has just served notice on fifty thousand Canadian workers that it plans to drive them out onto the streets without pay in an effort to impose steep concessions on them.
B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union July 1
Public concern is mounting over the BC government's reckless disregard for protected parklands as only 7 rangers patrol an area the size of Denmark, Costa Rica, and Switzerland combined.
Canadian Labour Congress July 1
The Fight for 15 campaign scored a huge victory with the announcement that Alberta will introduce a $15 minimum wage. The Canadian Labour Congress wants the rest of the country to follow suit.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers July 1
The CUPW National Executive Board decided not to file a 72-hour strike on Thursday. Updates on the potential job action are expected on Tuesday July 5.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers June 28
The results are in! Urban and rural postal carriers voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike activities.
United Steelworkers June 28
The U.S. Steel Canada (USSC) board of directors has reportedly rejected Essar Global as a bidder for USSC, which has been operating under creditor protection since 2014.
Council of Canadians June 28
Today, the Council of Canadians dropped banners off overpasses in Toronto and set up a pirate radio station for commuters to learn about the 200,000 Ontarians without access to public health care.
United Steelworkers June 24
Telus regards itself as a good employer in the global south, including the Philippines, but the USW and Philippine labour groups will put that assertion to the test.
Mining Watch June 24
A human rights group in Papua New Guinea alleges that no progress has been made on the claims of 256 victims of Barrick PJV security personnel.
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation June 24
Teachers are very concerned about the Ontario government's proposals that could allow agencies funded by corporate interests involved in the development of curriculum in the province's public schools.
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives June 23
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Netflix and YouTube, with no physical presence in Canada, enjoy an artificial advantage over Canadian competitors because they do not collect and remit sales taxes and often do not pay income tax.