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Environment | Feminism | Politics in Canada | Whose conference is this anyway? | Apr 21 2015 | Brad Hornick | Chris Hedges, Moby Dick and the State of Extraction
Jim Prentice
Politics in Canada | How low can Jim Prentice go? | Apr 21 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | How many seats can Alberta Premier Jim Prentice lose for the 44-year-old PC Government he was brought in expressly to save and still avoid having to resign?
World | Two Canadian writers return from reporting trip to eastern Ukraine | Apr 21 2015 | Roger Annis | For some residents of eastern Ukraine, the current ceasefire is "on paper" only. Residential districts along the demarcation line still suffer shelling from the Ukrainian army.
World | Farewell Oles Buzina: Mourners bid adieu to slain journalist in Kyiv on April 19 | Apr 21 2015 | Roger Annis | Ukraine's descent into right-wing extremism has killed thousands in eastern Ukraine. Now journalists and opposition politicians are falling.
Photo: How to Change the World
Arts & Culture | Hot Docs 2015 radiates with personal, high-stakes stories | Apr 20 2015 | June Chua | Over the years, North America's biggest documentary showcase has become a glossy panorama. This year at Hot Docs, June Chua finds a trove of personal films about individuals and their challenges.
Civil Liberties Watch | World | What has happened to Canada?: Speaking with Omar Khadr from prison | Apr 20 2015 | Aaf Post | The case of Omar Khadr made Aaf Post ask "What had happened to this country with once high standards on human rights?"
Civil Liberties Watch | Political Action | US Politics | George Lakoff: Framing progressive values and language to win the next election | Apr 20 2015 | Victoria Fenner | George Lakoff is a cognitive linguist who says that to win the next election, progressives need to frame their ideas differently. In this lecture he talks about how.
Image: Flickr/Benjaman Lehman
CommonCauses | Environment | Food & Health | Good News | Get dirty this Earth Day! | Apr 20 2015 | Doreen Nicoll | Suburbanites really need to find ways to shrink their ecological footprint and make their lifestyles more sustainable. Earth Day is the perfect time to rethink that ubiquitous front yard.
Photo: flickr/Dean Hochman
Economy | Labour | The Target diaries: Short and sweet ending | Apr 20 2015 | anonymous | My final workday at Target Canada was a short four-hour shift. The last installment of the Target Diaries.
Photo: bambe1964/flickr
Economy | Politics in Canada | Nova Scotia budget repairs the boat but doesn't do any fishing | Apr 20 2015 | Ralph Surette | Last week's budget, for better or worse, marked a milestone on the icy road to wherever it is we're going in the rickety wagon of Nova Scotia politics.
Photo: Mike Licht/flickr
Economy | Feminism | Labour | Ontario Equal Pay Day 2015: Time to close the pay gap | Apr 20 2015 | Mary Cornish | For the second year, the Ontario government officially recognizes Equal Pay Day, a day dedicated to shining a light on the persistent problem of pay inequities experienced by women in the province.
Photo: flickr/Jamie McCaffrey
Economy | Politics in Canada | The MPs are back and there will be lots of noise | Apr 20 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | The House of Commons returns after a two-week break. There will be a (late) budget, questions arising out of the Duffy trial, sale of the Wheat Board and much more.
Education | Feminism | Mei-ling is not alone: Sexual harassment revelations rock Concordia | Apr 20 2015 | Michelle Pucci | When a student politician was harassed online, her subsequent road to retribution was not made simple.
Elections | Politics in Canada | Alberta poised to turn NDP orange as Tory grip on power withers | Apr 20 2015 | Penney Kome | Jim Prentice must be wondering what happened to the Progressive Conservative party's iron grip on Alberta politics. Well, perhaps Rachel Notley happened.
Photo: Looking East at the Pickering Nuclear Power Plant & Wind Turbine. Credit:
Environment | Renewables and nuclear power: Report from the World Uranium Symposium | Apr 20 2015 | Ole Hendrickson | At the World Uranium Symposium, speakers delved deeply into the links between nuclear power, nuclear weapons, climate change and renewable energy. What does it mean for sustainable energy development?