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Anti-Racism | Gaza | World | Greens call to revoke Jewish National Fund charitable status | Jun 29 2016 | Yves Engler | The campaign to revoke the JNF's charitable status is simply a call for the Canadian state to stop subsidizing an explicitly racist, colonial, institution.
Arts & Culture | Feminism | Political Action | Smashing the patriarchy in Newfoundland | Jun 29 2016 | Scott Neigh | Jessica Barry and Nicole Collins talk about the work that Smash Patriarchy: An Action Team is doing in St. John's.
EXTRACTION! image from Ad Astra
Arts & Culture | Environment | Media Matters | EXTRACTION! Ad Astra's comic book journalism tackles mining justice | Jun 29 2016 | June Chua | Ad Astra Comix is breathing new life into the genre as it prepares for its second publication, EXTRACTION! which examines "the criminal activities of mining companies" in North America.
photo by Katy Chan
Arts & Culture | Feminism | US Politics | 'And we wonder where rapists come from...' | Jun 29 2016 | Gilad Cohen | Tanisha Taitt, a survivor of violence, shares her thoughts on gender conditioning, Jian Ghomeshi, and living beyond labels.
Sarai Walker and the cover of her novel Dietland, which shows a cupcake grenade
Arts & Culture | Feminism | Food & Health | Love Your Fat! It's a radical act. | Jun 29 2016 | Meghan Murphy | Being a fat woman who says she loves her body is a radical act, author Sarai Walker, the author of Dietland, discovers.
Mad Max: Fury Road screenshot via The Mary Sue
Economy | Environment | The future is not ours to see -- but it is ours to shape | Jun 29 2016 | Ed Finn | This is Part 3 of a three-part series that examines the ideology of neoliberalism and the enormous harm its implementation imposes on people and the planet.
Photo: Pete Souza/Wikimedia Commons
Economy | Environment | Politics in Canada | 'Three Amigos' to spin trade, energy and climate | Jun 29 2016 | Brent Patterson | What issues will be discussed at the "Three Amigos" summit this Wednesday and how will their decisions affect you and me?
Photo: Steph Wechsler
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Community and scientists agree: Ontario must clean up Grassy Narrows immediately | Jun 29 2016 | Sophia Reuss | The Ontario government announced it would commit $300,000 to monitor mercury levels in the river near Grassy Narrows, but the community and scientists question the level of commitment.
Photo: Sipenkne'katik Warrior Chief Jim Maloney and activist and Water Protector
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Sipenkne'katik injunction request to stop Alton Gas heard in Federal Court | Jun 29 2016 | Angela Giles | The Sipenkne'katik band's injunction request to stop Alton Gas from proceeding with the company's gas storage project was heard at the Halifax Federal Court last week.
Photo: flickr/torbakhopper
Food & Health | LGBTIQ | Trans health care in Canada: A provincial lottery | Jun 29 2016 | Laura Brightwell | There have been some improvements to trans health care in Canada, but is it much to celebrate? We speak to experts and find out what is available across Canada.
Indigenous Rights | Political Action | Condominium development threatens protection of Algonquin sacred site | Jun 29 2016 | Matt Cicero | "You don't develop an Algonquin sacred place," says Algonquin scholar and activist Lynn Gehl. So why is a proposed condo development continuing to be planned?
Photo: William Joyce/flickr
Politics in Canada | As Nova Scotia's P3 school leases expire, government has opportunity to get out of the P3 shell game | Jun 29 2016 | Stephen Kimber | P3 shell-game deals, which don't show up as government debt, are "typically used to conceal government expenditures and provide guaranteed long-term profits for contractors."
Brad Wall
Politics in Canada | Standard & Poor's downgrades Saskatchewan's credit rating and The Anger Machine falls silent | Jun 29 2016 | David J. Climenhaga | On social media, where right-wing commentators normally wheel and spin like a flock of starlings ... only stunned silence.
Image: PublicDomainPhotos.Net
Politics in Canada | A national housing strategy must be part of any plan to end poverty in Canada | Jun 29 2016 | Darlene O'Leary | Canada needs a rights-based national housing strategy that is developed in consultation with all levels of government, including Indigenous, along with community stakeholders.
Civil Liberties Watch | This is what NIMBY sounds like | Jun 28 2016 | Cathy Crowe | The NIMBY homeless variety is pure and simple discrimination. If we hear it, we should stop it.