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Svea Vikander, no torso sculpture allowed
Arts & Culture | Feminism | Media Matters | Day 6: Jian Ghomeshi reminded me of being groped while I put on my shoes | Feb 6 2016 | Svea Vikander | As former CBC talkshow host Jian Ghomeshi goes to trial for four counts of sexual assault this month, Canada is forced to confront its attitudes about sex, consent, and victims' stories.
Feminism | A modern tragedy | Feb 6 2016 | J. Baglow | Some reflections on a sexual assault trial in Toronto.
Anti-Racism | Economy | Labour | Scraping by on the minimum wage and the Fight for $15 | Feb 5 2016 | Teuila Fuatai | In part two of rabble's minimum wage series, labour reporter Teuila Fuatai looks at who is most affected by low wages and what life can be like living below the poverty line.
Svea Vikander, bar
Arts & Culture | Feminism | Media Matters | Day 5: Jian Ghomeshi reminded me of being kissed at my workplace | Feb 5 2016 | Svea Vikander | As former CBC talkshow host Jian Ghomeshi goes to trial for four counts of sexual assault this month, Canada is forced to confront its attitudes about sex, consent and the validity of victims' stories
Photos: Twitter photos of yesterday's protests against the TPP in Auckland.
Civil Liberties Watch | Economy | Labour | Protesters shut down Auckland as Canada's trade minister signs the TPP | Feb 5 2016 | Brent Patterson | As Canadian trade minister Chrystia Freeland signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Auckland yesterday, more than 1,000 people shut down the central part of the city in protest against the deal.
Photo: Alex Guibord/flickr
Economy | Environment | Politics in Canada | There's too much at stake. We need real consultation on the TPP. | Feb 5 2016 | Murray Dobbin | What are we to make of the Trudeau government's erratic attitude towards the Trans-Pacific Partnership? So far the consultation process has not penetrated the ideological bubble of trade officials.
Photo: Gage Skidmore/flickr
Economy | Political Action | US Politics | Bernie Sanders has brought economic injustice back to progressive politics | Feb 5 2016 | Rick Salutin | Bernie Sanders won't cave on the economics. It isn't that he doesn't rejoice over "other" victories. But on economic justice and fairness, he remains a hard-ass. And it resonates. Why?
Photo: Wasfi Akab/flickr
Economy | Homelessness in Canada: Its growth, policy responses and advocacy | Feb 5 2016 | Nick Falvo | Nick Falvo examines the emergence of homelessness in Canada as a pressing public policy area in the 1980s, discussing the growth of homelessness, policy responses and advocacy.
Photo: flickr/ Gobierno de Chile
Economy | Politics in Canada | Technology | Four steps the Liberal government must take now that the TPP is signed | Feb 5 2016 | Michael Geist | Canadians must understand the costs and benefits of the TPP before then can provide useful feedback. And, unfortunately, the government is painting a misleading picture of the agreement.
Photo: flickr/ Backbone Campaign
Economy | Technology | Without mandated safeguards, Canadian exporters face unbalanced border measures | Feb 5 2016 | Michael Geist | Chrystia Freeland, Canada's Minister of International Trade, has stated that the government is committed to a robust Parliamentary and public review of the agreement.
TPP as Global Economic Eugenics
Economy | Environment | World | TPP as global economic eugenics | Feb 5 2016 | Daryn Caister | Lawyer and Author Gus Van Harten walks us through just some of the ways in which the TPP is a direct assault on democracy.
Photo: Leap Manifesto website
Environment | Political Action | Climate justice activists make 2016 the year of action | Feb 5 2016 | Alyse Kotyk | The Leap Manifesto has declared this leap year to be the time to take action on its call for new economic and energy systems.
Waterloo's People's Injunction against the NEB - photo Divest Waterloo
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Waterloo's people's injunction against the NEB | Feb 5 2016 | Dan Kellar | Audio from the January 24 "People's Injunction" demonstration in Waterloo which demanded new rules for the NEB which consider Indigenous rights and climate change in their decisions.
Photo: flickr/ United Steelworkers
Labour | US Politics | Canada must act now to save its steel-making industry | Feb 5 2016 | Paul Weinberg | Steelworkers are growing increasingly concerned that U.S. Steel will shut down Canadian operations, costing workers their pensions and benefits.
Labour | World | Human rights abuses under military rule in Fiji | Feb 5 2016 | Jiselle Hanna, Piergiorgio Moro | Human rights abuses continue in Fiji under military rule and labour updates from around the region.