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Photo: VAC-ACC/flickr
Civil Liberties Watch | Politics in Canada | World | Militarism degrades, disrupts and destroys democracy | Nov 26 2014 | Matthew Behrens | As the Canadian government plays at fighting wars in Iraq/Syria and in eastern Europe, we see daily examples of how militarism ultimately degrades, disrupts and destroys democracy.
Civil Liberties Watch | Politics in Canada | Working against war and militarism in Winnipeg | Nov 26 2014 | Scott Neigh | Glenn Michalchuk talks about the work of Peace Alliance Winnipeg against war and militarism, and about his own three decades of anti-war organizing.
Photo: flickr/liz west
Civil Liberties Watch | Feminism | Politics in Canada | Bill C-36's negative impact on racialized and migrant sex workers | Nov 26 2014 | Elene Lam | The criticism of Bill C-36 has been well documented. And, we need to continue to examine its effects especially on racialized and migrant sex workers.
Civil Liberties Watch | OCAP members occupy city building, demand safe space for women and trans people | Nov 26 2014 | John Bonnar | Five OCAP members occupied the building, demanding action on shelter occupancy and that the City fulfill its stated promise to open a 24 hour women and trans people`s drop-in.
Photo: Rick Eh?/flickr
Economy | Environment | Tracking the distributional impacts of B.C.'s carbon tax | Nov 26 2014 | Marc Lee | Because lower-income groups spend a greater share of their income on energy, any carbon tax is regressive. But that regressivity depends on what you do with the revenues, and can be compensated.
Photo: flickr/Mark Klotz
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Political Action | Timeline: Burnaby Mountain pipeline protests | Nov 26 2014 | Christina Gray | Protests against Kinder Morgan's pipeline continue on Burnaby Mountain. Here are some of the NEB and court decisions that have sparked the resistance, starting in December of 2013.
The as-yet unfinished exhibit area that the host country has built in Lima to ho
Environment | Political Action | The pressure is on: Will COP 20 produce a new climate agreement? | Nov 26 2014 | Stephen Leahy | This December, 195 nations plus the European Union will meet in Lima for two weeks for the crucial UN Conference of the Parties on Climate Change, known as COP 20.
Environment | 'No jobs on a dead planet': The Battle of Burnaby Mountain in British Columbia | Nov 26 2014 | Roger Annis | Land defenders, aboriginal peoples and trade union and climate activists unite to stop tar sands pipeline
Feminism | The media keeps referring to Ghomeshi’s abuse as 'non-consensual' like that’s a thing | Nov 26 2014 | Meghan Murphy | There is no such thing as "consensual sexual assault" so what is the purpose of referring to Ghomeshi's abuse as "non-consensual?"
Image: Flickr/xiaozhuli
Indigenous Rights | Political Action | Working in a good way: Rethinking Indigenous solidarity | Nov 26 2014 | Samantha Nock | Rethinking what it means to stand in solidarity during Indigenous political activist movements.
Image: Flickr/PMWebphotos
Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | Stephen Harper and the myth of the crooked Indian | Nov 26 2014 | Pamela Palmater | Bill C-27, the so-called First Nation Financial Transparency Act is a racist piece of legislation, a classic deflection tactic that relies on the myth of the corrupt band leader to divide us.
Labour | UP! Precarious existence to organized resistance: I was a temp agency worker at Rogers | Nov 26 2014 | Justin W.C. Kong | From precarious existence to organized resistance: My Life as a temp agency worker at Rogers.
Rachel Notley
NDP | Politics in Canada | Collapse of rickety Wildrose coalition could be a bad-news/good-news story for Alberta NDP | Nov 26 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Rachel Notley's task is to get enough Albertans who are fed up with the PCs' sins and not yet ready for an increasingly extreme Wildrose Party to rally round the NDP.
Anti-Racism | US Politics | Watch: Ferguson erupts after grand jury clears officer in Michael Brown killing | Nov 25 2014 | Democracy Now! | A grand jury in St. Louis, Missouri has chosen not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager.
Anti-Racism | US Politics | Watch: Legal expert decries handling of Wilson grand jury | Nov 25 2014 | Democracy Now! | "I don't think we can take away anything from this decision not to indict other than that it is now officially open season on black folks when it comes to police violence."