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Photo: Paul VanDerWerf/flickr
Economy | Politics in Canada | Measuring the effects of austerity on public services in Quebec | Jul 15 2014 | Simon Tremblay-Pepin | Quebec's government has radically reduced its spending growth because it has decided that we need to tighten our belts collectively. Let's look into who will be most affected.
Economy | Politics in Canada | Limiting the possible: English Canada's invisible left | Jul 15 2014 | Michael Laxer | The English Canadian left is doing absolutely nothing to create a real political alternative to capitalism. Happily, the rest of the world is!
Desmond Tutu
Environment | Media Matters | Politics in Canada | Climate change divestment gains ground in church -- but not in Canadian media | Jul 15 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Just pretending to have a climate change strategy, as Alberta does, isn't going to be a very good strategy for dealing with a global divestment movement.
Photo: flickr/David Stanley
Environment | Of all the arguments against climate action, this one is the worst | Jul 15 2014 | Joseph Boutilier | Have you come in contact with a climate change denier? Well then, you just might have had this conversation.
Photo: flickr/Howl Arts Collective
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | Five quick facts about Grassy Narrows' Supreme Court case | Jul 15 2014 | Free Grassy | Need more information about Grassy Narrows' Supreme Court case? Read these five quick facts and pass them along.
Photo: Elias Schewel/flickr
Environment | Experts: Halt tar sands development until environmental impacts are properly assessed | Jul 15 2014 | Stephen Leahy | A moratorium on any new oil sands expansion is imperative given Canada's failure to properly assess the total environmental and climate impacts, experts say in the prestigious science journal Nature.
Environment | Lake Huron is no place for a nuclear waste dump | Jul 15 2014 | David Suzuki | Ontario Power Generation wants to bury nuclear waste in a limestone repository next to Lake Huron. Many people and governments around the Great Lakes think that's a bad idea.
Gaza | Politics in Canada | World | Open Letter to the NDP: It's time to condemn Israel's massacres | Jul 15 2014 | Independent Jewish Voices | Independent Jewish Voices is calling on the NDP to condemn Israel's massacres and express condolences to the Palestinian people.
Indigenous Rights | Uncontacted tribes in Peru threatened by energy industry | Jul 15 2014 | Redeye Collective | There are still hunter-gatherer groups in the Amazon who have had little or no contact with the outside world. Oil and gas exploration brings the threat of disease and catastrophic loss of life.
Labour | UP! We are labour. We are Oshawa. | Jul 15 2014 | Jesse Cullen, Tiffany Balducci | In one of the birthplaces of the Canadian labour movement, We Are Oshawa is reconnecting with its namesake's deep social unionist roots.
Photo: flickr/g4ll4is
Politics in Canada | Technology | Defending Canada's anti-spam law: Consumer protection and privacy law in disguise | Jul 15 2014 | Michael Geist | Some may still disagree with the policy rationale or the privacy balance struck by CASL. However, what should be obvious to all is that the law is about far more than just harmful spam.
Photo: Miriam Katawazi
Civil Liberties Watch | Gaza | Media Matters | Political Action | World | Peaceful protests across Canada condemn bombing of Gaza | Jul 14 2014 | Miriam Katawazi | This weekend, protests were held across Canada to demand a stop to Israel's bombing campaign on Gaza.
Photo: flickr/freezelight
Economy | Politics in Canada | Technology | Defending Canada's anti-spam law: Why spam is still problem | Jul 14 2014 | Michael Geist | Michael Geist comes to the defence of Canada's new anti-spam legislation. He argues in part one of this feature that spam is still a problem, and the new law will help.
Economy | Dismal job numbers for June | Jul 14 2014 | Angella MacEwen | Statistics Canada's release of job numbers for June look truly dismal. Year-over-year, employment rose by only 72,000. That's the lowest year-over-year increase since February 2010.
Photo: North End Community Renewal Corporation
Education | Good News | Beer bottles to books: Remaking Merchants Corner | Jul 14 2014 | Jim Silver | Young North End activists hailed it as the latest example of "North End Rising." At the heart of what will be called Merchants Corner is an innovative educational strategy.