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Civil Liberties Watch | CommonCauses | A toolkit to strengthen inclusion and diversity initiatives | Mar 19 2015 | How do you overcome the fear and resistance change brings?
Image: Pivot
Civil Liberties Watch | Feminism | Chris Hedges should speak with sex workers, not for them | Mar 19 2015 | Brenda Belak | Chris Hedges recently visited Vancouver's Downtown Eastside but instead of listening to sex workers, he used them as props to support his belief that sex work is part of the capitalist machine.
Photo: Paul VanDerWerf/flickr
Economy | Politics in Canada | Quebec's imaginary deficit is a farce | Mar 19 2015 | Philippe Hurteau | The main culprit regarding the current deficit, along with the 2008 financial capitalism debacle, is none other than our elected officials' obsession with confusing tax cuts and societal projects.
Economy | Political Action | Politics in Canada | Non to austerity in Quebec: Demonstrations scheduled for Saturday | Mar 19 2015 | David Gray-Donald | Quebec's Printemps 2015 protests will be Saturday, March 21. Stand against austerity and the petro-economy!
Economy | Politics in Canada | The 2015 Alternative Federal Budget would 'deliver the good' | Mar 19 2015 | David Macdonald, Kate McInturff | Canadians need more than a zero. They need safe food, clean water, and affordable housing. The Alternative Federal Budget demonstrates that we can afford to meet those needs and deliver the good.
Photo: flickr/Milan Ilnyckyj
Education | Labour | Political Action | To whom it may concern: The University of Toronto strike in open letters | Mar 19 2015 | Ella Bedard | The best way to put the strike in context is to read. Many groups have composed open letters as the strike has gone on. We've assembled them here.
Former Justice Thomas Berger opens "Thunder in our Voices" exhibition
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Former Justice Thomas Berger opens 'Thunder in our Voices' exhibition | Mar 19 2015 | George Lessard | Between 1975 and 1977, Justice Thomas Berger visited 30 communities in the NWT and the Yukon to hold hearings into the proposed Mackenzie Valley Pipeline. In this video, he speaks of those days.
Environment | The numbers aren't adding up yet for Paris 2015 climate summit | Mar 19 2015 | Brent Patterson | The country pledges for the Paris 2015 climate summit aren't adding up yet to stop the planet's temperature increasing by more than two degrees Celsius.
Feminism | Political Action | Radical Brownies of East Oakland | Mar 19 2015 | Redeye Collective | The Radical Brownies are a troop of 8- to 12-year-old girls in the Bay Area who earn badges for units like radical beauty and environmental justice. Anayvette Martinez is one of the founders.
Feminism | World | International Women's Day: Oppression and resistance | Mar 19 2015 | The F Word | Sarah Jo and Carissa Roponnen honour International Women's Day by airing clips from Dr. Sunera Thobani and Dr. Vikki Reynolds about women's oppression and resistance.
Sue Rodriguez, assisted suicide trailblazer.
Food & Health | Politics in Canada | Conservatives can't ignore Supreme Court's decision on assisted suicide | Mar 19 2015 | Charlie Angus | You don't ignore a mandate from the Supreme Court. But that seems to be the initial response from the Conservative government on assisted suicide.
Photo: wikimedia commons
Gaza | World | The Israeli election is a game-changer | Mar 19 2015 | Jeff Halper | The Israeli election did not witness a major shift in political forces. However, did it still represent a positive change?
Indigenous Rights | First Nation Activists Heckled with Racial Slurs at Stop C-51 Rally | Mar 19 2015 | Krystalline Kraus | No, having Indigenous community members lead the march does not mean they are taking over or organizing boats to send people back to where-ever.
LGBTIQ | Passage of Alberta Bill 10 is not likely to be the end of the story for school GSAs | Mar 19 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | The passage of Bill 10 is a step forward. But it won't succeed without monitoring and a willingness to push back if the government fails to live up to its commitment.
Photo: flickr/ Doug Kerr
Anti-Racism | Civil Liberties Watch | Politics in Canada | Faisal Kutty: I am not a terrorist | Mar 18 2015 | Faisal Kutty | Faisal Kutty has been a vocal critic of anti-terror legislation Bill C-51. On February 23, a testimony was given about him to the Senate Committee.