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Politics in Canada | Prentice PCs' flip-flop on charity tax credit cut shows early-election justification was pure baloney | Apr 22 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | One can only hope that this means the budget it still open on issues that really count, like adequate funding for health care and public education.
Danielle Smith
Politics in Canada | Two Alberta Parties, One Guv'nor: In 2015, the only way to protect health care is to vote NDP | Apr 22 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Austerity Party 1 and Austerity Party 2 will both do whatever they can to undermine public health care. The only safe way to protect it in 2015 is to vote NDP.
Photo: Bomb shrapnel, Xieng Khwang province, Laos. Credit: GothPhil/flickr
Politics in Canada | US Politics | World | From Vietnam to ISIS: Canada needs to apologize | Apr 22 2015 | Matthew Behrens | Even as Canada enters the next stage of its two front wars, it would be good to pause and apologize for the unspeakable grief we have caused to the people of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
Arts & Culture | Environment | Indigenous Rights | Documentary 'Fractured Land' premieres next week | Apr 21 2015 | Emma Lui | Fractured Land tells the story of Caleb Behn, who is Eh Cho Dene and Dunne-Za from Treaty 8 Territory, and his struggle in defending his territory from fracking operations.
Photo: Adam Scotti/Justin Trudeau/flickr
Coalition | Elections | Politics in Canada | Trudeau says yes to Liberal-Conservative silent partnership | Apr 21 2015 | Duncan Cameron | The fact is clear: turn down one coalition partner, the door opens to another. When the Liberals reject the NDP, they embrace Conservatives.
Photo: Irving shipyard. Credit: John Douglas/flickr
Economy | Politics in Canada | The stunning hypocrisy of capitalists who attacked the film tax credit | Apr 21 2015 | Stephen Kimber | Atlantic Institute for Market Studies supporters piled on in the film tax credit debate, declaring the government cannot subsidize industries -- except, of course, when the industries are theirs.
Photo: Eric L/flickr
Economy | Politics in Canada | Budget 2015: The TFSA shouldn't be scrapped, it should be fixed | Apr 21 2015 | Armine Yalnizyan | If the government pushes on the accelerator, it should at least make sure this thing also has brakes. If not, we'll end up in the fiscal ditch. Hopefully, that's not the point.
Economy | Politics in Canada | The five most outrageous things about the Conservative budget | Apr 21 2015 | Jim Stanford | With a document whose very timing, let alone content, was so transparently politicized and manipulative, it's hard to even know where to start.
Finance Minister Joe Oliver in January 2015 (CC 2.0)
Economy | Labour | Politics in Canada | Budget 2015: We don't need a surplus, we need jobs | Apr 21 2015 | David Macdonald | Given the economic climate, we thought infrastructure spending would make an important appearance in Joe Oliver's first budget. And it did: in 2019.
Image: Flickr/PMWebPhotos
Economy | Labour | Politics in Canada | Conservative budget balanced on the backs of the unemployed | Apr 21 2015 | Angella MacEwen | Joe Oliver's 2015 federal budget was superficially balanced, but under the surface are very real imbalances -- a generational imbalance, and environmental imbalance, and an infrastructure imbalance.
Stephen Harper in Saskatoon, March 2015
Economy | Labour | Politics in Canada | Budget 2015: Here's a cheque, now go create some jobs | Apr 21 2015 | Kate McInturff | Here's the Conservative job plan: cut an enormous, expensive cheque for the wealthiest among us and hope really hard that they create jobs.
Economy | Politics in Canada | Three things you need to know before you read this year's budget | Apr 21 2015 | Armine Yalnizyan | Joe Oliver is about to release the Conservatives' pre-election 2015 federal budget. Here's what you need to know.
Photo: Nick Harris/flickr
Environment | Microbeads are a sign of our plastic consumer madness | Apr 21 2015 | David Suzuki | Microbeads illustrate the excesses of marketing and consumerism, but they're only part of the problem. Most plastics break down into microparticles, often ending up in oceans and other waters.
Environment | Feminism | Politics in Canada | Chris Hedges: Whose conference is this anyway? | Apr 21 2015 | Brad Hornick | Chris Hedges, Moby Dick and the State of Extraction
Feminism | Male progressives who support harm reduction need a lesson in feminism and in radicalism | Apr 21 2015 | Meghan Murphy | Harm reduction ensures the marginalized remain marginalized, but remain contained and unproblematic to the middle class. It assumes that change is impossible and lets the state off the hook.