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Arts & Culture | Feminism | Indigenous Rights | A bold vision for Canada's future | Jan 22 2015 | Jessie Housty | Imagine Canada's future. What does it look like? In this excerpt, we read what Jessie Housty, an Indigenous community leader from the Heiltsuk First Nation, envisions for Canada.
Civil Liberties Watch | Politics in Canada | Technology | Liberals, you can do better | Jan 22 2015 | Eva Prkachin | The Liberals disappointed millions of Canadians when they voted for Online Spying Bill C-13, after speaking out against it.
25,000 people protest GMOs, CETA and TTIP in Berlin on January 17. Twitter photo
Economy | Environment | Food & Health | EU food safety commissioner doesn't see majority support for TTIP in national parliaments | Jan 22 2015 | Brent Patterson | The EU food safety commissioner says that there are no signs of majority support in EU national parliaments for the U.S.-EU TTIP because of public concerns about food and environmental safety.
Photo: flickr/Eugenia Vlasova
Education | Labour | Politics in Canada | Ontario school board democracy is on the chopping block | Jan 22 2015 | John Cartwright | The Ontario government has ordered the Toronto District School Board to make drastic changes, and is clearing the way to close up to 100 schools.
Photo: flickr/Dean
Elections | NDP | Politics in Canada | Newfoundland NDP leadership up for grabs as election looms | Jan 22 2015 | Cory Collins | Newfoundland NDP leader Lorraine Michael is stepping down. Who will the new N.L. NDP leader be for the federal election this year?
Environment | Indigenous Rights | Politics in Canada | Protect the Sacred Headwaters: Stop Imperial Metals' Red Chris Mine | Jan 22 2015 | Leila Darwish | Imperial Metals, the mining company responsible for the ongoing Mount Polley Mine disaster, will be seeking the final permit to open its controversial Red Chris Mine in the Sacred Headwaters of B.C.
Tsal'alh elders in sacred dress
Environment | Indigenous Rights | B.C. First Nation bans bottled water and becomes first Indigenous 'Blue Community' | Jan 22 2015 | Maude Barlow | Tsal'alh adopted a resolution with the three criteria needed to become a Blue Community: recognizing of the human right to water, banning bottled water and promoting public water services.
Feminism | The Sun executives aren't just sexist pieces of sh*t, they're also deceitful, manipulative teenagers | Jan 22 2015 | Meghan Murphy | Ha ha! Joke's on women! Again.
Photo: flicker/petras_ool
Food & Health | Labour | What does the Bill 1 decision mean for Nova Scotia health-care unions? | Jan 22 2015 | Ella Bedard | Arbitrator's ruling creates new possibilities for union representation in Nova Scotia's re-organized health-care sector.
Jim Prentice
Politics in Canada | What's the hurry? Jim Prentice push for early vote feels manipulative, bad for Alberta | Jan 22 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Surely the next Alberta general election should be in the spring ... of 2016.
Image: Flickr/dfait-maeci
Politics in Canada | World | Canada's arms deal with Saudi monarchy will only spell more violence in Middle East | Jan 22 2015 | Yves Engler | Stephen Harper's Conservatives are working to expand Canadian arms exports and the focus is Middle Eastern monarchies entangled in a great deal of violence.
Photo: NASA/flickr/Bill Ingalls
US Politics | 'Imagine something different': Obama confronts inequality in State of the Union address | Jan 22 2015 | Amy Goodman | Growing economic inequality not only hurts the poor, and the working and middle class, but destabilizes society overall. Everyone must have a stake in the state of the union.
US Politics | Watch: Koch Brothers exposed | Jan 22 2015 | Brave New Films | The Koch Brothers have been handed the ability to buy our democracy. But that doesn't mean we can't shine a light on them!
World | Harper's delayed 'Three Amigos' meeting gives Mexico a pass on Ayotzinapa tragedy | Jan 22 2015 | Jennifer Moore | Prime Minister Harper's decision to indefinitely postpone the North American Leaders' Summit -- better known as the annual "Three Amigos" meeting -- does Mexico's president a huge favour.
Anti-Racism | Watch: Author Reza Aslan talks Islamophobia in Canadian context | Jan 21 2015 | rabbleTV | Issues of Islamophobia are in the headlines again. Author and academic Reza Aslan spoke on the issue of Islamophobia at the 2014 National Council of Canadian Muslims' Gala in Toronto.