Afghan troops stoned, infiltrated by Taliban and likely to turn on their trainers, rebellious German soldiers say | Feb 22 2011 | David J. Climenhaga | Online magazine reports German troops in Afghanistan are in a state of near revolt after three were killed and six injured by an Afghan trooper they were training.
Federal NDP leader Jack Layton
Now would be the moment for prime minister to apologize for 'Taliban Jack' slur | Feb 19 2011 | David J. Climenhaga | The Tories said it must never happen, but the New Yorker reported authoritatively yesterday that "the Obama Administration has entered into direct, secret talks with senior Afghan Taliban leaders."
Photo: jodigreen/ Flickr
Hockey Fans for Peace an antidote to sour Don Cherry | Feb 10 2011 | Scaachi Koul | The right-wing Hockey Night in Canada pundit has gone too far with his support for Rob Ford and antics in Afghanistan, and some hockey fans want to protest his politicization of their game.
Canada in Afghanistan: The Big Lie machine | Jan 24 2011 | Murray Dobbin | Our tragic and pathetic Afghanistan adventure is a dramatic commentary on the state of Canadian politics and democracy.
Harper's F-35 stealth fighter purchase confirms Eisenhower's warning | Jan 17 2011 | Steven Staples | In 1960, the outgoing U.S. president warned against a military-industrial complex undermining democracy. The F-35 debate will show if Canada's military-industrial complex has succeeded in this.
Tallying the costs of Obama's war in Afghanistan | Dec 29 2010 | Amy Goodman | The war in Afghanistan is now the longest war in U.S. history, and 2010 has seen the highest number of U.S. and NATO soldiers killed.
Afghanistan: The crucible for reorienting Canadian foreign policy | Dec 20 2010 | David McKee | The state has interests in the Afghanistan war that surpass (and diminish) the electoral concerns of any individual party or government. Examining this is key to strengthening the anti-war effort.
What George Galloway's successful tour of Canada proved | Dec 20 2010 | James Clark | A bigger, wider audience learned more about the Middle East and Afghanistan, a new generation was politicized: Jason Kenney's attempt to ban Galloway backfired spectacularly.
Why did major Canadian media not report Holbrooke's dying words? | Dec 15 2010 | Derrick O'Keefe | Richard Holbrooke, the top U.S. Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, died after emergency heart surgery at the age of 69. His last words were: "You've got to stop this war in Afghanistan."
Mohamed Harkat condemned by a secret system of 'justice' | Dec 13 2010 | Matthew Behrens | Due to a system based on secret allegations that neither accused nor lawyers can contest, Harkat has, for eight years, been subject to a 'security certificate.' This was upheld last week.
'Ask Afghans what would help them, don't ask Karzai' | Dec 8 2010 | John Riddell | An interview about Canada's role in Afghanistan with the co-founder of the Afghanistan-Canadian Research Group and a researcher at the York Centre for International and Security Studies.
An American Chinook helicopter crewman looks out over the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2008, where the heaviest fighting occurred at that time. NATO forces have little presence in areas between major bases. Photo: Graham Lavery
Afghanistan and Canada: The 'disconnect' on both sides of the wire | Dec 3 2010 | Graham Lavery in Kandahar | I sensed little in terms of a common goal, a unity of effort, or even recognition of the context within which vested interests work and the effects that are bound to change Afghan culture forever.

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Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
New report examines Canada's operational framework for handling Afghan detainees
A new report calls on government to launch a public inquiry into actions of Canadian officials relating to Afghan detainees.

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